Mideast: Israel with US backing prolongs conflict with Palestine as state policy!


Mideast: Israel with US backing prolongs conflict with Palestine as state policy!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Yes, today, world politics and tensions are attributed to two fascist nations – USA and Israel, the world’s leading merchants of terror goods to keep the world tensed and humanity terrorized.

Both jointly dictate its colonialist terms to the world.

Actions of both are detrimental to world peace, work again peaceful existence of humanity and the cause of existential problem for the besieged Palestinians whose lands they have misappropriated by misusing the backboneless UN.

World is used as a pawn because, the USA-Israel terror twins (along with UK) jointly make and break international laws in English.

Both literally control global opinion as they have purchased certain rights of global media outlets to serve the imperialist and colonialist causes.   In fact, many non-core media lords also make money this way.

So, fearing their potentials for destroying the entire universe, most countries are rallying behind the fascist terror schemes of USA and Israel.

That is indeed worrisome.


State terrorism and expansionism 


At times, one gets the impression that the Mideast crisis with regard to the establishment of Palestine would be solved any time soon because of involvement of US super power but very soon Israel-USA terror twins demolish that impression with fresh anti-Palestine ideas and renewed terror attacks.  Regular Zionist aggression, duly backed by USA, has been the scene of Mideast for years now.

That is the reason why Israel continues to occupy and commit genocides while Palestinians, besieged by Israel-Egypt terror twins, continue to suffer- no credible is in sight mainly because of US mischief as the chief mediator in Israel sponsored fake peace talks.

For Israel ambiguity cum pretension suits its very existence in Mideast as the only aggressor.

One is not very sure if Israel follows USA or vice verse or both ways. But one gets the impression that USA follows its fascist “master” in advancing its energy goal in West Asia.

By mutual collaboration in warfare and intelligence, USA as well as Israel advances similar fanatically imperialist policies abroad: while Washington pursues its permanent war agenda in energy rich Arab world by sustaining its terror troops in all invaded Muslim nations following the Sept-11 hoax, starting from Afghanistan, Israel keeps attacking Palestine in order to build more illegal colonies for exclusive criminal Jews arrived from overseas as part of its expansionism cum genocides policy.

State terrorism and expansionism through illegal settlements in Palestine have been the hallmark of Israeli Zionist foreign policy being pursued for decades ever since it was imposed in Mideast by USA-UK terror twins just after the World War –II which the USA led Axis won. USA, UK and other NATO imperialist war allies supported Israeli occupation of Palestine and shielded all its crimes against humanity.

Naturally, then, colonialism joins its boss imperialism as Israel and India collaborate with USA in terror wars on Islam.

No matter who is made the PM in Israel after a formal poll, manipulated by the Mossad, Israel continues to be oppressive criminal regime in West Asia. Whether Hillary or Trump assumes power at the white House, that would not matter to the world as USA would pursue the fascist policy to advance capitalist agenda globally. But Hillary could be more dangerous to the humanity than Trump as she has already declared to promote Zionist criminal regime in Mideast, whereas Trump has reasoned to review the bilateral ties with fanatic Israel and make US policy neutral on Palestine – major shift in US foreign policy.

Middle East Quartet aids Israeli occupational policy  


USA-UK twins led Western powers and a criminal minded Blair led Quartet have deliberately promoted Zionist expansionist crimes inside Palestine. However, the recent report by the Middle East Quartet bluntly criticized Israel’s systematic settlement expansion and large land takeovers in Area C, targeted at preventing a two-state solution.  The Quartet report was met with considerable disappointment at the highest levels of the Palestinian Authority, and also a sigh of relief in Israel.


The Palestinians expected the report to specifically highlight the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative as the main basis for negotiations leading to a state along the 1967 lines with East Jerusalem as its capital. They had hoped that similarly to the June 3 Paris summit declaration, the Quartet report includes terms of reference for the permanent status negotiations.

The Quartet report seems to have missed its original target of producing a path of hope for the pragmatists on both sides. Though highly criticized by the Quartet, the Israeli government is satisfied with the report as Netanyahu sees the report as a non-binding declaration – a useless exercise in emptiness.

The Zionist hawkish PM Netanyahu had asked US foreign minister Kerry in their Rome meeting June 27 to refrain from making reference to the 1967 lines, because Israel is keen not to solve the issue by Arab Peace plan of 2002.

Recently, as usual, in order to expand the illegal settlements, the Israeli Cabinet nodded approval for the building of another hundreds of new housing units in the Jerusalem area, making the world get puzzled over the real intentions of Israel and USA and the logic of of the so-called peace talks, mediated by the “democratic” superpower.


Officially Palestine is now clearly on its way to get full member of UN and become a soverign nation with independent polices to defend itself from external aggression. Naturally Israel is deeply worried as USA now stands isolated along with Israel. However, as suppliers of terror goods to third world, both continue to be the merchants of death globally and dream of somehow squandering the peace move.


Pressed hard by the feeling of being chased by Israeli military, police and Mossad agents, Palestinians have, upon huge sacrifices, obtained defacto statehood as the first step towards an independent nation.  PLO in Ramallah of West bank in West Bank asked the EU and the USA for a binding timeline for negotiations, followed by a Security Council resolution.


USA supports like an unmoving unreasonable stone. A senior Palestine Liberation Organization official close to President Mahmoud Abbas said that Abbas is severely critical of US Secretary of State John Kerry for pressuring the EU not to make the Quartet report a policy platform for future negotiations.  The official assessed that the USA will publish guidelines for future negotiations as a platform for the next administration, possibly via a presidential policy speech. He also expressed concern that the US policy statement will allude to the need to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.


USA and Israel continue to push PLO (PA) to support the Zionist cause and obstruct the creation of much delayed Palestine state through proper legal UN route. Meanwhile, according to  sources, Ramallah is committed to working with Egypt and France on a binding UN Security Council resolution on Palestinian statehood referring in detail to settlement expansion, the 1967 lines, East Jerusalem and a two-year timeline. As the official put it, “For us the Quartet report is a non-paper; our sole basis is the Arab Peace Initiative.”

The US led Quartet, though not serious about a genuine settlement of the Mideast conflict, presented unprecedented work, outlining the obstacles to a two-state solution in great detail. The most striking “finding” is the enlarged strength  the Zionist criminal regime  achieved though fighting the Hamas government and presenting it as a terrorist organization, instead of an elected government,  and as a result the gradual de facto annexation of much of Area C – which makes up 61% of the West Bank – by Israel.

The outcome, though, is that the Palestinians are left without any hope for an internationally monitored two-state solution process, and their despair could lead to more violence or a new intifada. US diplomatic sources in Tel Aviv affirmed that Kerry convinced the EU to refrain from setting a new basis for future negotiations.  There is no USA-EU consensus on many of the permanent status issues, as the US government traditionally tilts more toward Israel.


As before, Israel is never warned strongly by Quartet, USA and EU to force it to halt illegal settlement construction inside Palestine and, with the backing of US veto, does not have to pay for its occupation policies.  This makes Israel embolden with its crimes against humanity. Israel is eagerly awaiting the “usual” Turkish support for the Zionist occupational genocides in Palestine.


How the occupation works for Israel?


True, Islam has more enemies than friends on the earth, including some Muslim rulers. It is therefore, difficult to assert who loves Islam and who hates.


The US position on this, cutting across the bipartisan politics,  is very clear and remains the same as both Republican and Democratic parties promote Zionist criminal state and shield its crimes against humanity.

The EU’s premise is that Europe will have to act independently now because of the US presidential transition. This road map could include several stages, beginning with fresh-talking to the “parties” about curbing Israeli settlement expansion and Palestinian incitement to violence, together with economic confidence-building measures in Area C for the Palestinian agricultural sector. Thereafter, Brussels, in coordination with the French, may start preparing for a possible international peace conference with the parties before the end of 2016.

Though Ramallah and Jerusalem have both made their positions clear to the Quartet, the USA, the EU have not lost hope, nor has it retracted its commitment to continuing the path toward a policy platform for a two-state solution and an international conference before the end of 2016. But the 2016 ended without any positive result.


No one can try and unilaterally predetermine the outcome of a final status agreement. That’s to be done at final status. US President, speaking for Israel, did say that at the time of final status, it will be necessary to take into account new realities on the ground that have changed since 1967, but under no circumstances should those realities be—should anyone try and do that in a preemptive or predetermined way, because these are issues for negotiation at final status.

Not even once the “democracy leaders” and “human right protectors” in USA have found time even to criticize the Zionist state crimes in Palestine, let alone undertaking measures to punish the Jewish criminals.

No amount of preventive repression or collective punishment of Palestinians will bring an end to the bloodletting in Tel Aviv or elsewhere. As long as this oppressive system stands, and the United States continues to support it with billions of dollars a year in military aid, despair will spread, and with it death.

Israel, the western agent for selling their terror goods for third world, remains the arrogant colonialist.  It has assumed the support of NATO terror gang as well.

US elections have “legitimately’ postponed the Palestine issue and the Palestinians and humanity at large have wait for the “outcomes” of presidency poll as if the new president would be kind to Palestine cause and force Israel to remove all terror blockades and occupational   terror gangs from Palestine.



French initiative

Israel behaves a cunning monster and, with US backing, controls the course in West Asia, fueling crisis in the region so that it can continue its  terrorist operations  of expansionism and genocides.

The UNSC and USA should be able to control Israeli polices towards Palestine and Mideast. Israeli ability to control and manipulate the peace talks needs to be contained effectively in order to produce results on the Palestine issue and Mideast, rather West Asian peace. .


The French initiative also has not yet taken off owing to US-Israeli pressure tactics. However, the move may have some impact on the Quartet report. A senior official close to EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini told Al-Monitor that in the aftermath of endorsing the French initiative and the publication of the Quartet report, EU officials are preparing a tentative road map for progress in the diplomatic process.


Israeli rejection, Palestinian political weakness and US passivity alarm Brussels, increasing its fear of violent escalation in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. And so, despite negative reactions by both sides, Europe is stepping into the current policy vacuum. At the moment, it’s the only show in town.


Fearing Israeli military assault any time on them, Palestinians don’t even breathe properly. As it controls the Palestine territories Israel has been able to easily incite violence in Palestine and encourage fights with Jews so that Israeli military and m police people can target the Palestinians, especially those who are their target. .   Israel’s government, now the most right-wing in the country’s history under  ultra hawkish Netanyahu, quickly “responds” with terror measures to  murder the Palestinians, including children, that the UN promptly warns might count as collective punishment: flooding the West Bank with troops, sealing off the West Bank and Gaza, and revoking entry permits that had allowed 83,000 Palestinians to cross into Israel for work, worship and medical care.

And much more!


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