Tamil Nadu Crisis: Sasikala’s number game and Challenge for democracy!

Tamil Nadu Crisis: Sasikala’s number game and Challenge for democracy!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Sasikala is making a mockery of democracy by resorting to blackmail strategy to acquire power in Tamil Nadu at any cost. And, she is bolding doing without being an elected member of assembly and without any direction and approval by the former CM Jayalalithaa now deceased. By misusing the MLAs belonging to Jayalalithaa she is in fact challenging democracy in the country.

Sasikala is also doing everything illegal. She has kidnapped the MLAs of A ruling AIADMk thinking all of them support her case. She says since the majority of MLAs are behind her she should be the CM. that is thrashing democratic process. She should first face the people of Tamil Nadu and gt elected if possible and then her mockery of democracy would make some sense.

The strong financial gang in Mannargudi -the home town of Sasikala – is working behind Sasikala and is eager to see that she become CM so that they can go ahead with their own hidden agenda to loot the resources that belong to common masses

Sasikala is doing al gimmicks to keep the MLA s flock stay with her obviously by tell them that CM Panneerselvam has no majority and she has it and if they switch both won’t be the CM. That is not good for AIADMK MLAs. She may have given money to each MLA and family apart from paying for their comfortable enjoyment at the 5 star-hotel. Sasikala is now staying in the 5 star hotel after leaving Poes Garden residence of Jayalalithaa in order to see none of MLAs leaves her after taking money.

That is indeed bribery.

Hopefully the Supreme Court in its historic judgment would  end Sasikala’s designs to  rule the state

Reconciliation by Sasikala by extending support to CM Panneerselvam alone could save her form disgrace she is attempting.


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