Middle East: Is Netanyahu an insane vampire?

Is Netanyahu an insane vampire?

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Israel justifies all its crimes. So does America that uses its veto to shield all crimes of the Zionist regime in West Asia.

Any nation in modern globalized world needs essentially to be genuine and the ruler a rationalist, a statesman. However, capitalist cum colonialist nations like Israel is an exception. Israel dictates its own terms and laws to the world’ it imposes its fascist will on besieged Palestinians.  Israeli ruler B Netanyahu is a usual fanatic enjoying the Zionist military fascist attacks on Arabs.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak said, rightly so, that Netanyahu regime should be brought down as early as possible. That certainly represents a major defeat for the mad man in Tel Aviv, who was asking the USA to provide at least $4.5 billion to Israel.

Recently a Jewish lawmaker has called Israeli PM Netanyahu an insane vampire. In fact, every Israeli ruler has been an insane vampire drinking the Palestinian blood profusely. Like vampires Netanyahu also is fond of blood, especially the blood of children.

Jewish member of Iran’s parliament Siamak Mareh Sedq has recently killed Benjamin Netanyahu’s entire political ideology in the Middle East and much of the Western world by exposing their ultra fanaticism.  Netanyahu, Mareh Sedq declares, is an “insane vampire” because he lies about Iran and has manipulated much of the West for years.

Mareh Sedq says: “Netanyahu is an insane vampire drowned in crimes from head to toe, and the recent remarks made by the racist Israeli PM are not surprising to me.” The Jewish Telegraphic Mareh Sedq also asserted that in contradiction to Netanyahu’s statements against Iran, anti-Semitism and racism have never been witnessed in the Iranian culture. To sell bigoted lies against a nation which has saved Jews many times, Netanyahu resorting to fake history and falsifying Torah? Of course, that is by force of habit. “The Book of Esther tells of how Xerxes I saved Jews from a plot hatched by Haman the Agagite, which is marked on this very day.” But no Jew makes any reference to it any more. They live in lies and negation.

Anyone can call PM Netanyahu with US English fluency a state terrorist or even a state criminal for all crimes has so far perpetrated against Palestine humanity, but calling him openly a devil or an insane umpire could indeed be too much, though every Israeli leader as well those supporting or promoting them qualifies for that description.
Today, the Israeli regime never gets tired of evoking implausible scenarios and explanations, presumably because they think that the West consider their prime duty to protect the Zionist regime even if they do not need the Israeli or Jewish services and therefore will never challenge them.

Divide and rule is the policy of Israel as a colonialist state. It has successfully divided the Palestinians between Fatah and Hamas and made them fight and kill each other, thereby making its goal of annexing all Palestinian lands. Israel is eager to keep USA away from Arab world, while simultaneously planning, by May 2010, to place a permanent submarine station carrying nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf.

With backing from the western powers and conversely NATO, the Israeli regime never gets tired of evoking implausible scenarios and explanations, presumably because they think that the West will never challenge them. The Zionist dirty hands in Syria are very much visible. But according to the Israeli narrative, Hezbollah, Iran and the Assad government are to be held responsible for the airstrikes in Syria.

Israelis say now that Iran is an existential threat, despite the fact that for almost three thousand years, Jewish artifacts of all kinds have played a vital role in Iran among the Jewish community, where they largely enjoyed the ambiance, and despite the fact that noted political scientists such as Kenneth Waltz have made it clear that a nuclear Iran is not a threat to the Middle East or America.

Israel wants USA to attack Iran but President Obama rejected Netanyahu’s counsel but Trump already gave an audience to and had dinner with Netanyahu who counts on Jewish son in law of Trump and his erratic rhetoric to keep Washington under its indirect control, as usual. Netanyahu’s invitation to Trump to visit Israel as soon as possible for sumptuous dinner cum Jewish liquor is lying impatiently at White House.

Fearing treacherous reaction, the Western world actually listens to the Zionist regime, and sanctions placed on Iran have hurt the Iranian economy a great deal. What is even more interesting is that anyone who has remotely suggested that Israel does not have the right to push the USA into a war with Iran has been chastised.
Hero of Israeli criminals or villain of humanity?


How could Netanyahu, a leader who is very close to world leaders like US president Trump and respected and adored by regional leaders like Indian PM Narendra Modi, could be insane the in the first place?

True, Israeli racist PM B. Netanyahu, any other Jewish leader,  is an extreme fanatic with his shuffling nature of policy maneuverings and regular terror attacks on the besieged Palestinians whose lands he and other Jews continue to occupy with US backing against all basics of intentional law.

One gets the impression that blood thirsty Israel is land of vampires and every Israeli s a vampire. Israel is the top power in Mideast and every other nation should fear and work in tandem with it. Israel’s indirect involvement in the so-called Arab Spring to destabilize Arab world and let USA loot its energy resources for resale to third world and Europe.

Israel is nation of vampires and robbers. In fact, a Jewish state Israel would not have come into being in Mideast without the uprooting of 700,000 Palestinians and stealing their lands. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them. There was no choice but to expel that population. It was necessary to cleanse the hinterland and cleanse the border areas and cleanse the main roads. It was necessary to cleanse the villages from which our convoys and our settlements were fired on.


Entire world has been saying for years that Netanyahu is just a Neocon man who has “in beautiful English” lied about Iran and Palestine for years. The fact is that Israel’s colossal aggression against the Palestinians is well known among Jewish academics and scholars, but the Zionist regime in Israel has convinced the educated Western world that the true enemy of the world is Islam and Iran.

Most world leaders make it a point to make a “pilgrimage” to Israel for dinners and military deals after enjoying the special Jewish dish pepper pork fry. Many third world countries having military trade with Israel, from India to Thailand as well as Pentagon treat it as a super power because of it proximity and military nexus with USA and Europe. .Indian PM Modi along with his large team of military experts, corporate lords with huge money bags, media lords are feverishly waiting board the Indian state plan to go to Israel for Zionist favors.

Jewish vampire in full suit


Big frauds and top criminals are rich and they appear in full suit and car. Israeli Pm Netanyahu is fond of neat and colorful suits and he appears in full smile, and he shakes hands with similar people, speaks flowery English that even Trump seems much impressed by.


Israel cannot be one and can never want to be a normal nation, let alone democracy. All political parties and factions inside the coalition government, cutting across their foul politics, targeting Palestinians and other Arabs, play gimmicks by promoting Zionist criminal g regime and racism and anti-Palestinism. PM Netanyahu who has murdered hundreds of Palestinians does not admit that he is major state criminal.

When entire world is being controlled by Uncle Sam (now Donald Trump and his Jewish son in law) Israel controls nations beyond the West Asia as a terror partner of world’s only superpower. As Israeli scholar Avner Cohen pointed out in 2009, Hamas “is Israel’s creation.” One can argue that Hezbollah is also Israel’s creation. In other words, whenever Israeli authorities seek to pursue their diabolical ideology in the Middle East, they just put all the blame on Hamas or Hezbollah or even “anti-Semitism.”

Netanyahu and company believe the Trump is part of their Zionist network where Mrs. Clinton also plays important role and he is also duty bound to shield all Israeli crimes against Palestinians, Arab sand humanity at large. .

Literally every Israeli and American leader criminal minded with regard to Palestine, Arab world and Islam. Rand Paul has suggested that perhaps it is time for McCain to retire finally.”We would say that it is time for much of the world to put him on trial. Perhaps it is high time for Trump to stop playing games and ask the Israeli regime to stop meddling in the Syrian war and withdraw from Palestinian nation.
The Israeli regime is ultra cunning and playing a diabolical game in Syria. But where is Donald Trump? Obviously he is expected to be on the side of his Jewish son in law. That is why Trump doesn’t tell them that Israel cannot continue to attack the Syrian government? Didn’t Trump say that the so-called Syrian rebels are worse than Assad? Then why he is letting the Israeli regime support the same rebels?

Moreover, take a look at the Zionist Kingdom in the global media where fanatic Jews decide the news and opinions: The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, etc. McCain has perversely declared that Rand Paul is working for Vladimir Putin. But they all fail to report that Israel attacked a sovereign nation Syria, which is in violation of international law.


Israeli war plan

Like India, Israel also wants to control entire world by working closely with the super power and Russia. Netanyahu eagerly awaiting another world war even for a short period so that Israel could advance its global objective with vigor as an ally of USA.

Tel Aviv goes all out to force its sponsors like USA and Europe fight Islam and Arab world so that it can continue to occupy Palestine and commit genocides both in Gaza and West Bank and now seeks to accelerated the illegal war in Syria  in its favor as Assad is an insane leader killing Syrians.

Israel always justifies its crimes by fake threat perceptions just as  the USA does. While Hamas and Hezbollah are useful tools for Israel to justify all its criminal operations, anti-Semitism is a ploy to get USA and Europe involved in case of a conflict which Tel Aviv insistently seeks for quite some time.

Israel blindly bluffs. Tells the world complete nonsense in good English which Washington supports. Keep in mind that when Netanyahu says that “everyone needs to take this into account,” he is basically saying that the West and the entire world must follow his essentially Talmudic manipulation as part of expansionism. Zionism wants the west needs to suspend rational inquiry and the moral order and adapt Israel’s relentless maneuvering.

After killing thousands of innocent Palestinians and confiscating their lands for proliferation of Zionist settlements for criminal Jews, Israel has manufactures threat perceptions, create illusions of enemy and tells lies to justify its attacks on the Arabs.  “Our policy is very consistent. When we identify attempts to transfer advanced weapons to Hezbollah — when we have the intelligence and the operational capability — we act to prevent it.” This reminds us of what Bush Jr. said about war in Afghanistan and Iraq on fake pretexts.

As Syria is fully destabilized, USA and Israel are at work to make the so-called ISIS wage a war against Iran for which they would supply terror goods free of cost. It’s already awry for the Israeli regime. Last January Israeli military minister Moshe Yaalon told the entire world that he would prefer ISIS on Israeli borders over Iran, a nation that has been quite consistent with international law. Not a single USA politician challenged Yaalon for his perversion.

Over the past few years, Israel boosted its special forces and created specialized commando brigades. In the next round, it will try not to avoid various land maneuvers, even though the operations on land in the last Lebanon conflict turned out to be a dismal failure. All that is left is to try to create a deterrent and ensure that it is etched deeply in Lebanon’s consciousness. That is what Israel tries as regional superpower to achieve in the next war.

Recently, Russia has asked Israel to provide a reasonable explanation for its military airstrikes in Syria. Israel, of course, summoned the old boring and unconvincing, rather false explanation that Syria was trying to transfer weapons to Hezbollah. The Israeli regime produced the same explanation in 2014, when an Israeli airstrike hit the Syrian military forces. But that explanation again has been weighed and found wanting.

As foreign forces are busy killing Syrians in Syria, Israel seeks a simultaneous war with Lebanon and Iran as well. In 1982, the Israeli military allowed Lebanese militia to attack Palestinian refugees; they “raped, killed and dismembered at least 800 civilians, while Israeli flares illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways.”
The Israeli assessment is that Nasrallah has no reason to get into a conflict with Israel in the foreseeable future. The IDF claims that as long as a significant part of his forces is over-extended and exhausted in Syria, Nasrallah will try to avoid a clash with Israel. According to foreign sources, the rules of the new game that Israel has imposed over the past few years, in which it feels free to attack arms convoys making their way to him from Syria, are unacceptable to Nasrallah.
According to recent intelligence from the West and Israel, the Iranians have established rocket-manufacturing facilities in Lebanon in order to “circumvent” the wall of intelligence and Israeli bombings, which prevent the unhindered supply of rockets to Hezbollah. In any event, Nasrallah’s armories are full.
There is very little chance that “these missiles will get rusty,” as former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Ya’alon once predicted. Israel knows that if there is a missile on the table in the first act, it will be fired in the third act. “At some time or other that is going to happen”.

Yaalon could not realize that preferring a violent, extremist and terrorist group such as ISIS over Iran is itself weird, dangerous and is logically contradictory. There is another issue brewing in Israel. Former prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak, who himself was part of the diabolical process during his political career, has recently declared that Israel has been infected by “the seeds of fascism.” Barak said Zionist fascism being represented by Netanyahu et all must be fought. “Life-sustaining Zionism and the seeds of fascism cannot live together…What has happened is a hostile takeover of the Israeli government by dangerous elements. And it’s just the beginning.”

Netanyahu gets whacked by a former prime minister? That certainly represents a major defeat for the mad man in Tel Aviv, who was asking the USA to provide at least $4.5 billion to Israel in aid. What is Barak’s solution? “This government needs to be brought down before it brings all of us down. There are no serious leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli government any more.” Well, isn’t it anti-Semitic to come up with brazenly alarming statements like this? “Is Iran really proposing a nuclear Holocaust”? Didn’t they perpetuate the lie throughout 2012 that Iran wanted to wipe Israel off the map?

Israeli regime uses Iran as the threat to USA to get more aid from Washington.



State crimes and lies


Israel is a fascist state and not a democracy as it often claims to be and it is an apartheid regime with extremist racist ideology deeply rooted. Any country that occupies another soverign nation cannot be democracy.

Israel is criminal minded so are the Israeli rulers. As Jewish scholar Sara Roy has argued in her meticulous study on Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza, organizations like Hamas would not have been possible had the Israeli regime stopped oppressing, torturing, looting, destroying Palestinian homes and hospitals, humiliating and liquidating the Palestinian people. The regime has a history of raiding and looting even bakeries and medical stories that provided bread and medicines to girls’ orphanages and “carting away sewing and processing machines, fabric, finished garments and office equipment…”
After the snub of Obama towards his end of career at White House, Zionist leader B. Netanyahu is just treading in an essentially diabolical path towards White House. Israel cannot afford to lose Trump. With the Talmud in one hand and American tax dollars on the other, he seeks to grab more Palestinian lands, kill Palestinian children and liquidate anyone who resists him. But people are waking up everywhere, and that is why Netanyahu will have a hard time implementing his Talmudic plan. But Netanyahu seems to forget that there are people in this world, who will never bow down to Israel’s perpetual fabrications and colossal hoaxes. He also seems to forget that Jewish scholars—including Zionist Israelis like Benny Morris—have actually written on Israel’s ethnic cleansing and manipulation of the actual facts.

Israel has always contributed not only to the demise of peace and harmony in the Middle East but to accelerate tensions in West Asia and Netanyahu is eager to completely split USA and Arab world. The 1982 Lebanese massacre is a classic example, where Israeli military allowed Lebanese militia to attack Palestinian refugees; they “raped, killed and dismembered at least 800 civilians, while Israeli flares illuminated the camps’ narrow and darkened alleyways.” After the massacre, Ronald Reagan, himself a Zionist, was “outraged”. Secretary of State George P. Shultz declared that the USA was also an accomplice in allowing Israel to manipulate them in order to massacre civilians.

But no sanctions were pronounced on Israel. Nothing was done. Why? Nicholas A. Veliotes, then the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, gave us an indirect answer: “Vintage Sharon. It is his way or the highway. “The Sabra and Shatila massacre severely undercut America’s influence in the Middle East, and its moral authority plummeted.”

USA never recovered from that shock.
One year after the 1982 massacre, an Israeli investigation commission found Israel “responsible” for the massacre, and Ariel Sharon an accomplice. How did the Israeli officials get the USA involved through the Pentagon-CIA duo? According to declassified documents found in the Israel State Archives, they bluffed and convinced US officials that Beirut had terrorist cells, and in the end allowed the slaughter of Palestinian civilians whom the USA had previously vowed to protect. Ariel Sharon lied that Beirut had from 2,000 to 3,000 terrorists. The state lies are carried forward by all Zionist rulers especially Netanyahu to achieve their objectives of expansionism anf genocides.
The American envoy in the Middle East, Morris Draper, said that Sharon was lying. Lawrence S. Eagleburger, then Secretary of State, declared that “we appear to some to be the victim of deliberate deception by Israel.” During his conversation with Sharon, Draper knew that the USA was not standing behind Sharon’s evil pursuit, but Sharon ended an agreement on his own terms. The situation is absolutely appalling. They have begun killing children! You have the field completely under your control and are therefore responsible for that area and crimes.”


Israel’s fake threat perceptions


Threat perceptions play vital in attacking and occupying neighboring nations. Israel and USA top the list of nations that use false threats to attack Muslim nations.

Each time Israeli military attacks Gaza Strip the Zionists cry loud of threats of war.

Now Israel targets not only Palestine and Iran but even Lebanon and Syria. At times,  the USA gives an impression, strongly, that it still refuses to falling to the Zionist trap and former secretary of defense Robert Gates declared in 2012 that a strike on Iran would be catastrophic for the USA first, “haunting us for generations in that part of the world.” Not only that, Gates saw that Israel, the supposed ally, was pushing that war, which led him to say that Israel is “an ungrateful ally.” The Neocon regime was on the frontline chastising Gates for his comments. Israel woos newcomer Trump to obey Israeli leaders in charting policy for Mideast.
Israel’s regional nuclear monopoly, which has proved remarkably durable for the past four decades, has long fueled instability in the Middle East. In no other region of the world does a lone, unchecked nuclear state exist. It is Israel’s nuclear arsenal, not Iran’s desire for one that has contributed most to the current crisis. Power, after all, begs to be balanced.”

Armed with nuclear and conventional terror goods and selling terror goods to third world, especially to India, Israel says at present it has no real answer to the toy rocket threat. Sending special infantry units to search for rocket and missile launch sites on the ground is a lot like looking for a needle in a haystack. Israel tried to do this in the second Lebanon war with no real results. What this means is that the only option left to Israel is an immediate, dramatic and aggressive attack against Lebanon’s entire vital infrastructure, or as Israeli officers and senior Israeli officials have been describing it for the past decade, “sending Lebanon back to the Stone Age.”
 Observation: Zionist Trump?


It is because of US veto support that Israel has become a fascist nation targeting Palestinians with regular terror attacks. Amazingly, USA and Israel have always called the besieged Palestinians the terrorists in order to strengthen the Zionist state with conventional and nuclear arms. Today, thanks to support of USA and Europe, Israel is now a major arms exporter to third world, including South Asia’s superpower India and some big nations. Israeli military and Mossad try to provoke the extremist freedom fighters in Palestine to fight it.

The pathetic and fearful existence of Palestinians came to light when Turkish aidship, sponsored by Turkey, then a close military ally of Israel, entered the Gulf waters to breach the Israeli terror blockades of Gaza but Israeli military attacked the aidship, killing some aid workers, including Americans. Since then Turkey-Israeli ties got strained.

Every Israel ruler crushed the Palestinians, brutally killing some and announcing new settlement proliferation for the criminal Jews.  President Trump has ready made his special porkish love for Israel.

The fate of not only Palestine and Mideast but the entire world depends on the allies USA chooses and the key policy Trump chooses to advance the US interests globally. In other words, if Trump also behaves just like his predecessors, both Democratic and Republican, had done before him, there wouldno hope the humanity.

Mere imagination alone cannot be the basis of any foreign policy and attack weak nations on false threat perceptions as Bush Jr and Obama did to placate the Jewish Neocon elements. While earlier, Israel and powerful Jewish community in USA made US policies, today under Trump his Jewish son in law seems to take that responsibility, advising his “uncle” on domestic and foreign policy matters.  Obviously, Israel and Netanyahu are much pleased with Trump and look forward to playing joint terror operations globally. .

Are Trump and his Jewish son in law making Israel great again? Jewish Son in law Israel take veto Trump for sumptuous special pork meals and Netanyahu about delay in their forthcoming and promised visit to assure Israelis of continued support for all their crimes against humanity. Modern US diplomacy is dominated by its immoral concerns for defending a fascist state in Mideast and Trump does not show any inclination to change that anti-humanity and colonialist course. .

However, global statesmen expect Trump to pursue a foreign policy to make his Jewish son in law and daughter happy but he needs to start thinking about fleshing out a thoroughly consistent foreign policy, especially for West Asia – one of most troubled regions on earth. But that would be very hard to do precisely because no US president has never been brave and courageous enough to permanently stop the unconditional alliance with an arrogant Israel, which has caused untold misery and suffering for more than sixty years in the Middle East and the USA which shamelessly sued its UN veto to protect the criminal operation of Israeli military. USA regime shielded Israel but blamed Palestinians whose lands Israel occupies with US backing. .

The so-called Iranian threat is just a colossal hoax and a big lie manufactured by the Israelis. Trump willingly buys that fanatic stuff. Having  illegally acquired nukes form USA against the will of IAEA and UN, the Israeli regime has been saying that Iran aspires to have nuclear bombs since 1979.  In his 1995 book Fighting Terrorism, Benjamin Netanyahu risibly predicted that Iran would acquire nuclear bombs within “five to seven years at most…Now it is 2017.

The US regime invented monsters in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria. They are now desperately trying to create a monster in Iran, and Trump seems to be falling in the same trap. Trump has recently declared, “I have imposed new sanctions on entities and individuals who support Iran’s ballistic missile program, and reaffirmed our “unbreakable alliance” with the State of Israel.” Thus US arrogance joins Zionist arrogance, officially.

Trump, if he is also eager to promote fascist Israel, cannot say that he wants to put “America First” while supporting the Israeli regime, making a super power of West Asia. His “America First” principle just doesn’t make sense precisely because the Israeli regime is always looking for monsters to destroy in the Middle East. If none exists, then they invent them or they will assume themselves.

Ours is not a rational world, where political decisions are based on the moral and political order. And if Trump aspires to make a difference, he needs to get real. His repeated contradiction simply will not work.
Netanyahu, who generally acts like a complete psychopath hasn’t realized that his previous nasty comments have been recorded in books and articles and public appearances, is still marshalling the perverse claim that Iran is “the most dangerous terror state.” By the way, does he, like Bush do, also believe about ballistic missile program? Isn’t Trump reading the Israeli script faithfully? And doesn’t the US sources want to tell the world that the so-called “Iran’s ballistic missile program” is pure fiction?

No one with an ounce of common sense can seriously say that Iran is a state-sponsored terrorist. The sad part is that the US State Department, as of 2016, charged, may be for fun, that Iran is “the top state sponsor of terrorism,” even though the United States knew very well that Iran was fighting ISIS in Iraq and even in Syria.
Iran obviously humiliates Netanyahu by engaging in the fight against ISIS in Syria. At every point, the Iranian-backed militias have taken the lead in the fight against the Islamic State here. In 2014, thousands upon thousands of Iranian troops were in Iraq fighting against ISIS. CNN, to its credit, also put out an article entitled: “’We will destroy ISIS’: Iranian militia vows to fight terror group.”

Israel and USA want to play Iran against Saudi Arabia. They think Saudi Arabia should be one of the top terrorist states in the Middle East, but the same country always gets a free pass from the US State Department and is eager to establish ties with the Zionist regime. .
President Trump confuses the world by his double talks.  On the one hand he ridiculed Mideast but also correctly pointed out that the last 15 years of US military action in the Middle East has been an almost incomprehensible waste of money – six trillion dollars, he said – and that after all that US war and meddling the region was actually in worse shape than before we started. It would have been better for US Presidents to have spent the last 15 years at the beach than to have pursued its Middle East war policy by paying huge sum to Israel, the US infrastructure could have been rebuilt several times over with the money wasted on such militarism…USA could have somewhat solved the poverty in the country.
Trump obviously has enough knowledge to challenge the regime in Israel and ask Israeli government and officials (particularly Benjamin Netanyahu) to at least abide by the political order which essentially provides the basis for political discourse and fruitful dialogue. Trump just said about wasting money on militarism and promised he would be ‘upgrading all of our military, all of our military, offensive, defensive, everything,’ in what would be ‘one of the greatest military buildups in American history.’ “This ‘greatest’ military buildup is in addition to the trillions he plans on spending to make sure the US nuclear arsenal is at the ‘top of the pack’ in the world. And that is in addition to the trillion dollars nuclear “modernization” program that is carrying over from the Obama Administration.”
Obviously Trump is not consistent; Israel can manipulate that to its own advantages and against Palestine and Arab world. If he aspires to make a difference, he needs to start thinking about fleshing out a thoroughly consistent foreign policy. But that would be very hard to do precisely because, so far, no US president has been brave and courageous enough to permanently stop the unconditional alliance with Israel, which has caused untold misery and suffering for more than sixty years in the Middle East and the USA


Trump knows some truth about the 9/11 attack, despite the fact that he continues to demonize Muslims at every opportunity to support the official bluff about the hoax. But Trump cannot follow the principles that the founding fathers articulated because he would be universally and ontologically condemned as a vicious anti-Semite as he love his Jewish son in law.
Trump needs to flesh out a rigorous and consistent foreign policy; otherwise world would continue to say that he is in bed with the Israeli regime. Will he also continue to be a servant of the Israeli regime like his predecessors, most specifically George W. Bush? Will he ever challenge the Powers That Be in Israel? Will he expose the real 9-11 perpetrators? Or will he continue to produce their lies and fabrications?

Meanwhile, Netanyahu is capable of pouncing upon President Trump to suck his blood if that suits him and his Zionist regime!






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