Tamil Nadu Theatrics: Sasikala’s revenge on Jayalalithaa and OPS!

Tamil Nadu Theatrics:  Sasikala’s revenge on Jayalalithaa and OPS!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



It is clear Jayalalithaa is now taking revenge on Jayalalithaa for not given her chance to be Acting CM of Tamil Nadu or a position in the party. Forceful resignation of  Panneerselvam  from his CM post and the  steps she has ordered in the party reveals Sasikala’s hidden agenda in  not allowing anybody, including  Panneerselvam and Governor herself, to visit Jayalalithaa in the Apollo hospital and taking over the aprty and government in due course.

Prisoner No 9435 Sasikala, who is now enjoying jail life in Bangaluru, and her funny supporters have taken the people of Tamil nadu for granted, rather consider them as permanent fools. Even while in jail, she is still keeping the elected MLAs her personal hostages in Mahabalipuram. These irresponsible MLAs should also be punished by the court and people. Politicians cannot be allowed to hijack democracy and fool the nation.

Convicted by the Apex Court Sasikala seeks VVIP treatment in the jail. Like AC, excusive large room but jail authorities have rejected her false claims saying that top criminals cannot ask for special privileges. Apparently, Sasikala who appeared in political field following the suspicious death of Jayalalithaa is eager to take revenge on both Jayalalithaa and CM Panneer Selvam whom the former picked to be the acting CM instead of Sasikala   .

First she fooled the AIADMK cadres, especially Panneerselvam that she is new avatar of Jayalalithaa to continue the her work, an later she become interim general secretary with his help and later, she made him resign as CM and still after she removed him from the post of Treasurer and basis membership. She had a plan to fool the people of Tamil nadu whom she also considers as fools.  Not only Sasikala has undone what Jayalalithaa had done but also brought back to the party her relatives whom Jayalalithaa had expected for acts of fraudulence under her shadow. .

Sasikala knew she wont be spared by the Supreme Court and hence she used the people to become party supremo even temporarily and sought the help of governor Rao to become CM quickly enough so that when the judgment would be pronounced by the court she would enjoy all privileges that Jayalalithaa as CM enjoyed.  Both the Governor and Court have kept her at bay and saved Tamil Nadu.

Governor could ensure eviction of MLAs from the Hotel Palace in Mahabalipuram and strop them at their homes or constituencies. MLAs are supposed to serve the people/voters and not to enjoy free life in  5 star hotels. Allow the MLAs a week to stay at home with families and ponder over the plight of Tamil people because of the dramatics and decide to help form a stable government. Governor could call them after a week or so and ascertain their choice for government formation.

If governor is convinced that the MLAs whom the Sasikala group had kidnapped and kept them in hotel to enjoy all pleasures of life while their voters suffer without ordinary meals,  then, he order new elections.

These AIADMK MLAs won thanks to Jayalalithaa and Sasikala had no role in that and  they must seek fresh mandate from the people. Sasikala is now shame leaders and Tamils would not vote for candidates.

Already people don’t want BJP members in the assembly and they could reject the Sasikala supporters as well.

People of Tamil nadu as well as AIADMK MLAs and MPs should shed corrupt criminal Sasikala and return to MGR legacy and now support Panneerselvam so that the party would rule the state and return to power when elections are held on sympathy wave.

Both the ruling AIADMK and Tamil People have a golden opportunity now to prove to the world that they are not idiots as mini amma Sasikala, now prisoner No 9435 in Bangaluru, thinks they are. .  Both Governor and Supreme Court successfully foiled Sasikala’s attempt to challenge and kill democracy and mutilate popular will.





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