Indian regional polls 2017: Anti-incumbency, Congress-SP and media management cause big win for BJP! (III)


Indian regional polls 2017: Anti-incumbency, Congress-SP and media management cause big win for BJP! (III)
-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Anti-incumbency factor continues to dictate its terms to poll outcomes in India. BJP and Congress outsmart each other on that basis only.  The regional polls this year saw people rejecting the ruling parties everywhere and opting for other parties as a transit solution. People seek a genuine party to rule the country of Mahatma Gandhi.

BJP is the winner of the regional trophy this time as Indians have not yet found a genuine and credible alternative to both corrupt Congress and hate BJP alliances.  BJP-Congress secret nexus especially targeting Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosque is explicitly known to the public.

Major parties like Congress and BJP and SP wanted to cut their common foes to size and: AAP in Delhi, Goa and Punjab, Sharmila in Manipur, demolish Muslim vote bank in UP, making it irrelevant for the poll outcomes, etc. They have fairly achieved their objectives. However, Delhi remains the fort of AAP.  Delhiites represent the AAP more than Kejriwal. Punjabis have imbibed the Delhi’s new values by voting it to get large number of seats. .

This is a personal victory for Modi who has thrown himself hard in to the UP’s poll battle scene, especially in the last leg of the campaign and tells an observer that people have ignored the demonetization pain. The big takeaway from the assembly poll outcome in Uttar Pradesh is that, according BJP, Modi has cleared his big political test on demonetisation—one of the key factors in this round of polls—in grand style. If demonetization is ‘no problem’ for Modi in UP, a state where informal sector plays a dominant role, demonetization is not likely to cause troubles for the party elsewhere in future.
Narendra Modi- Man of (fixed) match


Undoubtedly, PM Narendra Modi has emerged from the polls the tallest politician of India, notwithstanding the gimmicks he misusing his position as PM, undertook to get wide publicity for his campaign. In UP  Mulayam Singh and his lovely son played mischief by fake  fight to divide the votes. Congress also joined the party to deny Muslims their place and help BJP get UP state so that Supreme Court would grant “relief” to the winning fanatics and Hindutva criminal leaders who conspired to destroy the Babri mosque. .

Modi’s BJP having learned the trade tricks of Congress and cricket to win elections, has replaced the Congress party as the most important and largest political outfit of the nation. BJP and its Hindutva allies have comfortably spread its communal tentacles across the country form North to South to from West to East and almost everywhere it defeated the Congress party. PM Narendra Modi single handedly could claim all credits for the party’s achievements in a sustained and systematic manner. If Congress over night became the only national party upon Indian independence, BJP has done so by employing hatred as the chief political tool. Indian state extends its support and appreciation keeping in view Indian anti-Islamic goals.

RSS and BJP projected Gujarat CM Narendra Modi in 2014 as parliamentary poll was approaching as the developmental guru to steer India to greater economic and financial heights , thereby making a super power to tack on both USA and Russia, leave alone a pathetic looking Pakistan or jobless Bangladesh which had come out of  Indian Union to develop strong Muslim nations to outsmart big brother Hindu India.  Modi with vigorous rhetoric could easily challenge a mild spoken Manmohan Singh and removed the Congress party domination in national politics as it was reeling under the impact of anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and ArvindKejriwal
Basically Congress as well as BJP is a cricket party, promoting and making it the most important “thing” in Indian politics. The corporate lords who sponsor cricket matches also fund the elections each time there is a poll. As Gujarat CM Modi promoted cricket and even participated in concluding sessions of matches to give away medals. Many of these party members work as mafia members as well. Modi gave a cricketer who made bogus records by mutual understanding between teams, a prestigious national award this year, showing that his government, like Congress one, cannot but promote fake sports like cricket.

It is now crystal clear Narendra Modi has only gained on his political capital after the 8 November televised announcement to scrap Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes. As the trends seen in various surveys and certain civic poll results suggested, the PM continued to enjoy ground support of people in the immediate months post the note ban despite heavy criticism from many economists and political rivals on the move.
Though the outcomes of local body polls and surveys suggested continuation of Modi wave post demonetisation, the UP polls, arguably, was the first major test for him. And the outcome would have surprised even the most optimistic supporter of the BJP. More importantly, these numbers will silent his rivals, who have been projecting the ‘disastrous effects’ of demonetisation on all walks of life and larger economy. This will give a psychological upper hand for the government in Parliament to face the opposition on crucial reform process.
But all the confusion and lack of correlation in numbers and statistics have obviously did not have any impact on people’s sentiment on the ground, so is the absence of tangible results on the stated goals of the exercise so far. The evidence of big victory over black money and fake currencies is yet to emerge and the shift to digital payments—another objective of demonetisation—still hasn’t taken a firm hold. But, none of these factors have worked against Modi. The voters have judged demonetisation as a big political step on those in the society having possession of ill-gotten wealth, a long pending political step. The economics of the move never really mattered. For them, Modi is the leader who finally made the change happen, precisely how he sold the idea of note ban to 125 crore Indians. In this fight of economics Vs Politics, politics have clearly won.
Fresh from BJP’s landslide win in UP and Uttarakhand after a bitter and often divisive campaign, Prime Minister Modi talked about inclusivity and pitched for building a ‘new India’ by 2022 that would have made the nation’s founding fathers proud. Accepting felicitations from party leaders and supporters at BJP headquarters, Modi said he saw the election results, particularly in Uttar Pradesh, as the “foundation of the new India”. “I see this victory as the foundation of a new India where 65 per cent of the population will be of young people below 35 years of age… a new India of unprecedently vigilant women. “A new India, where the poor do not want anything by way of charity, but seek opportunity to chart out their own course. I see this change happening,” he told the gathering which lapped up every word he said, amid repeated chants of ‘Modi! Modi! Modi!’ Earlier in the day, Modi tweeted, “India is emerging, which is being powered by the strength & skills of 125 crore Indians.
This India stands for development.” Modi, whose ‘crematorium and graveyard’ remark at an election rally in UP was seen as intended to polarize voters along communal lines.  India is transforming, powered by the strength of each and every citizen of India. “An India that is driven by innovation, hard work and creativity; an India characterized by peace, unity and brotherhood; and an India free from corruption, terrorism, black money and dirt.” The theme of development ran through his felicitation speech too. “Beyond the emotive issues, political parties fought shy of going to elections on the issue of development. Development is a difficult subject. In these elections, there was a lack of emotive issues, but the huge voter turnout after the campaign based on development shows the transition that his happening towards creation of a new India,” he said.

UP poll outcome is even more surprising given that this one state that is heavily dependent on informal sector and has had adverse impacts of demonetisation in the form of job losses especially in regions like Varanasi. But, all these negatives failed to stand between Modi and his big victory in the state.
If one looks at the economy as a whole, the impact of demonetisation has played out much more in the informal sector, not in India’s organised formal sector. This is because informal economy is where cash is the king. About 40-45 per cent of Indian economy is estimated to be in the informal sector, which also contributes almost 80 percent of the total employment.
According to certain estimates, 78 percent of transactions in the economy are conducted in cash. But since segment is poorly captured in official data, the impact here never showed up in the GDP numbers. This is the reason why the 7 per cent October-December quarter GDP figure was seen with suspicion. The flaws in the way noteban was implemented, prompted even former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, to use phrases such as ‘mammoth tragedy’ and ‘organised loot, legalized plunder’ to describe Modi’s drastic move. Almost all of his political rivals used demonetisation as a tool to attack Modi since the day the drive was launched.


The UP poll outcome practically ends the debate on the impact of demonetisation on Modi’s political fortunes. Let’s remember that demonetisation, besides being a bold, unprecedented economic policy, also carried significant weight as a big strategic move for Modi, for whom fight against black money has always been at the top of his poll agenda since 2014. Thus, to sum up, PM Modi has passed his first big demonetisation test in style, silencing his political rivals and proving decisively that Modi wave has negated the demonetisation card flashed by his political rivals all along.
BJP’s media management strategy

The trend that is clear at this stage is that there is an anti-incumbency factor at work against the Samajwadi Party, while its alliance partner, the Congress is hobbled by the lack of a ground network. The BJP seems to be party that every other party is fighting against. It is the BJP at one end and the strongest candidate from one of the other parties on the other end. This is the reason people have begun predicting a victory for BJP in the state. As I said earlier, if the top two rungs are defined, 50 to 60 percent share of the votes is divided among the two top candidates with low margins of difference; statistical models cannot predict such polls. This trend is also clear that both SP and BSP are attacking BJP and not each other, their leadership knows intuitively that it is not a tripartite fight.

The media — broadcast television, at least — prefers to lump in every bit of coverage based on what the president or leaders of political parties are saying at various rallies. Their cameras pan over huge crowds and they capture the choicest sound bites from the speeches. This is their way of covering elections — crowds and stars, but it gives very little insight to the voters. The voters cannot seek any fresh information from the English language dailies either as they are also obsessed with leaders. Only Indian language dailies go into the details of each candidate at the constituency-level. The debate and discussion is at candidate-level and not about the parties. While political parties will try to create or build a wave of momentum, it is not happening across the state.

If the BJP is already part of the top-two of the decision matrix of voters, it will get a higher voter share than it did last time, when it was third in the decision matrix. This is something that the voters on the ground also grasp intuitively as they do not want to waste their vote. A voter always wants to claim that he/she gave his vote to the winning candidate.

Another facet of this election is the failure of predictive models. Most statistical models rely on a sample and can have a margin of error ranging from 95 to 99 percent in a state like Uttar Pradesh, where the victory margins are usually three to four percent. The margin of error is more than victory margin, making the result difficult to predict. Hence, better predictive models will have to be created covering every constituency, all 403 of them. And this is something no one, except the political parties, appear to have the resources to do. The only models that will work in such an environment are those that will assume a swing for or against BJP constituency-wise. This is because all the other parties seem to be fighting the BJP.

The poor have voted in large numbers on the topic of development, he said. Modi, who was accused by his rivals of playing caste and religion politics during the campaign, said the BJP-led dispensation will take everybody along as “in democracy governments are formed with a majority but run with consensus”. Noting that the government has no right to discriminate against anybody, Modi said, “This government is of those who have voted for it and also those who have not. Of those, who have walked along, and also of those who have not.” “Everybody will join in the making of a new India,” he said.

The nuance that is lost is that this time around in Uttar Pradesh particularly, there has been a cross-fertilization of candidates from the Samajwadi Party and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) into the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). There are at least 38 former or current MLAs from the BSP who are fighting on a BJP ticket. There are 14 such former or current Congress MLAs again fighting on BJP tickets, in addition to eight from the Samajwadi Party and seven from the Rashtriya Lok Dal. In all, there are 75 constituencies where tickets have been given to a person who did not contest the elections on a BJP ticket in the past. The rationale for handing out these tickets is that these candidates have a higher chance of winning as they have won this seat earlier. This is ostensibly based on a series of four surveys conducted by the BJP in every constituency. Some of these surveys were carried out by RSS functionary in the areas.
The selection of candidates differs in major parties. Congress depends upon the wisdom of its senior leadership more than any other party as it has poor network on the ground. Due to recent fissures, the Samajwadi Party depended on the cohort or caucus around Akhilesh Yadav and older members of the party were not engaged. In the BSP, it is the decision of Mayawati, who is ably supported by a team and has the largest number of Muslim candidates in the fray, that counts.
Noise from the leadership has to be distinguished from the voice on the ground. This is where the management at the booth-level comes to the fore.
The successive rise in the voting percent in all the phases suggest that people have come out to vote and this may well turn out to be the biggest election in terms of votes cast and total electorate. This is crucial as the data in past elections has always shown that the winning party can sweep the elections with a margin of four to five percent of the votes. In the last election, the Samajwadi Party won 224 seats with a vote share of 29.15 percent, while the BSP got 80 seats with a vote share of 25.91 percent. A difference of 3.36 percent between the first and second party made a difference of 144 seats. This was at a time when the BJP got 47 seats with a 15 percent vote share and the Congress got 27 seats with a vote share of 11.63 percent.

Yadav father-son drama to betray Muslims

All Congress efforts to get government back UP by alliance with SP have failed again. Breaking all previous records, the BJP bagged two-third majority in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
RSS-BJP media strategy is amazing. Poll strategy and networking electioneering helped them. It is for the first time in the 16-year history of Uttarakhand that a party has emerged with an impressive tally like this. PM Modi’s image has been packaged systematically with a lot of home work and no other leader could emerge an equal or at least a strong leader to appeal to masses of their sincere intent. Unlike Congress, SP, BSP, etc, PM Modi does not need money to be given to his family members
Muslims have been strong contingent of vote bank for the continued success of Congress and SP, etc.

After along time of sustained bitter experience of betrayal by Congress party, Muslims have now stopped promoting that party both at national and regional levels. Now Muslims know Congress and BJP have got a common anti-Muslim agenda. Now SP has also proved to anti-Muslim party as it played a big drama of fight and split only to deny Muslims opportunity to represent Muslim community in the UP assembly. BJP wants the hon. Supreme Court of deliver an RSS judgment to appease Hindutva forces including the Congress and SP. May be the Modi regime has already submitted the judgment for the Supreme Court to deliver as its own. That is the RSS agenda.
Like fanatic Hindus many Muslims also wants only India to win fake cricket matches with many batboys enjoying 100s, and 200s etc. So, the Indian reigme consider Muslims as supporters’ gimmicks of Hindutva. These Muslims obviously betray their religious faith by indulging in corrupt, gambling.
There is no strong ground for father – son duo to fight over no real issues. It appears SP whose leader Mulayam Singh Yadav, former defence minister, was forced by military and Congress party to lose the elections in UP in favor of BJP which can then deal with Babri Mosque as it would decide and could use the Supreme Court to get final judgment in its favor. This is clearly a continuation of Congress-BJP conspiracy against Babri Mosque and Muslims now being supported by Mulayam of SP. Hence BJP has won in historic manner.

Father and former CM and defence minister of India, Mulayam Yadav defended his son Yadav and the outgoing CM of UP, saying that his alone cannot be blamed for the historic poll defeat as all are possible for this. Mulayam has played mischief and betrayed the Muslims who voted almost entirely for the SP last time. He joined the Congress and BJP to protect the Hindu criminal who pulled down historic Babri Mosque. The father – son fight was an eye wash to divide the party votes so that BJP wins maximum seats to support the RSS-BJP criminals.

Equating sycophancy with patriotism, and independence with anti-nationalism is only one of the alternate realities the BJP and its trolls have manufactured. So deeply are these alternate realities ingrained that the Indian Science Congress of 2015 turned into a joke, with vedic aeroplanes and time travel and what-have-you. The next year, the general secretary of the Indian Science Congress Association acknowledged that there had been some pressure from ministers. When even facts are forced to accede to the will of the government, can the people matter? The outcome of the elections is not universal popularity, but a churlish determination to claim power by force.
In May 2014, the people’s choice was clear – a combination of anti-incumbency and what was dubbed “the Modi wave” had unseated the Congress and brought the BJP in with a majority of its own, 282 seats out of the NDA’s 336. It was a landslide.
Since its victory in 2014, the BJP has hurried Bill after Bill through the two houses, without much thought to the rights each violates – instances are the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, and the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Bill, 2015.


Cruel fate of Congress party

Not many expected the 100 year old senior party Congress with huge cash bags made illegally as the major ruling party in India for years after Independence, would fall so deep in India, pushed mainly by its secret ally BJP.

Congress in death bed and the political doctors have ruled out any chance for its survival.  Getting a feel of end of Congress raj and possibly receiving a positive signal from PM Modi to consider him for enjoyment at the Presidential palace along with a eye catching Mogul Garden for a full term after Pranab retires in months, former foreign minister, governor and former Karnataka CM SM Krishna, has quit Congress party by criticizing Rahul Gandhi’s weak leadership. It is strange Modi has not found a suitable leader in BJP to be made President now, including Amit Shah that the BJP has the necessary majority o elect the president. Other senior members also would follow the footsteps of Krishna but for the fact there is only one post of President.

It is a crude joke that SM Krishna says he would be humble BJP/RSS worker hereafter and very tactfully hides the promised “package” of Modi, including post of President. Krishna m behavior exposes all Hindu leaders who are essentially communalized Hindutva leaders.

Maybe both BJP and Congress have converged to make Krishna the next president. One can get the  truth right away.

After independence Mahatma Gandhi had advised senior Congress party leaders to disband Congress party which has accomplished its historic mission of achieving freedom from British raj and launch a new political party to carry forward the work of the government.  But most of the top Congress party members opposed the idea as they want to exploit the freedom struggle to win polls. Congress party was not disbanded nor was a new party launched by leaders. Now the Congress party is the most corrupt party and that is an insult to independence for which Gandhiji fought. It is high time to consider what Gandhiji has suggested long ago. .

The position of Congress party, the oldest national party, is the most pathetic outfit in Indian politics. Now it is not clear about what exactly it seeks in India after a series of crushing debacles, including the latest ones, by the Hindutva party like BJP which it, along with the state and military establishment, promoted by using state and private media outlets.
Having achieved its hidden agenda of keeping Muslim population under Hindutva (India) control by terrorizing them by using issues like Babri Mosque, Pakistan and terrorism etc at will, it could claim Bharatratna as a special case. Congress party can call its politics a day by safely retiring from polls after getting Bharatratna for its services like Indian independence and promoting corruption and black money, etc in the post independent India. .Alternatively, Congress party could merge with BJP and assist it in further terrorizing Muslims.

BJP has now emerged as a truly national party this time by gradually ousting Congress aprty form most states, with its intrusion into the North eastern region by forming a government in Manipur state and already it’s the government in Assam.
Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has failed the party and his mother Sonia by not been able to become popular vote puller for the party. He canvassed for the regional polls but without any visible success. Whatever his party got in Punjab and elsewhere was only on account of anti-incumbency factor- just as BJP got in UP and Uttarakhand.
Disappointed by the poll results, Rahul suggested rebuilding the party. But the party has already lost vote banks to BJP while it has lost Muslim votes. People don’t trust the party and leaders. Congress has reached the end point of existence as all its tracks failed to work. Congress has played vital role in building up of BJP and other RSS umbrella parties and now they have replaced Congress party itself and that leaves no hopes for the largest and oldest national party. Congress should now try to merge with BJP and pursue its hidden anti-Muslim agenda openly.

In spite of huge wealth, Congress party is slowly disappearing from the national scene and winning a seat here and there is not a matter at all. Significantly, the Congress lost all the four assembly seats in Amethi district, the pocket borough of Nehru-Gandhi family, with BJP bagging three of them. Congress leaders are limping. BJP also scored a massive victory in Uttarakhand winning 56 of the 70 seats in the state to storm to power, reducing Congress to minuscule minority in the state Assembly with a poor tally of 11 seats. The BJP-led alliance also swept all the eight assembly segments falling under PM Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency Varanasi.


Plight of Muslim vote bank

Advice of Supreme Court to find amicable solution to the issue of reconstruction of Babri Mosque as pledged by the government of India could at be a big joke as Hindus/Hindutva and BJP government cannot be expected to be a genuine party to have talks with genuine Muslim leaders. The issue of reconstruction of Babri Mosque is Indian courts precisely because Hindu parties want not just  to save the criminals who pulled down the historic monument on fake pretext as part of anti-Muslim conspiracy but  confiscate the Mosque property because they are in majority and want the courts to say what the RSS tells them.

One looks forward to genuine justice for the Mosque.

Muslims are being exploited by Hindu parties for their votes and they are also insulted and bullied the so-called secular parties while Hindutva communal parties threaten Muslims and their mosques. .
Generally, the voting patterns of Muslims, the largest minority in India influence, impact on the politics and poll outcomes.

Muslims in India are trapped by most national and many regional parties and get their votes and also  project them as a problem. BJP targets them, insult and injure their thoughts in order to gain Hindu votes. Not only Congress  but even many other parties like SP have taken the Muslims for granted  for votes and use BJP and other Hindutva communal parties to bully Muslims for their votes. .
Since Independence, Muslims have voted for the Congress party on their own or under pressure from Muslim leaders, who work as paid private poll agents for major national and regional parties. Over years of disappointments and feeling of betrayal by Congress and other so-called secular parties, Muslims have shifted their allegiance to other parties, like SP, AAP, BSP, DMK, etc resulting in the defeat of Congress and allies. However, though that strategy worked against Congress party’s poll fortunes, Muslims have not benefited anything from that. They continue to be attacked, insulted because basically every political outfits work agonist the interest of Muslims and they have secret deals to work against Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosques. Number of MPs and MLAs representing Muslim community has dwindled over time and this poll have further reduced their number in assemblies.

In Kerala Muslim League supply voters for the Congress party and it becomes a part of Congress UDF government to mint money and wealth. Every Muslim League leader is rich. Corruption is part of their understating of Islamic faith. It uses lumpen elements to  get money for the party leaders. Similarly, a party of Muslims MIM in Hyderabad

A number of Muslim leaders conceded that a few seats did fall into the BJP lap because of the division of Muslim votes. But given the scale of victory the BJP got, it would not have mattered much had Muslims rallied behind any single party. Kamal Farooqui, a former member of Samajwadi Party, said the “division of the Muslim votes per se” is somewhat an “abstract concept”. ” The fact is Muslims vote just like normal voters on issues which concern them, It is simply not possible that all the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh vote for any one party. Muslim votes do matter… but they seldom go to a single candidate en masse in any constituency.” Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India, said the BJP’s strategy had “successfully rendered the Muslim factor (in elections) ineffective”. Ilyas said the BJP as per the RSS pan to get every Hindu vote in the country, “succeeded in getting votes of Hindu backward castes minus Yadavs and Scheduled Castes minus Jatavs.


This new type of social engineering is being seen after the emergence of Narendra Modi and (BJP President) Amit Shah on the scene. Modi and Shah were selling the promise of Hindu-rashtra under the garb of ‘achhe din’ which actually helps the BJP turn Hindu votes into a single more effective whole. “Although the Narendra Modi government does not have any visible achievement in its last three years, still people seemed to have voted for Modi. “In Modi, they see this hope of Hindu-rashtra which he is propagating as the ‘achche din’,” Adeeb said. Agreed Navaid Hamid, Chairman, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, an umbrella body of several Muslim organisations. “We are moving towards a Hindu majoritarian democracy where nationalism is blended with Hindutva,” Hamid said

In UP, Congress and SP have joined the BJP to cut Muslim representation to size so that their voice won’t be heard over the rebuilding of historic Babri Mosque issue.

It is time Muslims float their own national party with regional branches allover India , while every Muslims party and organization is brought under that national party to serve the cause of Muslims, Mosques and Islam in India.
In order for that objective to be achieved, Muslim community should have honest, intelligent and sensible leaders- visionaries- not those who use politics as business to mint money and increase wealth by illegal and immoral means. These leaders should sincerely work for the community and not for their own families. They should not promote dynasties to take over the leadership after the demise of one or more leaders.
UP, where Muslims are a strong population share of about 30%, is the right state where such a national party for Muslims to take birth. Position of Muslims in the country has been weakening year after year. In UP alone the number MLAs from Muslim community has come down to meager 24 from 89 in 2012. This is because of secret deal among political parties led by BJP but ably supported by Congress, SP and other national and regional parties. Muslim leaders want money from politics as they betray the community.

Apparently, the BJP’s success in consolidating Hindu votes of various castes has rendered any division of Muslim votes redundant and helped Modi lead it to an unprecedented landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, according to some Muslim leaders.


While Hindu votes got consolidated in favor of BJP, Muslim votes are badly divided and cast for different parties as per the instructions from their local leaders who, having got no committed and sincere leaders to promote the interests of poor Muslims, operate as agents of parties controlled by Hindus.
It seems the BJP cannot give up its hatred politics because without that it simply cannot survive as it cannot package and sell its home made poison as vitamin. It has to talk about dangers India is facing all the time. For each state BJP has its own method of expanding vote banks but by and large hatred for “perceived enemies” liked Muslims, remains the backbone.
Indian TV media, ill-focused on Islam and Muslims in India and abroad, engaged fully in anti-Muslim anti-Islamic themes to insult Islam and injure Muslims by parading all anti-Islamic elements on TV debates to inform the world that Hindus are great people and Muslim are a problem for India and world at large. Now the anti-Islamic elements gather young Muslims to defame Islami and Indian Muslim community to talks and sing songs ill of Islam. The Congress party with its own hidden agenda against Muslims and Islam but claims to be secular and pro-Muslims to defend Muslim against Hindutva mischief, just keep their dirty mouths shut on the issue. Of course, Congress is dying party as a punishment for betraying Muslims. But other parties also are doing the same anti-Muslim gimmicks.
The BJP projects Muslims as a monolith to consolidate the Hindu votes by targeting Muslims. That was so for years until recently when Muslims voted enmasse for the Congress party thinking the Hindu Congress men are genuine secular people. . But now contrary to general perception, Muslims do not vote en masse for any party.

How come BJP has made a landslide in UP when the opinion polls did not find that way ? Apparently, so-called secular Congress and SP betrayed the faith of Muslims by joint operations with BJP to reduce the Muslim MLAs from 89 in the last assembly to meager 24 MLAs now. Muslim leaders on their part also betrayed the Muslim community.


Indian politics, like cricket, is a business and is highly profitable gamble, though they are not given national awards like the cricketers, shielded by politicians,  enjoy them as their prerogative. India infested with corrupt politicians and really anti-people parties to help the leaders make illegal wealth endlessly.  Hindutva BJP and allies have made steadily inroads into all Congress forts in the court by strenuous efforts and clear RS agenda and they mean business. The continued presence of Congress party would only make the BJP more aggressive, stronger. No party, possibly except AAP, can take on  a monstrously  grown up BJP.
Sharmila’s defeat opens a Pandora box without any clarity to comprehend the real reason for a joint conspiracy by Indian regime, Congress and BJP, military establishment, etc to see she does not win and loses the worst manner so that none would ever support her or fight against state laws, especially the draconian military lows. Had Sharmila won, that would have been a slap on these elements. That would become unbearable for all of them.
It is indeed disappointing that demonetization has not affected the poll results, though the common people suffered a lot. Whether or not that is truly valid, many people think something could have gone wrong with voting machines.

UP poll clearly reveal the hidden agenda of all big political outfits working against Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosque. Like Indian state, political regime and intelligence-military apparatus, corporate media, every national party with military links target Muslims and Islam. Now they want to somehow force the Supreme Court to deny Muslims the right to worship inside their historic Babri Mosque when it is rebuilt by the state.
In the absence of honest political parties in India where politicians do business in politics to make wealth by immoral and illegal means including illegal mining, forced bribery, etc , to serve the people with dedication, Indians are being repeatedly forced to drink Hindutva poison as medicine. BJP leaders are becoming increasingly fate by cheating the public with false gimmicks. While it wants Muslims to vote for Hindus, the BJP-RSS duo does not want Hindus to vote for Muslims candidates and hence decided not to field any Muslim candidates so that there not many Muslim MLAs to support the Babri Mosque issue.

These elections must be evaluated as people have voted heavily despite the absence of any emotional issue.

The secret nexus between Congress and BJP in their targeting Muslim populations in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, is well known. Congress is responsible for the arrival and thriving of communally inflammable RSS and its umbrella parties like BJP. Congress party, fallen so badly in the eyes of public, has just one program: not about people of India but to make Rahul Gandhi acceptable to the people of India. That has not at all worked .Strenuous efforts by the Congress party to get Rahul Gandhi accepted by Indians as their top leader have failed because people no longer trust the party and its leaders who are corrupt.
Many Congress leaders and CMs, like bowlers congratulate the batboys whom they offered 100s and 200s, etc, have congratulated PM Modi on his personal charismatic success in UP, possibly expressing indirectly their desire to cross the floor to the known saffron flag. After all, there is hardly any difference between the town Hindu parties.
Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi have sufficiently weakened the Congress party and blocked its efforts to come back to power and the anti-corruption movement has struck with people’s imagination to know how tall frauds are Congress leaders. . In order to keep the Congress out of power, people opt for BJP though they are pro-Hindutva.
Apparently, the results of two states, UP and Manipur have been tempered, manipulated and pre-conceived by Congress, BJP and other anti-Muslim and arrogance policy dealers. If a re-poll is held in these states, truth about the poll would come out.
Today is indeed a setback for honest and innovative politics, but to write an obit of AAP will be reading the results the wrong way. I must admit that AAP’s performance is a huge disappointment for our supporters and well-wishers, especially in Punjab, where the party was expected to form the government with an absolute majority. But we are far from that, while the Congress has crossed the magic figure of 58 seats and is all set to take charge of the state. AAP has emerged as the main opposition party in the assembly.

India will ramp up spending on rural areas, infrastructure and fighting poverty, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says as he unveils his annual budget, adding the impact on growth from the government’s cash crackdown would wear off soon.

Perhaps the regional polls 2017 is just a quarter finals and with proper match fixings, next round of polls w at semifinal would signal the possible scene of next parliamentary poll.

India is at a crossroads. What is the hidden agenda of BJP in UP remains to be seen. Fingers are crossed.