Deadly Hurricane Matthew threatens Florida!

Deadly Hurricane Matthew threatens Florida!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff


The strongest storm system to threaten the USA in a decade roared toward Florida on October 05, forcing thousands from their homes and prompting dire warnings from forecasters and public officials alike. This crudely reminds us the way Muslims are being driven out of their homes and countries in Middle East, Afghanistan, taking refuge in neighboring nations and becoming a burden on them.

Floridians hunkered down on Thursday the October 06 as pelting rain and punishing wind began to pummel the state, the first sting of a deadly hurricane expected to grind its way up the coast overnight and through most of the day Friday. Gov. Rick Scott repeatedly pleaded with residents to take the storm seriously, urging the 1.5 million Floridians in evacuation zones to leave and describing Hurricane Matthew in increasingly blunt terms as he tried to describe the peril. As rain began to fall in Florida, all eyes looked east as the unprecedented storm slowly approached.
More than 100,000 people were already without power in Florida late Thursday. The deadly storm is projected to run parallel to the coast of the Sunshine State as it tracks closer to land over the next two days, producing a potentially devastating storm surge of up to 10 feet over an expanded swath of coast that stretches from central Florida up into South Carolina. The potential for a destructive storm surge, coupled with up to 15 inches of rain expected in isolated spots, has officials fearing catastrophic flooding.
Matthew tore through Haiti this week and caused nearly 300 deaths just in the southern part of that country, officials said, before pushing across the Bahamas and threatening to strafe a stretch of the East Coast that runs from South Florida to North Carolina. As Matthew approached, life’s normal routines across the southeastern coast gave way to the bedlam of a looming storm. Emergencies were declared, evacuations ordered, schools closed, scores of flights grounded and college football games canceled or postponed. Authorities stressed the dangers of the storm, while the National Hurricane Center issued a series of foreboding bulletins warning of “potentially disastrous impacts for Florida” and “life-threatening” flooding over the coming days in that state as well as Georgia and the Carolinas. The National Weather Service warned that the gusting winds could leave some places “uninhabitable for weeks or months.”

Hurricane Matthew began to make landfall along the eastern coast of Florida late Thursday night as residents hunkered down or sought refuge from the high winds, heavy rains, and an expected storm surge of ocean water. Matthew may be a Category 4 or 5 hurricanes before striking the Florida coast starting Thursday night. This will be the strongest Florida east coast strike since Hurricane Andrew. Matthew will bring destructive hurricane conditions to eastern Florida, the Georgia coast and coastal South Carolina.”Sandy-like” storm surge for parts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and flooding rain are also likely. Matthew will then meander off the Southeast coast well into next week.
The intense storm is expected to be the most powerful storm to hit the state in more than a decade, and given its current track could prove the most expensive in history. Matthew already left a trail of damage in the Bahamas and devastated Haiti where latest reports indicate that close to 300 people, and possibly more, have been killed.

In coastal Broward County, winds peaked at nearly 60 miles per hour Thursday afternoon, according to local reports. The entire county remained under a voluntary evacuation advisory as Florida’s east coast braced for Hurricane Matthew’s impact. That didn’t stop a crowd of unapologetic enthusiasts from swimming and surfing in the churning waters of Fort Lauderdale’s beaches.
More than 2.5 million people were under evacuation orders from Florida to South Carolina, most of them in Florida, where the state opened dozens of shelters to house them.
President Obama signed emergency declarations for Florida, South Carolina and, late Thursday, Georgia, ordering federal aid and allowing federal authorities to coordinate disaster relief efforts in those states.
Not long before midnight Thursday, with the first impacts of Matthew being felt in the state, Scott’s office said that more than 95,000 people had lost power due to the storm. In Volusia County along Florida’s central Atlantic coastline, more than 2,000 residents sought refuge in schools. Dozens of residents outside Hinson Middle School in Daytona Beach were turned away when it had filled to capacity by mid-morning and were referred to others in the area.

Scott had already declared a state of emergency in Florida, as have his counterparts in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Obama spoke by telephone with all four governors Thursday to discuss preparations for the storm, saying he is committed to providing the federal resources needed to respond, the White House said. Across the southeast, waves of schools shuttered their campuses and closed government offices. Colleges from Florida International University in Miami and the University of Central Florida in Orlando canceled classes, as did schools as far north as the University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston.
The University of Florida called off its game against Louisiana State on Saturday, and Central Florida postponed a scheduled football game against Tulane. South Carolina pushed back its home game against Georgia by a day, bumping it to Sunday. Airlines canceled more than 2,800 flights set to travel through Florida’s airports on Thursday and Friday. Even mainstays of Florida life were impacted: Walt Disney World said it would close early on Thursday and remain closed Friday, as did SeaWorld in Orlando and Universal’s parks.

Floridians either fled their homes or huddled with supplies after making the customary last-minute trips to Publix for bottled water, bread and peanut butter. In some cases, people headed inland or to safer ground with friends or family, while others planned to have hurricane parties to pass the hours spent locked down.
As people flooded the roads to get out of town, air travel was severely restricted by the looming storm. American Airlines canceled flights Thursday through the three South Florida airports and called off travel through Orlando after 5:30 p.m. Airlines announced waivers letting travelers change flights without paying any penalty.
When the hurricane briefly reached Category 5 classification this weekend, it became the first Atlantic-basin storm of that strength since Hurricane Felix in 2007. Extremely dangerous, life-threatening weather conditions are forecast in the next 24 hours. The center of Hurricane Matthew containing the strongest wind gusts, storm surge and heavy rain squalls will move along or over portions of the east central Florida coastline very early Friday morning and into the afternoon. The potential for life threatening storm surge flooding is high,” with surges up to seven feet expected along the central Atlantic coast barrier islands, as well as “downwind piling and surging of water” along the intercoastal waterway. Widespread extensive to devastating wind impacts will be felt. Airborne debris lofted by extreme winds will be capable of breaching structures, unprotected windows and vehicles. Effects such as these ranging from the coast to inland have not been experienced in central Florida in decades.
Nature’s challenges for the world’s only superpower with latest and high precision weapon systems to control entire humanity and resources are indeed devastating and as such the Pentagon is unable to control it, nor can declare a new terror war on nature!
Any natural calamity is bad for the people and nations, including USA. One cannot, however, think that the nature is taking revenge for the crimes US forces have perpetrated in Islamic world by killing millions of Muslims and destroying property worth trillions!
Perhaps, peace with people by military powers is directly linked with nature’s peace with such monstrous powers on earth!
One cannot be naïve to think that after reading this, president Obama would quickly wind down all terror wars launched by Republican regime under Bush on the advice of criminal minded Neocons by engineering the terrible Sept-11 hoax by using some insane Muslim agents and rulers.



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