Indian gods and frauds: Khel Ratna/ Bharatratna etc should not be given to cricketers!

Indian gods and frauds: Khel Ratna/ Bharatratna etc should not be given to cricketers!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



In India frauds are also gods as gods are insulted being frauds. Cricketer batboys are known as gods; thereby India has given a new definition for god s.

Indian IPL is fully fixed to promote Indian batboys for suitable awards. This year IPL is dedicated to kolhi god for khel ratna prize and all bowlers are geared by BCCI to offer 100s to him obviously on extra payment That is happening in cricket fields in Indian towns

IPL is used a useful format to be sued for coercing the government to award some honors to batboys.  This year IPL is meant to make Kohli look a great with bat and matches fixed to let him hit 6s and fours and remain the top run scorer for awards.  Sachin god is no more  playing cricket dramas so Koili god is selected by BCCI to  be the favorites for 100s

In batting fixing for his 1 00s, maybe finch would be offered a good 100? Koli am i right boy? Koli wants to show he the best cricketer of India.

Maybe finch would be offered a good 100? Koli am i right boy? Koli wants to show he the best cricketer of India.


 Maybe finch would be offered a good 100?

This match is fully fixed by mafia and koli won huge money from betting. In fixing the match, Koli wants to show he the best cricketer of India. Yes or No


GJ knows it will be in the last four teams so it is letting koli shine today. Simple case of cheating the public


A defeat will not affect GUJ but will kick koli team OUT so the match is fixed for  RCB 248. Guj a fake team. —248 runs big joke of Guj. BCCI mafia wanted Khelratna for koli and to to get 100 today to outclass Warner. Koli team needs to win so that is not out of contest.  Both koli and his team are safe now. RB is not knocked out as yet. Pitch is prepared for very fast to allow too many 6s. and 4s Modi is not fool to offer Khelratna to koli for his fake 100.

Yaa, BCCI and IPL bosses have well planned the match to save poor suffering  koli

Kartik 50 and Jadeja 100? What is koli plan? GJ does not deserve more than 50 runs. had they bated first it would have got about 160 runs.. koli trapped Guj with a secret plan and the result is this. koli can claim many awards for his manipulative skills.

If the team that bats first is given a big score, then  the team bating second will also get enough runs and match would be prolonged till the end. The match is prolonged to give it a look of serious fight as usual

One wonders if cricket is played seriously at all, players sport a serious look even angry tone.

Cricketers are fake sport persons who get the desired outcomes thanks to fixings, both official and by mafias. Pitches are prepared and bowlers are used for getting 100s and 50s etc. Khel Ratna (sport gem) award could be given only to real sport persons and not to entertainers and gambling frauds.

Awards of national importance should not be decided by corporate lords of India who consider the fake cricketers being the only people deserving all national awards.

Bharat Ratna or any other Padma awards should be given exclusively to serious service to nation and not to entertainers who mint money.

Cricket is not at all a genuine sport but an international gambling where many mafia people and cricketers themselves mint money.

Should a nation, howsoever insignificant on world scene, offer its prestigious national awards to cheap cricketers, the runouts, who are being pampered by mafias for 100s and 50s in as many formats as they are existing now  is the question that torments any thinking person in or outside government circles.

Cricket, like movies and TV serials is an entertainment and nothing more than that. No matter how the cricketers ‘perform” on the wicket prepared by specialists for batboy shine, should be denied the privilege of getting to serious business.

Cricket is a private enterprise and its huge funds are not scrutinized by the regimes for their legality. 

Bowlers and pitch engineers and captains jointly promote batboys for national awards.

Why should government offer national awards to gamblers as per the demands of the corporate lords that sponsor fake cricket matches and records?

Khelratna should be given to real sportspersons who show their sport skills for a very long period of time without any help from mafias. Generally sports person are retained by managers and boards in order to get him national awards on seniority basis.

In India a strange phenomenon dominates the selection of favorites for awards.

The Modi government if it s sincere about choosing genuine persons for national awards, must forthwith withdraw all awards given so far to cricketers. Rationality demands the awards are given only to the most deserving persons.  A person who gets a few 100s in cricket with help from fellow batboys and bowlers is not entitled to have national awards. Cricketers are just fake sports person but enjoy courtship of corporate lords and MPs and governments.

It is not necessary or mandatory for the government also to give national awards to persons every year even if there are not genuine persons. Government could announce names only when the really best sportspersons are found emerging.

Cricketers are gamblers and frauds just promoting batboys with gift of 100s and 50s etc as  so-called land marks  when such runs  are just allowed by bowlers and fielders and skippers

If government still wants to offer awards to cricketers as entertainers it could include them in the list of entertainers like actors, etc for awards because cricketers also act on the field and they play mischief. Alternatively government could launch new scheme of cricket-ratna for BCCI and corporate mafia favorites.  But offering Khelratna and Bharat rata to such showmen is a crime committed against real sports people.

India government should know the Olympic committee refused to recognize cricket as a sport and reject all fake records and ratings by corporate media despite all strenuous efforts by cricket mafia governments to influence the Olympic committee like they do with others for medals and awards.

The Congress party led UPA government controlled by Sonia-Rahul Gandhis insulted the  prestigious national award Bharatrna by offering it to a cricketer Sachin T who  was miserably standing at the crease for nearly 2 years with a long bat for his last one 100. That is Himalayan blunder that the Modi regime has so far refused to set right by withdrawing that award and giving it to a genuine dignified nation builder who has not made money through immoral and illegal means or by fixing the outcomes by corporate lords. Why should an elected government bend before the corporate lords and give national awards as per recommendations?   

Only solace or consolation is that as it si said, frauds respect fellow frauds.

When cricket is a private affair why should government impose awards on the cricketers, let private organizations do it.

Ideally, the corporate lords and BCCI should provide for awards for cricketers. In fact they can provide for separate awards for batboys, bowlers, skippers, keepers, fielders etc

Leave national awards alone. They are meant exclusively for true nation builders.


Both Kohli and his team are safe now. RB is not knocked out as yet. Pitch is prepared for very fast to allow too many 6s. and 4s Modi is not fool to offer Khelratna to kohli for his fake 100


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