US Presidency 2016: If Hillary wins, peace would further be postponed in West Asia. Israel would accelerate genocides in Palestine Gaza!

US Presidency 2016: If Hillary wins, peace would further be postponed in West Asia. Israel would accelerate genocides in Palestine Gaza!

-Dr. Abdul ruff




Obviously USA with its double-speak and double-standards cannot guarantee peace for Mideast or any other region in the world. However, arrival of a sincere and truly statesman like US president can be expected to sincerely attempt a peaceful world. Certainly former foreign minister of USA Hillary Clinton with her palms soaked in Arab blood is not a real stateswoman, though she would pretend to be one. She can only guide the US military misadventures in the energy rich hypocracies in Arab world

What the Republican Trump would do for or against the Palestinians if he becomes US president is not a concern of Palestinians because generally the Republican Party supports and promote Zionist régime in West Asia, but what Hillary Clinton would do against the Palestinians indeed terrifies the people of Palestine, especially women and children whose blood, along with Palestinian lands, has been target of Israeli military and Mossad.

Hillary’s election, therefore, is not a good thing for Palestine children because Israel is keen to achieve total holocaust in Palestine so that they could swindle their lands to create their fond greater Israel. .

Palestinians may have won defacto statehood at UN and thus legally Palestine is a UN member state with full sovereignty but fanatic  nuclear Israel  behaving like a fascist cum arrogant nation wanting  to attack any nation in West Asia with immunity,  can attack it if USA continues to back at UN with its veto all Zionist crimes against humanity.

Like any top US leader cutting across their capitalist bi-party politics, Mrs. Hillary Clinton as US Secretary of State, like any other Jew in that country, enjoyed her stay in Israel whenever she visited it for sumptuous launch with Israeli leaders and declaring US support for Zionism and against besieged Palestinians.

With two hardcore capitalist-imperialist agenda by two hardliners Republican Donald Trump and democratic Hillary the Palestinians faced a worst ever American electoral season. Though trump has already declared his thinking to  revise US policy  for Mideast and neutralize its usual pro-Israeli  policy and thereby stopping extra funding  for the Zionist regime with  terror goods and technology, Palestinians have kept their fingers crossed because if Trump is indeed gets  elected, which looks  a near possibility, he could be manipulated by the Israeli government and powerful Jewish  lobbyists in Washington, especially the all powerful  American Israeli Public Affairs Committee’s (AIPAC) which almost controls the White House all the time and  funds both parties at polls.

Although Clinton holds the unprecedented distinction of being the only major party nominee, man or woman, ever to have actually visited the Gaza Strip – a historic trip she made at her husband’s side in the final weeks of 1998, when US President Bill Clinton faced impeachment at home, she is deadly pro-Israel and anti-Palestine. She talks about Israeli security but criticizes Palestine for demanding equal security. She, like hardliner Republicans, calls the besieged Palestinians the terrorists and never opened her sweet mouth to condemn the routine Israeli aggression and terror attacks and genocides committed inside Palestine.


Being a hardcore pro-Zionist Hillary Clinton would not stand for the human rights of Palestinians. She would give the general drift of her Zionism – record-breaking military budget increases for Israel’s war-making machine; opposing the Goldstone Report into rights violations during the Gaza conflict; criticising the United Nations for its votes against Israel; intelligence sharing with Mossad; and so on. She promises, if elected she  “defend Israel on the world stage” by opposing “anti-Israel bias” in international forums (the International Criminal Court and human rights venues), vowing the Security Council will never help Palestine; and to “stand up against” the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement, while cutting off efforts to recognize Palestinian statehood.


Together during the first state visit by an American president to the occupied territories they attended the opening of the new Gaza airport, leaving it to Israeli control and hence off and on Israel shuts the airport, forcing Palestinian youth to beg Israeli authorities to let them visit abroad through Israeli airport. Of course most of the time Israeli regime denies permission, arrest and harass the Palestinians. World is kept in darkness about how Israeli treats Palestinians by US-Israeli media outlets.  US government pretends it does not see any of roguish attitudes of Israeli regime.

Trump having “betrayed” the hopes of the Zionist regime by saying he would rethink its relations with Israel, Israeli leadership of illegal settlements want Hillary to won so that they quickly can resume terror attacks on Gaza strip, killing children which the so-called  “first even woman president of USA would readily approve by sanctioning more money and terror goods for Tel Aviv.

Israeli regime cannot keep the criminal Jewish flock together without attacking and killing Palestinians.

Airport or any other important buildings are built in Gaza Strip, would be blown to bits by Israeli warplanes sooner than later, the tower a smoking ruin, the runways full of bomb craters. USA has given that destructive right to Israel.  In fact, no one in the US government raises a hint of objection to the symbolic and the practical demolition of Palestinian aspirations to fly free of the occupation – Gulf State and German money had built the place- but who cared if the Israelis wanted it destroyed?


Israeli enjoys special rights over Palestine territories. USA approves that shamelessly.

Every US candidate makes pilgrimage to Israel to ensure Jewish vote bank in USA and Hillary also said that the Americans love Israel more than the next guy: it is a sloppy mess, with US politicians competing for AIPAC approval, by kneeling to kiss the ring of a foreign power. Hillary out-did other politicians in her fawning, gratuitously inserting the Zionist formula for Jerusalem’s subjugation in an official letter to an Orthodox Jewish union, writing that she believed the city to be “the eternal and indivisible capital” of Israel, while promising even to move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv.

As a 2008 presidential candidate, her campaign extolled Israel’s “right” to an “undivided Jerusalem as its capital”.

Many in USA and elsewhere wondered if the First Lady had been naive, or manipulated – her adoption of the language of Israeli conquest and annexation stood in sharp contrast to her party, her husband’s official position, and international law. It also contradicted the US State Department’s policy. If she did not understand its dangerous implications, then her competency was in question; otherwise, it represented a shift for the party, signaling quiet abandonment of the Palestinians.

Hillary seems to prefer the latter, end Palestinians race with help from Israeli military. .

The Hillarian verbal formulation has long been a shibboleth of Israeli expansionism – Republicans in the Congress had passed a bill – the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 – ordering President Clinton to move the embassy, or face budget consequences. However, the law contained a presidential waiver, and Clinton invoked it to get out of complying. This grotesque pantomime has been repeated every year for the past 20 years, as Congress renews the law, each president opts out, and the embassy remains in Tel Aviv.


Money in US poll


US elections are all about money strength and ordinary people cannot even dream of becoming US president even after millions of years. That is the basics about capitalist p politics.  Both national parties collect and spend huge resources in the campaign.  Also, Presidential campaigns in the USA are often full of drama and chaos – political theatre – but it is usually controlled chaos, which is carefully scripted by party officials.

To start with, Trump has thrown the Republican Party into an internal war over what the party should stand for, with many Republicans still fighting to replace him as their party’s nominee. This presidential campaign has been different, with Republican Party officials watching as Donald Trump, an unpredictable reality TV star and businessman, took over the party to a path paved by policies that defied typical conservative positions.


Beyond Trump’s questionable conservative values, he has also raised concerns because of his often violent rhetoric, particularly towards immigrants and non-white communities. “This message of economic anxiety, this message of ethnic scapegoating, those two things being this confluence that provides a real spark for potential violence in American society,

The billionaire businessman managed to rise from reality TV star to presidential nominee. Donald Trump won more votes than any other candidate in a Republican primary in US history. His rise was baffling, dramatic, and to many, completely unexpected.


Trump rose to the top of his party not just by tapping into and exploiting fears and anxieties over immigrants and Muslims, but also by speaking to some of the real economic struggles of a section of the middle class that feels like no one else has been listening to them. At a time when perhaps the most “politically incorrect” candidate in US history rises to the top of the GOP, Trump’s supporters talk about immigration, their place in America and why they believe the anti-establishment politician will “make America great again”.

Many Democrats say they’ve crossed party lines and put their faith in Trump to resuscitate a dying coal industry and they feel that no one else is addressing their economic concerns. Many US residents feel they are being squeezed by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The United Technologies announced in February that it was moving jobs to Mexico. As Trump railed against the company’s sister factory, Carrier, in speech after speech, we find that anger over free trade and globalization has helped propel his unlikely candidacy.


As Americans prepare to elect a new president, media still explores the fractures Donald Trump’s nomination has exposed within the Republican Party and the USA. He stands chance. As Donald Trump has taken the reins of the Republic Party, a theme  of campaign is the rise of the billionaire businessman, from reality TV star to a populist who has managed to capture the support of a large and often angry voter base.


Hillary Clinton can be expected as president to mount the ramparts of Fortress Israel, and vigorously wave the flag – more aggressively than Bush or Reagan, or any president before her, portending hard times for Palestine.



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