Justice for Palestine!

Justice for Palestine!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Genuine support for a Palestine state has been growing from across the globe to come into existence as a soverign nation to enjoy all privileges of UN and stay away from Israeli crimes. Israel is arrogant and enjoys all colonialist rights to treat the Palestinians as small insects and keep attacking them on fictitious pretext with full US backing.
Defacto membership of UN for Palestine against the will of Israel and its fascist allies led by USA has empowered people of Palestine to approach international Criminal Court to file cases against Israel as aggressor. However, prestige of Palestinians as humans would rise only when Palestine obtains full membership of UN for which UNSC endorsement is necessary and if USA continues to use its veto to shield the Zionist crimes and against Palestine cause of freedoms, there would be further delay as Palestinians would have to use alternative routes for recognition of their statehood.. .
Former US President Jimmy Carter called on outgoing President Barack Obama to recognize Palestine as a state before he leaves office. Carter said the president’s efforts to resolve the conflict based on a negotiated two-state solution face uncertainty when Obama hands power to Donald Trump.
Senior Democratic leader and former president Carter wrote in an article published in the New York Times: “The simple but vital step this administration must take before its term expires on Jan. 20 is to grant American diplomatic recognition to the state of Palestine, as 137 countries have already done, and help it achieve full United Nations membership”. He cited the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, which he brokered in 1978. The agreement stipulates that Israel withdraws its military forces from territory occupied in “the recent conflict”.
Israel captured Gaza Strip and the West Bank – land of the would-be Palestinian state – in the 1967 war. While it pulled out of Gaza in 2005, Israel refused to vacate its military occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, where it continues to build and expand illegal settlements where only Israelis (Jews) can live.
Not only Israel advances its expansionist policy in Palestine with US backing, it also advises its military allies to ruthlessly deal with Muslims under their control; for instance, India having military deals of selling terror goods to India, is being counseled to deal brutally way with Muslims in Indian occupied Jammu Kashmir.
In fact, Israel had heavily influenced Turkey to borrow Zionist ideas of brutality in dealing with Kurdish populations and refusing to accept even their genuine demands. USA supported all Zionist terror ideas and operations..
Carter, who has condemned the Israeli colonisation of the West Bank in his 2006 book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid,” drew contrast between the 4.5 million Palestinians living under the occupation and the 600,000 illegal Israeli settlers who “enjoy the benefits of Israeli citizenship”.
The former president wrote that US recognition of Palestine would pave the way for a UN Security Council to act towards the two-state solution and ignite regional peace and stability in West Asia, besides helping Israel and Palestine make credible and durable .peace.”The Security Council should pass a resolution laying out the parameters for resolving the conflict,” he said. “It should reaffirm the illegality of all Israeli settlements beyond the 1967 borders, while leaving open the possibility that the parties could negotiate modifications.” He also called for security guarantees for both sides and the demilitarization of the Palestinian state.
Carter added that the Security Council resolution would support a negotiated agreement on Palestinian refugees displaced in 1948, among other contentious issues. He said US recognition of the Palestinian state would help reverse the one-state reality Israel is imposing on itself and the Palestinian people.
USA should all possible to make Israeli regime shed its colonialist criminal and terrorist policies and become a normal country promoting democratic and secular ideals. . .
Interestingly, Israel decides policies of USA and even dictates its terms for US policy in West Asia. President Obama, pursuing a double policy towards the Zionist fascist regime, has had a rocky relationship with Israeli PM B. Netanyahu, highlighted by the latter’s visit to US Congress last year, where he lobbied against the Iran nuclear deal that was negotiated by the White House. Israeli hawkish leaders backed by powerful lobbyists in Washington, still enjoy special status of guests in US Congress.
Despite denouncing settlements repeatedly as a mere rhetoric only to appease the Arab world, Obama, like his predecessors did, visited Israel for dinner and declared US support for all colonialist operations in Mideast signed the biggest-ever military aid package to Israel in September. This emboldened Israel to keep attacking the Palestinians, including children, killing them for blood and land for colony building. .
Americans opposed the Obama policy for Israel and defeated Democratic candidate former State Secretary Hillary Clinton in the just concluded presidency poll. It looks the President-elect Trump would put an end to proliferation of illegal settlements in Palestine as the first step in bring peace in Mideast.
Donald Trump last week said he would love to broker a peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians. It was reported that he will use the help of his Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner to restart the negotiations.
In March, during his presidency candidature campaign, Trump gave a speech at the powerful Jewish organization American Israel Public Affairs Committee, where he slammed Obama for “applying pressure” on Israel. He also vowed that Israel will not be treated as a “second class-citizen” by Washington if he wins. But soon after his election he changed his views to mean that he would end bloodshed in Palestine by brining Israelis and Palestinians together, though first Trump’s legal adviser Jason Greenblatt sided with Israeli colonialism and said the president-elect does not view settlements as an obstacle to peace. However, in October, a different Trump adviser said Jewish settlements in the West Bank are not illegal. In fact, Trump’s ideas about Mideast Peace are getting crystallized as days went by after the poll.
Peace in Mideast is not possible unless the as President Trump confronts the Zionist leadership over its crimes against humanity in Palestine and forces t to remove the colonialist obstacles for peace by making Palestine territories free form Israeli settlements and military presence. .
In a way as to confuse Trump, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, a right-wing party leader and advocate of Jewish illegal settlements, has said that Trump’s election victory means the end of the prospect of a Palestinian state.
With Trump’s change of mind over establishment of Palestine sooner than later, Israeli politicians fear that President Obama may support or at least not veto a UN Security Council Resolution recognising Palestine as a state.
Palestine would become an independent nation again as a full UN member and with Obama-Trump help the time may not be far away when Palestinians and their children begin to dream of a better life as today that is denied by Israeli military based regime.
Palestinians need the support of UNSC for obtaining early justice, even though most of the nations back Palestine statehood.


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