Come on India: India led Joint Cricket Exercises with Australia!

Come on India: India led Joint Cricket Exercises with Australia!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff





Cricket is not a normal sport. It is funny test cricket is played for 5 full days to let the batboys amass 100s. Bowlers’ do the needful to  let  the batboys get  100s. Government agencies and mafias’ support the greedy batboys.

Test is a freelance cricket where every batboy is assessed by the opponent team to know how to easily offer 100s and 00 and above. Warner is  a known batboy who enjoys big hits while bowlers enjoy bowling to him  to get his 100 as quickly as possible in order to watch how “fabulously” he jumps high up in the air along with his bat showing to  foolish public  that he has achieved great feat by getting his 100 or more.

Test cricket is a free for all cricket without any restrictions for batboys to “shine” too much  with easy 100s and 200s and 300s etc. interestingly, test cricket has two innings for batboys to get maximum runs in 100s and 200s and 50s etc. If by chance any batboy who is supposed to get 100 in the first innings fails to get it,  he would be given that in the second innings by “guided bowling”. If for instance Kolhi could not get  100 in the first innings he would be given 200 runs in the  second innings. That is convention. Cricket teams have perfect coordination and they freely discuss the problems during the cortile parties in nights. Kohli also knows how to jump very high along with his bat.

Big shows and large deceptions- that is state sponsored cricket.

In the practice test played in India by India and Australia, Indian obviously  had the upper  as Australia offered a ‘fabulous” 200 to a weak junior batboy  as other batboys of the India  team A fell too quickly unable even to get pass mark (Padmashri level) 50 runs. Australia had given that to Indian because in the first inning Warner could not get even 50 runs and he wanted 100 in the second innings but India duped him and Australia after getting 200 runs for free.

Australia is angry with India for deceiving the Ausses. So, India is too keen to see Warner gets his “deserved” 100.  If he is not give 100, Australian bowlers would let Indian batboys enjoy at the crease. So, Indian bowlers are shielding Warner form falling, so far.

This kind of batboy gimmicks is common in cricket in so many formats- that is why cricket is a fake sport- and every batboy know how to impress the foolish public. Cricket frauds have developed too many formats for the batboys to get as many 50s and 100s and other runs to get awards and money.

India led Joint Cricket Exercises




Padmashri means zero?

Indian national Padmashri award means a big zero in cricket as Indian captain kolhi fell for a big zero run. Sport ministry now wants Australian team to offer at least a 5o to Indian skipper kolhi in the second innings or next test.   India cannot take defeat kindly not only against Pakistan and Bangladesh, but especially when its fake records in cricket are crumbling.. When unable to overcome defeats, India only takes revenge on Muslim employees by refusing to honor retirement benefits to them.

Cricket is fact sport where bowlers are used for offering 50s, 100s, and 200s etc to select or needy batboys for getting national awards, rewards, money ETC.  Job of bowlers is restricted to offering big scores to the teams and select batboys- if those batboys for whom a big score was designed by he could not get it for some reasons, then, big scores would be given to other batboys. .


For a change, India did not offer big score to “great” Australian Warner in the first test – first inning. Not only was that , even captain Smith also was chosen by Indian bowlers to offer 100 runs.  India somehow offered  two 50. In return, Australia became too ruthless in bowling, removed the openers and Koli cheaply. Kohli had to gt back to the pavilion with a zero level big duck while the Indian national award providers wonder how to justify their Padmashri award given already to Koli hoping he would be the favorite of opponent teams.  Indian government guys, officals, BCCI lords among other mafias, now pray to Sachin god to help Koli get at least 50 in the second innings as a friendly gesture from Australian government which had give their own Bharatratna to Sachin god obviously on payment basis.

As Indian batboys were trembling to get even a run from Austrian guests, another absorbing passage of play and Australia have done really well to stay in the contest.



India led Joint Cricket Exercises




Pitch, fielding, fielding rules, bating rules etc are extremely pro-batboys and make the bowling redundant. When bowlers promote batboys with easy 50s, 100s and 200s etc, they make fun of cricket as a big joke.

Indian national Padmashri award means a big zero in cricket as Indian captain kolhi fell for a big zero run. Sport ministry now wants Australian team to offer at least a 5o to Indian skipper kolhi in the second innings or next test.   India cannot take defeat kindly not only against Pakistan and Bangladesh, but especially when its fake records in cricket are crumbling.. When unable to overcome defeats, India only takes revenge on Muslim employees by refusing to honor retirement benefits to them.

Since Australia has clearly gained upper hand, India as usual would go far tricks and bullying. 3 full days are left for the test and India would ask Australians to use brains to go slow that Kohli and co would also get at east 50s before Australia win.  India would push for a complete 5 day match so that batboys could get some respectable scores for awards and more money in IPL.

Indian BCCI would as usual would argue that Indians cannot tolerate any defeat by a foreign teams and Australia should understand Indian  pickle mindset and let Koli other get 50 runs at least.

Indians are deeply disappointed that all their tricks to  play with England and Bangladesh before  Australians are brought to India for joint cricketism, have not yielded any fruits as Australian team is not like England or Bangladesh as it is a formidable team with batboys and  bowlers  hitting very hard at India.

Australia would go up to 500 runs and India would help Smith with affine 100. And then Australia would  be asked to do the needful. .


India led Joint Cricket Exercises




Cricketers claim there is nothing special about their mischief because everything is mischief. Politicians play mischief, government is adding mischief. So there is no place for shame in making bogus records for national awards. Bowlers give and batboys enjoy 50, 100, 200, 400, 400 etc. When bowlers don’t give free runs, batboys stay at the crease like stranded passengers at bus stands and sooner than later return  to the pavilions with a few runs, including ducks.

Batboys struggle for runs even when pitches are prepared for them to shine and cricket rules help them make runs in 4s, 6s, noball, wide runs, help form fellow batboys, etc.

Australia and India have tried a sort of serious bowling games in test cricket that denied easy runs to the batboys of India and Australia.

One positive   aspect of Indo-Australian test exercises is that bowlers were allowed to “strike” and they did take their bowling profession seriously this time around, devastatingly affecting the fortunes of bogusly top batboys like koli, Smith – captains. The result is none got 100 runs in the  tst 2 as bowlers refused free runs to Indian Koli and Australian Warner and Smith, others who cannot exist without 50s and 100s. Kohli’s advertisements are on hold because Koli is not favorite batboy of Australia. Not only could the fraud bet-masters in India not reap huge money as before because kolhi and others failed and team does not have any impressive performance.  Corporate sponsors are deadly upset.

Kolhi and Smith fought on some flimsy issues, though the real reason is both could not get 100 runs to showcase their “emphatic caliber”. BCCI complaint to ICC that  its big batboys ar e not getting 100s even in test  in both innings but the ICC asked India and Australia to offer 100s and more to every batboy and enjoy life.

Thus both Indo-Australia teams, knowing all tricks of test cricket for 100s, 200s, 300s, etc,  could be busy in  hotels where they enjoy cocktail life in devising a joint strategy to promote 100s so that Koli and his Padmashri award are taken care of.  Meanwhile Koli’s fans might want him to play  regional matches to get 100s and 200s and try  the international  matches only after theat.  Former captain Dhoni, removed from international teams, is backin regional matches to get 100s so that BBCCI and corporate lords put him back to international scene again.

Liquor is a very important requirement for cricketers to get national awards in India where prohibition is favored by most people.

Meanwhile, Indo-Australian teams could have agreed upon a usual formula of “give and take” Australia should bowl and offer enough runs to Indian batboys, especially to Kolhi who has been suffering without 50s, 100s for awards and endorsement/batting money and unable to shine because of ruthless Australian bowlers. Only if Australian bowlers offer good marks to the limping bowlers in India, they also would runs in return. BCCI boys closely watch how Australians would now behave.   Australia on its part is also upset that “jumper” Warner and Smith could not get even 50s. .They always believed their batboys would just smash balls for 4s and 6s no matter how strong the bowlers are.  Now they know unless bowlers decide to offer, Australians cannot shine  and Warner cannot jump, not even raise his bat.

India allowed Australia to bat first and so India has to be kind to the guests and offer big score and expect return favors


India led Joint Cricket Exercises




A truly test match has been tried by Indo-Australian teams in Ranchi, finally  drawing  the third test after sharing 100s and 50s and a special 200 for an Indian to enable him to secure man of (fixed) match. .

The first and second tests showcased the prowess of bowlers on both sides as they did not let the  bogus batboys like Tendulkar who  enjoyed  bowler-mafia courting for easy 100s as per the  cricket  nations agreement. The bowlers did not spare jumping batboys Warner and Kohli when the bowlers offer them 50 and 100 and more to them.

The third test was played differently as the  real test when batboys share  50s and 100s and more while bowlers and fielders willingly do the monkey job neatly. In fact, in the first innings, India would have wanted to  give Australians more than 100 runs to avenge  their earlier defeat like that in the first test but  that did not happen as then decided to give  too many runs  451 on understanding, including 170 to skipper Smith who became very satisfied. . In reply Australians offered 602 runs, including a late 200 and 100. India got the upper hand and could have easily won but they decided to go for a draw. In the second innings India offered 50 each to two but removed Warner Smith cheaply and did not take all wickets after 2 quick wickets. . That was the end. . Happy ending.  Cricket teams are not keen to win as they want to get 100s for batboys for national awards..

However, even while offering good marks to others, Kolhi and Warner were not encouraged by the bowlers to get even 50 in order to let them raise their bats towards the audience almost threatening them with murders if they continue to be there. ,

Is kolhi finished once for all? Perhaps Kolhi would expect the ruling party and corporate lords come forward with a usual formula of offering him a bharatratana post along with a top military post as well as a governor ’post and ask him to retire and join Tendulkar  and Dhoni as running commentators and advertisement  heroes.

Meanwhile, BCCI and ICC bosses would wonder as h to how to solve the deciding fourth test as both teams have one win each. Australia has the stuff to win the fourth test as well as the series. However, India wants the  IPL players from Australia to support the cause of India  and  get more money and liquor.

India would not now take chances and get ready a big contingent of false persons to show their ugly postures as its prime tactics to waiting cameramen to force Australia to understand the pathetic position of Indians and let India win.

Will Australians in India play for their nation or for a corrupt Indian system for the extra money they and their country would get, remains to be seen.

Cricketers and commentators, who mislead the public with fake reports of bogus records  and false glorification of  bogus batboys and belittle the bowlers,  know or feel no shame in telling black lies to the public.

Come on India, just go on fixing with Australians and all others who agree to play of Indian black money and get as many 100s for batboys as possible for national awards and product endorsement cash.




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