Tamil Nadu politics: CM O Panneerselvam revolts against Sasikala, says Jayalalithaa wanted me to be CM. Governor Rao delays swearing in!

Tamil Nadu politics:  CM O Panneerselvam revolts against Sasikala, says Jayalalithaa wanted me to be CM. Governor Rao delays swearing in!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Sasikala’s swearing in has been postponed as Governor Rao has not come to Chennai to administer it to her. Meanwhile there are petitions in the Supreme Court a pleasing to stop Sasikala’s swearing in.

Tamil Nadu CM OP Panneerselvam today, February 07, led a sensational revolt, saying his conscience was pricked and Jaya’s spirit spoke to him. He was quoted saying by CNN-News 18: “Jayalalithaa’s spirit asked me to reveal some truth to the people of Tamil Nadu.” He also said that Jaya had asked him to pick someone that the people would accept. O Panneerselvam said that only a popular leader should become the CM virtually throwing the gauntlet against Sasikala.

After virtually staying in the background in the wake of the death of AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa, former Tamil Nadu chief minister O Panneerselvam today came into the spotlight by first visiting Jaya’s mausoleum in an unscheduled visit, sat in silence for over 15 minutes and then approached the media and made some sensational revelations, the most important of which was that he would take back his resignation. Saying that during Jaya’s 75-day treatment, when her health deteriorated, he was told that her health was ‘very bad’ and that the ‘party, government and Tamil Nadu must be saved’. Panneerselvam said that ‘I told them that Jaya is still under treatment, what was the big hurry.’ However, he said that ‘I was told that emergency decision must be taken. I heeded that decision.’

Saying that the spirit of Jayalalithaa was guiding him to speak the truth, Panneerselvam said Uday Kumar wanted Sasikala as chief minister. He said that he approached Sasikala and asked her ‘how partyman can speak against the chief minister?’ Panneerselvam said he took decisions that he did to ensure the party was not split.

Amidst growing revolt against appointment of VK Sasikala Natarajan as the Chief Minister, incumbent chief minister O Panneerselvam has joined the revolt. After paying homage to Jayalalithaa at her memorial on Marina Beach where he meditated for 40 minutes, he said that he was forced to resign as CM to make way for Sasikala.

After the sudden demise of Jayalalithaa, O.P.S. has not spoken much as he visibly pained by his leader’s departure. He also said that when Jayalalithaa was hospitalised, she had asked him to take over the governance of Tamil Nadu.

Clad in a white shirt and dhoti, and sporting his trademark holy ash and kumkum, Pannir sat on the floor inside the burial site enclosure in a traditional meditating posture on Tuesday. Later while talking to reporters, he claimed that Jayalalithaa’s spirit spoke to him and asked him to reveal the truth to people.

Earlier in the day, senior AIADMK leader PH Pandian raised suspicion over Jayalalithaa’s death claiming that she was murdered. On the other hand, a PIL was filed in Supreme Court on Monday restraining the swearing-in of Sasikala which was earlier to be held on Tuesday. Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao had also cancelled his trip to Chennai on Monday stating that he was waiting for Supreme Court to take a stand on the case.

Panneerselvam had on Sunday tendered his resignation from the post of Chief Minister citing ‘personal reasons’ and setting the stage for takeover of Sasikala, who was elected as Legislature Party leader earlier that day.

Panneerselvam to remain interim CM until governor examines legal implications regarding Sasikala’s appointment.

O Panneerselvam said:  – I have performed my duty without any shortcomings and carried forward path shown by Amma. – When she was in the hospital I asked her, she (Jayalalithaa) asked me to take over as CM. – When I was the CM, Revenue Minister RB Udhayakumar, said Sasikala should take over as CM. – I was given the CM post but insulted continuously. – At a meeting at Sasikala’s place senior party leaders were present and question of her being CM was addressed. I asked how far this was justified. – Party leaders said I have to take initiative towards making Sasikala CM that’s how I was forced to tender resignation. – I am saying these facts in front of you to make things clear in public I will continue to struggle. – I will take back my resignation if party workers and people ask me to.

Pannerselvam has said he would withdraw his resignation from CM post.

Meanwhile, an emergency cabinet meeting has been called at Sasikala’s Poes garden residence.

It has also been reported that Governor Vidyasagar Rao who was to fly to Chennai tomorrow, has cancelled his visit.  Sasikala Natarajan will not be sworn in as Tamil Nadu CM on Wednesday.

TN opposition leader and DMK’s working President Stalin said there is mystery behind what is happening in AIADMK.  He said his suspicion about Pannerselvam being sidelined in the party has been proven today with his outburst.

One thing is clear. Many AIADMK leaders were not happy that Jayalalithaa chose him in preference to other 5 senior ministers in the cabinet to be in charge of the state as acting CM when the court had sent her to jail on disproportionate case in which Sasikala is also charge sheeted.



Sept-11 hoax and Donald Trump’s Muslim ban ideology!

Sept-11 hoax and Donald Trump’s Muslim ban ideology!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff


Mischievous Sept-11 hoax, targeting Islam and energy resources in Arab world, has changed the world scenario terrible and humanity insecure almost forever with US led NATO still eager to kill more Muslims and destabilize energy rich Arab world. Unfortunately, it has even generated deformed Muslims who, in adding the anti-Islamic world and media lords, actively help defame Islam.

Sept-11 hoax came as a big boon for many colonialist fascist countries to crush the freedom movements by calling the struggling people as “terrorists” Indeed Russia successfully made use of the tragedy to make swift move to come closer to USA though the US-Russia conflict is deep rooted. India got maximum mileage to start targeted killing of Kashmiri Muslims. China, a close economic ally of Pakistan, also could naturally silence the Muslim regions.
Today bulks of world media spit anti-Islamic venom and generate Islamophobia. Many anti-Islamic and criminal Muslims feel safe, however. .
Osama to Obama

Mischievous US records say President Obama killed invisible Osama and buried him in the Sea. But they have not yet revealed the Muslim causalities since Sept-11 hoax. Media reports say several millions have been murdered by the anti-Islamic and pro-Sept 11 hoax forces. Not even new president Trump would dare revel the truth about the reality of Sept-11 hoax.

Interestingly, there are some people on earth who still think Sept-11 was not a hoax engineered and enacted in perfection by anti-Islamic forces under the guidance of one Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi collaborator with CIA, but a real terror attack by Islamic terrorists who managed to get into the US airports and took off planes and hit their favorite targets, killing many.

Since the dreadful 2001, much water has flown under most bridges across the globe, killing millions of Muslims and destroying trillions worth of assets in Arab world and Afghanistan on fake pretexts. Muslims are the victims of Western fascist terrorism but they are called the terrorists- very cool, indeed.
An interesting global feature is the phenomenon of forcing all anti-Islamic nations to get together to fight Islam, deny Muslims life and dignity, while, at the same time, forcing Muslim nations and Islamic regions insult and fight Islam as a terrorist region.

Sept-11 hoax meticulously engineered and perfectly executed by anti-Islamic forces working in the West and Israel has not lost its relevance even after so many decades became the Neocons plan not for year or even decade as every action they recommend to the White House custodians has its perpetual impact on the globe. In seeking curb on immigration of Muslims into USA, President Trump has his own ideas to further the cause of anti-Islamism.

State sponsored anti-Islamism plus Islamophobia sells like hot cakes in the West and the rest. US president Donald Trump is getting ready to further the anti-Islamic cause of Islamophobia.

Apparently, USA directly sponsors and finances not only Israeli fascism but also “Islamic terrorism”, of course with ulterior motives as had done during Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and now Syrian war.

Incumbent US President Donald Trump, author of a new ‘Immigration doctrine’, denying foreigners entry into USA for “terror” reasons, has done so as he has committed himself to eliminating terrorism from the face of the Earth. Alongside the ban on Muslims entering the USA, Trump has tagged “Islamic terrorism” as a threat to the “civilized world”, thereby naming Muslims uncivilized, while does not consider the Jewish criminal state of Israel, the real threat to World peace, as terrorists but a “valuable” partner of USA in terror wars. This broad commitment is also based on the building of “alliances” with countries united in a common anti-Muslims cause: “We will reinforce old alliances and form new ones and unite the “civilized world” against radical “Islamic terrorism”, which we will eradicate from the face of the Earth.”

Interestingly, Trump says all this even after the poll, though he has won the presidency comfortably. That means he is a perfect anti-Islamic American.
(George W) Bush Jr who launched the terror war on Islam for energy resources of Mideast (plus Central Asia and trade routes for energy and trade, had said their war on terror “begins with al Qaeda, but it does not end there” and Neocons want a permanent war to ascertain US dominance in military war fare. “It will not end until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated”. Following Obama’s terror war in Mideast, Trump has come out with a clear cut message that literally means: “Stop and eliminate Muslims!”

Republican Bush, Democratic Obama and now Republican Trump are united by Neocons’ common themes: energy resources, genocides of Muslims, global military superiority.

Muslims are mercilessly killed, badly injured and beaten up in secret cells in Europe, and global Muslims are badly insulted through fanatic media.
Many Muslims are killed everywhere just because they are Muslims and still refuse to convert into American or Israeli religion.

The right to denial

Republican Trump is trying to be a follower of Republican Bush in using similar words and familiar concepts (civilized world, partner nations, etc.) as his predecessors in the White House were familiar with. His statement regarding “Islamic terrorism” bears a canny resemblance to the carefully worded script of George W. Bush’s historic speech to the US Congress on September 20, 2001, nine days after the 9/11 hoax. Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”.
Of course, it is the prerogative of any government in the world to deny employment and entry to foreigners. But that cannot be done against the spirit of the Constitution if it welcomes foreigners. Denial exclusively to Muslims employment or entry into America by President Trump reveals his hatred for Muslims and Islam for false reasons. True Muslims would not have committed anything wrong against USA while Sept-11 hoax was conspiracy against Islam engineered by anti-Islamic forces. and as such his outright rejection of Muslims is not fair enough

Arab nations are forerunner of Islamic faith. Muslims should be welcome to Arab world, however. The rich Arab world can employ and help the poor and employment seeking global Muslims.

If, following the end of terror war dominated Bush-Obama reigns, anyone has speculated positive changes in USA and White House mindset President Trump has already shattered those good wishes with days after his accent to throne on January 20 with his order to deal with immigration ban of Muslims.
The Canadian authorities are treating the shooting as a terror attack Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement: “We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a centre of worship and refuge”.

We cannot forget, al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA going back to the Soviet Afghan War. Under Trump, the War on Terrorism doctrine remains functionally intact: Both Bush and Obama were committed to waging the “Global War on Terrorism” (GWOT) launched in the immediate wake of 9/11 hoax. Moreover, the “war on terrorism” became deeply entrenched in post 9/11 US military doctrine as well as Homeland Security.

Wrong premises

Reports suggest that Trump has ordered the reinstatement of secret CIA’s prisons ”where many of the worst abuses of CIA’s post-9/11 hoax torture program took place”.

At the very outset of his mandate, Trump has reinstated torture including waterboarding, to be used against alleged Muslim “terrorists”. The objective is to “keep our country safe” though Bush and Obama-Hillary could not make America safe and secured. However neither USA nor the world would be safe even after years of terror wars launched by Bush Jr. on energy rich Arab nations, already killing millions of Muslims and looting and destroying trillions worth of wealth.

Trump has embraced the Neocon consensus in deciding to terrorize and drive Muslims away. Under Trump, the consensus within the intelligence community which uses the GWOT as an instrument of destruction and destabilization prevails. While waging a campaign against Islamic terrorism, the US and its allies are the “state sponsors of terrorism”. However, Trump has not taken a position against Obama’s counter-terrorism bombing campaign launched in 2014 allegedly against the ISIS strongholds in both Syria and Iraq.

Now Trump’s War on Terrorism is upheld as a “holy crusade” against radical Islam. He views Muslims as a threat to Christianity and Western civilization. In turn, Trump’s appointee to head the CIA Mike Pompeo considers the “global war on terrorism” (GWOT) as a “War between Islam and Christianity”. Trump has largely endorsed the prevailing Neocon Consensus, which describes the war on terrorism as a humanitarian R2P endeavor i.e. under the banner of ”Responsibility to Protect” capitalism, imperialism and fascism variety of Israel.

Trump believes his own brand propaganda to target Islam saying that “Islamic terror” organizations constitute a threat to the security of “Western civilization”. Torture is a diabolical instrument of propaganda which is intended to sway public opinion. Torture is upheld by Trump as a humanitarian instrument, as a means to protect Americans against “Muslim terrorists” who threaten the Homeland. Six people have been killed and another eight wounded in a shooting at a mosque in Quebec City, Canada, police say. Shots were fired at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre on Sunday night, where more than 50 people had gathered for evening prayers. One suspect was arrested at the scene and another was arrested nearby. Police do not believe there are other suspects at large.

Trump reveals understanding of the history of Al Qaeda and the central role of the CIA in (covertly) supporting “Islamic terrorism” since the heyday of the Soviet-Afghan war. In this regard, he seems to be totally unaware that Al Qaeda is a US Sponsored Intelligence Asset and that the “Global War on Terrorism” is a Lie.

It is therefore highly unlikely that Trump will wage a “Real War on Terrorism” by confronting the military and intelligence apparatus which (covertly) support Islamic terrorism. These include US intelligence, the Pentagon, NATO as well as Britain’s MI6 and Israel’s Mossad, among others.

From that Sept-11 hoax day forward, any nation that harbored or supported terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile regime. And India is among the first countries waiting in wings to wish Trump with congratulatory messages and readily expressing desire to be taken as a US ally in terror wars. India, however, wants Trump being a war monger targeting Islam and against Muslims should cut ties with Islamabad and deny permission to Pakistanis into USA.

Hindutva government of India seeks US help to get rid of demand for a soverign Jammu Kashmir and demand by global Muslims for rebuilding the historic Babri Mosque demands. That is to say, India wants to use one stone to hit many objects by claiming to be a fellow terror victim like USA. However, Pakistan is surely a victim of US led NATO sate terrorism though it does not claim that openly fearing stoppage of military aid and US support for Indian designs.


Neocons who offer terror ideas to US presidents to make USA strongest military power and rich US Jewish leaders try to influence Trump’s White House. Now that the ripple effect of the ‘Trump Immigration doctrine’ is hitting the world, more people are waking up to the fact that packaging human beings in categories has ramifications and there is a huge gap between perception and reality.

Notwithstanding global outcry against his move, President Trump seems to be very serious about stopping Arab Muslims, along with Mexicans, among others, from entering America- the “highest human civilization” –and but in the process he can make USA more insecure and fully isolated. Interestingly, Americans themselves are protesting Trump’s ban move, making loser democrats happy.

As Candidate Trump had promised anti-immigration steps and now as President Trump is delivering, so why are you all moaning about it. You want it all antiseptic and neat and non-prickly…where human beings are concerned it does not work that way. You hurt, you insult, and you trample on the peace and mind and security of thousands of innocent people not to mention making jelly of their fundamental rights.

Had Donald Trump thought of stopping the terrorists right at the gate as the enemy there would have been some logic. But he is only stopping Muslims while welcoming the rest, including non-Muslim terrorists. Like the Neocons, the anti-Islamic forces seek to save those who are the real cause of terrorism in Israel and West, elsewhere and they played and still play mischief with Americans by painting the Muslims as the cause of Sept-11 terror, and promote the sinful and deadly persecutors globally.

Anti-immigration groups and individuals cheerfully welcome the new president’s bold step. The Trump action would generate criminal chaos at the airports and the seaports and more and more Muslims and brown skinned people in general will be chary about visiting a nation that will make entry a nightmare.

The opinion of everybody is open to scrutiny so that immigration officers can check out any political views anyone may have expressed. By the time the fallout on all Americans around the world is assessed, and the width of the chasm measured, the mess will be global. This is not just his plan. It is his pogrom.

The enemies of humanity, trying to pretend they are against terrorism but can use everything to terrorize people. The sartorial options, hair and beard, name, languages are suspected and unless people are a pure white European, everybody will come under the double security check.If one is cruelly fair, Donald Trump believed that this is what the American people want. He still believes it. Except for a few high profile bleeding heart liberals who are now coming out of the woodwork and screaming prejudice, Trump’s rampage is going unchallenged.

Already millions of Muslims have been slaughtered by US led NATO imperialist nations since the Sept-11 hoax and property worth trillions have been destroyed by these rogue elements. Perhaps the single largest contributor to the daily litany of fragmented human rights will occur when simple, hardworking families are rent asunder and shown the door. Added to this will be the dispatch of 11 million possible illegal Mexicans and a wall that can be compared favorably to Berlin only more horrendous.

Branding all Muslims as terrorist or painting Islam in dirty colors as a terrorist religion, is not what even most of those who voted him into power perhaps wanted. The clinical stump speech issue was marketed as a nice and neat decision to not allow the Muslims seen as great “unwashed and the wretched” to enter the USA. And it was agreeable, even so wrongly mixing terrorists with all Muslims.

True unlike Bush and Obama, Trump has criticized US war crimes in Iraq igniting political action to end terror wars in Arab world, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. One hopes Trump would speak about the conspiracy behind the Sept-11 hoax for which Islam and Muslims are blamed.

As America’s isolation increases in a direct and opposite scientific reaction to its new policies one will have to make one wonder if the USA has descended into such chaos in just one week what will the rest of the 100 day honeymoon bring?


Demonetization and Indian budget 2017 – A few thoughts!

Demonetization and Indian budget 2017 – An introduction!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal


The BJP government in India has unveiled annual budget on February 01, trying for recovery after deadly cash crunch, unleashed by PM Modi by his shock therapy, making people feel badly stranded at a crossroads without cash and not really knowing where exactly to go for getting their own money deposited in banks.

While demonetization forces the people to deposit all their money to banks, especially in rural areas where economy is hidden, Jaitley claimed his budget is focused on increasing rural incomes and boosting infrastructure, besides ushering in long-pending reforms in the financial sector.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s surprise decision last November on a night as the results of US presidency poll were pouring in, to scrap high-value banknotes worth 86 percent of India’s cash in circulation has hit consumer demand, disrupted supply chains and hurt capital investments. PM Modi did find some space in international news but he could not equal or outsmart Trump’s grand victory defeating the “official candidate” Hillary. Clinton

As Gujarat CM, Modi had promised a vibrant economy during his 2014 maiden elections to parliament from Varanasi in UP, but India economy has only survived now- let alone becoming a strong one. That is below the target rate of 8 percent or more that Modi needs to create enough jobs for the 1 million young Indians who enter the workforce in India – a nation of 1.3 billion where half the population is below the age of 25.

Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presented his budget as five states are going to assembly polls later this month the outcomes of which could decide the future politics of India as well as political alliances and equation. Arun Jaitley said that the impact on growth from the government’s cash crackdown would wear off soon. “We are seen as an engine of global growth,” Jaitley said as he delivered the opening remarks of his fourth budget.

Budgets are essentially statements on the status of national economy and they are meant to allocate resources for every sector of the nation and specify the sources of resources including taxes needed for developmental projects, etc. Generally the budgets remain as unfulfilled promises and project proposals as a lot of resources are being diverted and siphoned off by many “important” persons for their personal and private purposes, thereby making corruption inevitable at the source.
The budget talked about concessional tax rates being provided to those moving toward non-cash payment mechanisms, and making it mandatory for many Government transactions to move to digital, which again are important steps in this direction. The reduction of personal income tax at the lowest slab to 5 percent is more a gesture of goodwill for those who bore the pain of demonetization, rather than a big reward.

The budget makes clear the intention of the Government to fight black money and digitize the economy. Limiting the amount of cash per transaction to Rs. 3 lakh, reducing the limit of cash donations to trusts/political parties to Rs. 2,000 per person, and coming up with an innovative way of funding political parties (electoral bonds) are all excellent initiatives. The implementation, though, needs to be watched.

Jaitley’s chief economic adviser advocated slashing personal income tax and accelerating cuts in corporate tax rates. He cautioned, however, against pursuing debt-fuelled fiscal expansion. Still, economists are penciling in a federal fiscal deficit of 3.3 percent of GDP for 2017/18. That would be higher than the 3 percent pledged earlier but lower than 3.5 percent that the government has budgeted for the year soon to end.

The BJP budget has been in consistent with the government’s focus over the last two years on “fundamental” growth, rather than subsidies and loan waivers. It focused on increasing rural incomes and boosting infrastructure, besides ushering in long-pending reforms in the financial sector.

The rollout of a nationwide Goods and Services tax (GST), expected in July after years of delays, and could also weigh on economic growth. Countries that have introduced GST in the past have often faced a relative economic slowdown before the benefits of a unified tax regime feed through.

The budge, as well as the government, has not taken into account the suicides of farmers in rural areas, although the budget also provided for an additional Rs.20, 000 crores for the long-term irrigation fund under NABARD. The total allocations to rural, farm, and allied sectors saw a whopping 24 percent hike in outlay at over Rs 1, 87,000 crore.

The impetus given to affordable housing by according it the status of an ‘Infrastructure Industry’ and increasing the area eligible for affordable housing are steps in the right direction, which would ensure that more people in the country can afford to buy their own homes.

Reportedly, assets worth $7.6 trillion are stashed in tax havens across the globe. Jurisdictions known as ‘tax havens’ across the world offer powerful MNCs and rich individuals banking secrecy and the ability to sidestep financial regulations that apply to ordinary people. However, this secrecy sure hurts the public, as profits and wealth go untaxed, countries lose revenue and allocations in budgets shrink. Reportedly, assets worth $7.6 trillion are stashed in tax havens across the globe.

Not only the rich lords hoard black cash in the country, but the cross-border movement of money that is illegally earned, transferred or utilized (through trade manipulation, organized crime and corruption) or tax avoidance by multinational companies also cause over $1 trillion every year to illicit financial flows in developing countries, including India.

Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) have been misused and exploited in the past, to avoid paying any taxes – resulting in double non-taxation – and re-routing black money through tax havens for investment in India. The General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) have also been adopted by the government, extends to deny double taxation avoidance benefits if deals in tax havens are found to be avoiding taxes.

The Union Budget has announced a few new laws to address financial crime – one for confiscation of property of economic offenders and another to deal with illicit deposit schemes. India will start exchanging information with other countries, and receive information regarding Indian citizens’ assets abroad starting September 2017, on an automatic and periodic basis.

Still, economists are penciling in a federal fiscal deficit of 3.3 percent of GDP for 2017/18. That would be higher than the 3 percent pledged earlier but lower than 3.5 percent that the government has budgeted for the year soon to end.
While opinions vary on how long the disruptions caused by Modi’s crackdown on untaxed and illicit wealth will last, there is near unanimity among economists that Asia’s third-largest economy needs a helping hand.
The issue of combating blackmoney was not given proper thoughts. The budget speech did not draw attention to a number of initiatives taken by the government in the past few months to curb the menace of tax avoidance.
Government of India should seek to address these loopholes in the norms of international taxation at the national level, while simultaneously support the establishment of a representative and well-resourced global tax body under the auspices of the UN.



Demonetization has only further complicated the life of common people and has not succeeded in India because basically every politician and official dealing with economic affairs are corrupt and make wealth illegally that the state defends. Black money also has not many headway in real terms because there is no visible evidence that black money is disappearing from Indian scene.  Without sincere intention by officals and politicians nothing can be set right in the country- the rulers since 1947 has only added rot to Indian system which is now defunct. Importantly, no politician party seems to be sincere about abolishing corruption and black money as that could negatively affect the funding of politics and polls by the rich and corporate lords that shamelessly thrive thanks to state protection and policies in their favor.

Budget statements are just the usual gimmick to fool the poor voters.

India acclaimed to be a “bright spot” in the world economy, and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley repeated the same as he unveiled his annual budget, adding that the impact on growth from the government’s cash crackdown would wear off soon.

The BJP government’s budget has kept in pace with the economic policy of India for the last many years since the large scale privatization cum divestment program during the Congress reign with Manmohan Singh as finance minister to promote WB and IMF polices, to release the money of the state sectors for use by the private compote lords and global multinational magnets to increase their own wealth instead of taking care of welfare programs of common men.
The BJP budget this year was a usual one and as former finance minister Chidambaram said there are no real high lights. Those who had expected relief for those who suffered as Modi imposed demonetization without adequate preparation too launch his pet financial dream of ending black and other dirty money in the country. Now it is clear that the black money is here to stay no matter what measures the government adopt mainly because they only corporate lords who control the government want all these dirty cash circulation so that they could make more profits- after the objective of all governments – both elected and electionless – serve the cause of the rich and corporate lords and for which, unfortunately, common people vote a party to power.

The worst of the cash crunch is now almost over, leaving behind a shaky nation, and the government expects it to be fully cleared by the end of April. A private manufacturing survey showed business is slowly returning to normal. Still, the finance ministry forecasts that growth could dip to as low as 6.5 percent in the current fiscal year to March, before picking up slightly in the coming fiscal year to between 6.75 and 7.5 percent. That is below the target rate of 8 percent or more that PM Modi needs to create enough jobs for the 1 million young Indians who enter the workforce in India – a nation of 1.3 billion where half the population is below the age of 25.

The BJP which, like the Congress party, promotes the rich and corporate lords to sponsor cricket and IPL type joint sport exercise to keep the people under illusions, pursues the congress policies by keeping in view the goals of World Bank and IMF, denying subsides and freebies to poor and under privileged- thereby they want to remove the poor classes altogether and increase the illegal wealth of the rich. That is basic of capitalism that fuels wars of imperialism for acquiring more resources- now energy resources of West Asia.

The merging of the Railway Budget with the general budget was done seamlessly and was touted as a historic move, ridding us of the colonial era practice of separate budgets. However, the rationale for merging the railway budget with general budget this year as a new experiment has caused confusion as a separate budget for rail steadily raised the facilities and working of the sector, increasing rails and spending more resources year by year. Unlike other transport sectors, railways have achieved great strides over years and rail system today is not what it was say 10 years back. As the largest employment sector railways is also the cheapest mode of transport in India.

The nation expected the finance minister and PM Modi to give details of demonetization efforts of the fo government giving a brief about the amount of blackmoney it should get and what are the new techniques being employed to tackle this grave anti-national mischief by liquor-cricket bosses like Mallya- a BJP MP with links everywhere especially with cricket bosses and other corporate lords. The Modi government refuses to take the people into confidence on demonetization.

Perhaps, the intentions of the government to guide the country onto the path of inclusive growth are clear. While there will always be some misses and hits in the budget, the Modi Government, unlike the Congress and even Vajpayee governments that religiously promoted corruption and blackmoney as their key policy, has shown the political will to fight corruption and black money, which have become strong appendages of our economy.

Taxes the major revenues for the governments but the Modi government is eager to be sympathetic to big business houses with tax rebates. The minister’s roadmap in the FY-2015 budget promised to reduce the corporate tax rate to 25% within four years, even after three years.

In a difficult year, represented by growing global uncertainties, lower economic growth at home and increasing oil and commodity prices, the finance minister has done to sticking to the fundamentals and doing what is good for the economy, rather than for the vote bank.

While avoiding populist measures and focusing on investment activities that have a multiplier effect, Arun has also tried to garner additional resources through higher tax compliance, rather than higher tax rates. In fact, contrary to popular expectation, the definition of long term capital gains for property transactions was brought down to two years from three years.