Joint cricketism: Why did England betray Indian team? (Batboys want national awards for their fake records)

Joint cricketism: Why did England betray Indian team? (Batboys want national awards for their fake records)
-Dr. Abdul Ruff

Indian batboys and the highly paid media commentators are now down with high fanatic favor as England badly crushed India in the third ODI on January 22 night. Indian government agencies want take revenge on UK by offering national awards to Dhoni and others as recommended by BCCI boys.
India invited England team without any good bowlers on condition of making Indian batboys look great because republic Day is approaching Doni, Kohli, etc are looking for national awards for their bogus records.
As per understanding between the cricket boards of India and Britain as well as cricket mafias, India managed good marks in test cricket matches where English bowlers refused to hit properly so that Indian batboys could shine. India has also got the ODi except the last one. The third ODI was also taken for granted by India but England boys seem to have played mischief by not giving 100 to Kohli, Dhoni or Singh expected by BCCI. Not only that. England did not let Indian boys eat the entire cake as well by defeating India in Calcutta. Eden garden in Kolkata seems to have favored the British team as Indian black magic failed to work in their favor.
Indian bowlers did not offer another 100 to England captain Morgan in the third ODI and perhaps that could be the reason why they defeated India, disregarding the understating between the teams. English boys were upset that India removed their skipper just before he was to get his 50 to be added to his bogus records. England also did not offer any 100 to Doni or Koli. But that is simple betrayal. Dhoni said he has retired from cricket but he is still playing. Sachin is very weak otherwise he would have played even now.
Indian boys are deeply worried and a disappointed by the unexpected fortunes in Kolkata.
Now England and India would play third format the T20 as sponsors want 100 for top batboys in Indian towns after heavy drinks and cocktail parties in the previous nights so that they get national awards at aprt with Sachin tendulkar whom the mafia and BCCI worked for many 100a obviously on payment basis.
The question is will PM Modi would allow himself to be fooled by BCCI and corporate media lords to offer national honors to drunkards and black money holders in cricket. .
In fact these blackmoney holders are pestering the Modi government and President Pranab, now busy with fighting black money, to make Indian batboy shine with national awards.
Are the national awards meant for those make runs on payment basis and mafia support, frauds, blackmoney people and, thereby, promote negative image of India?
Doe s not indie have people who have contributed to nation building and not the fake record holders?
If the government doesn’t find really worthy persons for national dignity, why not it scrap the awards all together until it finds some genuine personalities?


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