The way Indian Hindus treat Kashmiris in Kashmir……!


The way Indian Hindus treat Kashmiris in Kashmir……!

(Struggle for a sovereign Kashmir: Random thoughts -251)

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Frankly speaking, there is something wrong with some fanatic Hindus in their fundamental attitude towards Muslims in India and Kashmir.  They want and expect Muslims to suffer and when some Muslims are seen living like free people, they simply can’t stand it.

One may call this strange phenomenon as derivation of regular sadistic pleasure by watching pain and sorrows of fellow humans. However, the Hindu phenomenon is more than that because they attack Muslim if they live a normal happy life. Kashmiris have been passing through a deadly phase of existence and their life is not guaranteed. Many young Kashmiri Muslims simply disappear and secret yards crop up but both acts are not properly connected.

Over 100,000 Kashmiri Muslims have been killed by occupation forces from India, most of them heroically faced the Indian conspiratorial bullets in recent years as Kashmiri youth began demanding sovereignty back from Indian yoke.

Srinagar is again in a tensed situation due to cricket politics on the educational campus.  The National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Hazratganj, Srinagar, was shut on Friday the April 01 till further orders following clashes between the Kashmiri and non-Kashmiri (Hindu) students from India who study at the institute after India unexpectedly lost the T20 World Cup semi-final from a winning stride to the West Indies at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai.

Indian Hindus studying in Sri Nagar want to show their superiority complex to Kashmiri Muslims and impose their will on the local Kashmiris thinking that since the Hindutva party rules India the central government would like the Hindus, whether Indian or Kashmiri, to insult and embarrass Kashmiris for not accepting Indian (mis) rule in Kashmir. In fact the Kashmiri Muslims are viewed by these Hindus as Pakistanis and they consider their ‘duty” teach them lessons whenever possible.

Aggressive pro-India slogan as India bating first began hitting big as per the bowler ‘expectation’ in the mess led to uneasiness on the campus. The NIT registrar issued a notice asking the students to vacate the hostel rooms after the clashes broke put following heated arguments in the dining hall after the match. The notice said the institute would be closed from April 1 (Friday) till further orders. It said the decision had been taken after the students refused to maintain discipline despite repeated requests by the institute and local administration.

Meanwhile, the HRD Ministry said that normalcy had been restored at the NIT. According to the ministry, Rajat Gupta, the institute’s director, reassured the students, faculty and parents that the situation was back to normal and academic activities would resume on Monday.

There are around 150 Kashmiri and 1,800 non-Kashmiri students at NIT Srinagar. Hindu students were keeping ready bags of crackers and semi-explosives to burst, creating pollution and nuisance, when India wins but India lost and they could not ‘use the ‘stock. Reports said tension was brewing in the campus once the tournament began and India started winning. It was said that every Indian win, the non-local students raised slogans and harassed the local ones and on Thursday evening, utterly pained by fanatic Hindu attitude throughout the match, the insulted Kashmiri students celebrated and burst crackers when India lost the match.

On Friday, the non-local students protested outside the director’s office and sought action against the Kashmiri students who celebrated India’s defeat.

According to officials, the non-local Hindu students tried to assault a teacher when he tried to stop them from ransacking college property. These students then resorted to usual Hindutva tactics of ‘Hindu maata ki jai’ etc, in order create panic scene on the campus, raised the Tricolour and when the local students objected, a tussle followed. The police was soon called in and they resorted to firing tear-gas shells to disperse the protesters and bring the situation under control.

The Congress, National Conference and PDP have groomed Hindutva forces by popping up BJP in order to get some money from New Delhi, in the process even made a Hindu deputy CM of Jammu Kashmir, when nowhere in India such is practiced or the post of Dy CM exists.  In Kerala state where Muslims are  about 30 percent of the population and their MLAs are second largest group in the Assembly in the ruling Congress led UDF alliance, no Deputy CM post is allowed as Congress  does not let Muslims to occupy a big post like DY CM or CM.

Why then the BJP, Congress, National Conference and PDP insist on a Hindu Deputy CM of JK as per the RSS-Hindutva agenda for Kashmir?

PDP leader Mehbooba Mufti has already agreed to have Hindu Dy CM in her cabinet in order to form a government with help from BJP while the NC and Congress in Kashmir play a nonsensical game—only for Indian money.

Maybe, the ruling elite in Kashmir valley seems to be very cleaver.  But the people are cleverer and they see through all political games and strike when the time arrives!


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