Why should US President Trump invite me to USA?

Why should US President Trump invite me to USA?
(Random Thoughts-29)
-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal
-Hello! So you are very busy these days? You are not seen as you used to be.

-I am very much around. What is the matter?
-We in fact thought you would have gone to Washington for the inauguration of President Trump.
-Interesting. How you expect me to be present when the world’s strongest man assumes power in USA. You are joking.
-No. no. I am not joking. Indian media said you are going to USA for Trump’s inauguration.
– There you are. Tell me, how I can attend the Trump’s inauguration without invitation. You should know, one requires official invitation even to attend the swearing in ceremony of ordinary prime ministers or presidents, but how can I go all the way to Washington without invitation to attend the inauguration of President Trump. By the way, are you talking about some other Trump in USA?
-No. I am talking about Donald Trump who shockingly defeated former US foreign minister Hillary Clinton.
-Is it true President Trump had been frantically looking for a talk with you ever since he assumed power as US president?
-Who said this to you?
It was reported in the media.
– Very interesting. What else?
– It was reported that finally President Trump got you when you finally received his phone call and accepted his invitation to visit USA at the earliest.
– You tell me as to what interest does the US President has in an ordinary person like me for inviting me to make a free trip to USA at government cost? Don’t trust the media reports.
-You mean nothing as such has happened? The reports also said you also invited President Trump to visit India.
– Not at all. For what? You mean Trump also wants to take away some of Indian black money? Oh my goodness. Absurdity seems to have got no limits. The media people must be making fun of me for criticizing them. It appears, they are also working against me globally. OK. The media information is not correct and I did not venture a US trip by wasting huge sum. You know I don’t have money as I even don’t get pension even after many years as Congress and BJP governments seem to play dirty tricks with my career and life. My petitions are not getting any consideration by the institution where I worked serving the nation as well as from the government in New Delhi. The concerned persons behave funny and they can afford to so because government is dump. And it was so when I was troubled by the campus fellows and petty small minded officals.
-So sad. What about PM Modi who is supposed to take stern action against such mischief by government officals?
-Prime ministers are busy people. PM Modi, his ministers and officials also have got no time for public grievances– they are busy searching for strategies to save their government, winning elections, and minting money for the ruling party and finding posts for their favorite guys. They promote blackmoney as well.
-Of course, they are irresponsible people at the helm of affairs, we all know. God would do the needful don’t lose hopes.
-Of course people like me live only on hopes.
-You are one of the few writers who supported Trump candidacy and so I trust the media news about the telephonic conversation between Trump and you…
-Forget it. Let us now celebrate the Trump’s victory over a cup of tea.
-OK teetotaler. That is very kind of you.

-Most welcome, friend. See you, Bye.


  1. Who was elected as the new US president?
  2. Why was he supposed to go to USA?
  3. Did he really go to USA?
  4. Whom did Trump defeat in the elections?
  5. Who is the strongest president in the world?
  6. Did US president telephone to him
  7. Is he rich and does he get his pension?
  8. Are Indian PM and ministers in India busy?