Badminton mischief makes the records unreliable!

Badminton mischief makes the records unreliable!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff




Of course, Badminton is not like cricket which is a total farce with fake records being considered for national and international awards and honors -mostly on payment basis – but certain mischief is spoiling its image a genuine sport.

There is a serious flaw in badminton scheduling and timings and so vested interests seem to decide the outcomes in some measures.  BWF deliberately makes weak candidates play against the top players, thereby letting the big players win points and easy money while the newcomers and weak ones leave the field in the first round itself.  That is awful and unfair to new comers with hopes to make their mark in the sport.

That is indeed silly and bad. Not because the weak and new players should play longer but the top players get all the benefits as they themselves don’t have to face each other in the first rounds.

In order to provide fairness to badminton sport, the BWF needs to make two categories of standard players with high ranks and weak players with low ranks and let them play against their own level persons so that they can learn and stay on for first two or three rounds and stabilize themselves in due course.

If the  new and low seeded players play separately say for the first two  rounds, a couple of them could reach the upper rounds, even if they don’t win any title for  too long but they gain experience, self-confidence  and expertise.  If they keep losing in the first round they might exit from badminton once for all. That is indeed unfortunate for any new comer in any sport.

Then there is a time table and scheduling mischief by BWF.  Some candidates generally do not have to face strong candidates until the last final round as per scheduling which help them gain points and easy money throughout.

One fails to understand as to why the BWF lords keep changing the  beginning time of  tournament each day, for 9 am to 12  pm to 4 pm to 6 pm etc. Why not they start the tournament at one fixed time each day of the tournament? Not only such arrangement lacks logic but look insane mischief.

Even USA and Canada without good players also have begun launching “Open” tournaments for the players who are below 10 ranking and both these countries possibly just help some other country because of Asia-pivot politics. They jointly target China and that could be the reason why China is not participating in US Open and Canada Open. Perhaps India also seeks their help to unseat China as the top shuttle players of the world.

It is sad USA controls literally every domain including international courts and sports.

Clearly there is some mischief in both scheduling, mixing up the weak candidates with top players, and times schedule for tournament each day.

Will BWF bosses make changes appropriately so that no mischief sneaks into the tournament and titles?

Obviously, some countries gain from these types of sport mischief.

Titles, money and points should be earned properly and not by mischief by countries, teams and officials.

Time is over due to institute a n intentional commission to monitor and punish those guilty of match fixing in all sports in any manner.

Matchfixing is harming credibility of international sports as many countries try to impose their national level tricks to intentional tournaments with help from officals.



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