Islamic Faith: Purpose of Hajj

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Islamic Faith: Purpose of Hajj

-Dr. Abdul Ruff





Those Muslims who follow the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAS) would perform Hajj only once in life. Those who have already performedhajj  more than once better ask for  forgiveness of the Almighty. Allah is the most merciful.

  1. HolyHajj Pilgrimage

As Muslims from all over the world are preparing to perform the annual and truly one time holy Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia,  it is of paramount importance for Muslims to know, along with the process of this important pilgrimage but also the purpose of it so that the Haajis after the Hajj  live as  the best possible humans as model Muslims for the  society and humanity at large so as to help them derive inspiration from them and benefit  tremendously this way. .

Holy Hajj is the largest human gathering on earth for religious purposes. Over three million registered pilgrims are taking part in the rituals which will be over on a scheduled day every year. Many pilgrims, however, conclude the pilgrimage one day earlier.

Hajj is performed annually by…

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