Sasikala in jail: Putting an end to Tamil political dramatics!

Sasikala in jail: Putting an end to Tamil political dramatics!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

Sasikala who is now enjoy jail life in Bangaluru and her supporters have taken the people of Tamil nadu for granted, rather consider them as permanent fools.
Governor could ensure eviction of MLAs from the Hotel Palace in Mahabalipuram and strop them at their homes. Allow them a week to stay at home with families and ponder over the plight of Tamil people because of the dramatics and decide to help form a stable government. Governor could call them after a week or so and ascertain their choice for government formation.
If governor is convinced that the MLAs whom the Sasikala group had kidnapped and kept them in hotel to enjoy all pleasures of life while their voters suffer without ordinary meals, then, he order new elections.
These AIADMK MLAs won thanks ot Jayalalithaa and they must seek fresh mandate from the people. Sasikala is now shame leaders and Tamils would not vote for candidates.
Already people don’t want BJP members in the assembly and they could reject the Sasikala supporters as well.


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