New US policy for West Asia: Israel-Pentagon duo targets Iran!

New US policy for West Asia: Israel-Pentagon duo targets Iran!
Dr. Abdul Ruff

World’s attention has been focused on US policy toward Palestine vs. Israel ever since Donald Trump assumed the White House and his Jewish son o in law offering him elaborate cancelling service, almost free of cost, obviously, history has shown us, in favor of fascism and racism in Israel and against the Palestinians besieged between terror blockades erected by mighty nuclearized Israel and Egypt which is now ruled by military regime.
Already Trump’s son in law had his sway as Israeli PM Netanyahu with palms stained by blood of Palestinians, including children, was given a patient hearing by Trump in Washington. Hawkish Netanyahu seems have impressed Trump with his usual arguments to beware of not only both Arab world and Iran but also Turkey as all are harmful to their respective religious interests. Whether or not new President also fell into the fascist Jewish trap is not yet clear.
Like Obama, Trump has also said he has no intention of war on Iran. But Israel and Pentagon are still hoping to woo and force Trump to declare war on Iran.

Evolving policy

True, America is infested by powerful Jewish lobbyists and terror merchants who try to control US policies. For years now, US president have behaved like paid Jewish lords, by playing the balls according to Israeli rules.
Every president of USA openly declared US shield for Israel and promoted strong Israel-US ties. US presidents, who promote capitalist imperialism globally by misusing WB and IMF, etc, are essentially colonists by nature, pro-Zionists and anti-Islamists, and they one after another also fought for decades after the imposition of Israel in Mideast on Palestinian lands just, for the so-called “promised lands” because they claim god had pledged the “ holy lands” to them. Thus, now bold Jews in Israel have made Israel a fascist and criminal state that has nothing to do with holiness.
On the strength of their veto status, American imperialists and British colonialists have forcefully stolen the Palestinian lands in 1948 and given them to Jews who were busy terrorizing the Europeans. USA and Europe did everything possible to establish Israel as a fascist Jewish state in West Asia to threaten Arabs and Iranians. Israel-US ties, pampered by US presidents one after another for decades after the imposition of Israel in Mideast on Palestinian lands just because they claim the “promised lands”, have come to a stage where Israel could bypass
USA and UK also helped Israel acquire nukes illegally against the will of UN and IAEA. None in fact questioned the illegality of USA and Europe in that respect. Both USA and Europe sued Israel as a depot for their terror goods for sale to third world. They have come to a stage where Israel could bypass White House and have military deals with Pentagon directly and get the required terror goods and technology almost free of cost on a regular basis. That is the blanket permission the Pentagon has secured b form the White House officals to control US policies. Today no president can ignore Israeli demands routed through the Pentagon and pampered by the strong Jewish economic community, secured by Washington.

White House and have military deals with Pentagon directly and get the required terror goods and technology almost free of cost on a regular basis. That is the blanket permission the Pentagon has secured b form the White House officals to control US policies. Today no president can ignore Israeli demands routed through the Pentagon and pampered by the strong Jewish economic community, secured by Washington.

US godfather for Zionist fascists
Globally, Israeli interests are promoted and secured in media not just by Jewish community columnists, but by others, especially in USA, UK, and all English speaking countries. Many Hindu readers who hate Islam and think ill of Muslim brethren, for instance, consider the fascist-racist Jewish views as god’s own words mainly because that takes care of their anti-Muslim premises. .
With the ascendance of hawkish President Trump through due democratic process, along with his Jewish son in law and with erratic rhetoric targeting Muslims, among others, the Israeli regime, essentially pursuing criminal goals in Palestine and West Asia, is upbeat about its strong position in undermining human rights particularly in Palestine.
When former President Obama declaimed the Israeli demand to attack Iran so that entire Muslims world in the region is wrecked and only Israel remained strong and the only super power of the region after the USA to attack the besieged Palestinians, Israel was looking for opportunities under the next president’s (Trump) era. .
Israel lectures Trump that Iran is 100% an imperialist power as “Khamenei and the Ayatollah’s he represents” is nothing but a reincarnation of a modern day Cyrus or Xerxes from the old imperial Persia and that the USA is dealing with a resurgent Persia- a new regional power and so he should not hesitate to attack Iran without further delay for the sake of US security. Israel has a plan to attack Iran’s vital systems in order to cripple that nation as well and complete the ruin of West Asia where Israel would be an unchallenged modern monarch to dictate terms to the rest of the world. .
Israel refuses to go demilitarized and denuclearized as it wants to be the only nuclear power in West Asia to bully Arabs, Iran and new powers that cold challenge Israeli supremacy. Therefore, Israel tells, rather terrorizes, Trump that Iran would destroy USA, Arab world, all Saudi/ Kuwaiti/ Qatari/ UAE oil installations with its 100’s of thousands of ballistic missiles. Oil prices would go to $500/ barrel overnight, destroying the global economy. Then Israel leads USA into a deadly trap with Europe to end civilizational war in its favor and occupy entire world as their “promised” lands. .
The main reason the Israelis have not attacked Iran before this is because they would be unable to tolerate Iran’s closure of the Gulf of Hormuz that would make division in Israel and West links.
Backed by USA and Europe, are Israelis and US Jews not very super cleaver people? But why do they think US presidents are fools?

Pentagon-Israeli joint strategy

Even Palestinian child also knows that Israel, like USA is also is, eager to launch a bloody war to use its terror goods lying idle and countries like India does not buy all types of terror goods being manufactured in Israel, and to test the efficacy of the newly developed terror technologies.
Israel wants a US-Israeli joint war on Arab world and Iran in a sustained manner. Now Tel Aviv plays one against the others.
The top American commander in the Middle East, General Joseph Votel, branded Iran as the “greatest long-term threat to stability” in the region and called for steps, including military action, to disrupt and undermine Iranian influence and activities. Such use of military force would constitute an act of war, destroy the international nuclear deal struck with Iran in 2015 and set the Middle East on the path for another disastrous conflict. Testifying before the House Armed Services Committee, Votel, head of the US Central Command, denounced Iran for its “destabilising role” in the region.
The hypocrisy involved here is staggering. US Central Command has been the military instrument for the illegal US-led invasion and occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan that devastated all of them, led to millions of casualties and profoundly destabilized the entire Middle East. With or without permission of Trump, It is currently escalating a renewed war in Iraq and is enmeshed in the bloody US regime-change operation that has destroyed much of Syria, as well as military attacks inside Yemen.
Significantly, Votel challenged the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the so-called P5+1 group—the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany—that eased sanctions on Iran in return for severe restrictions on its nuclear programs. The general declared that the US had “not seen any improvement in Iran’s behavior” and claimed it still posed “credible threats” through its “nuclear weapons potential” and “robust” ballistic missile program.
Votel’s provocative remarks and calls for military action feed into the growing clamor in Washington for tough measures against Iran. In the same vein last month, then National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn responded to an Iranian missile test by denouncing Iran’s “destabilising behavior across the Middle East” and warned, “As of today we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

US hegemony

The aim of the criminal activities of US imperialism in the Middle East over the past quarter century has been precisely to ensure its own hegemonic role and helps Israel to assume role of West Asian hegemon. USA cannot tolerate if any challenge is thrown to side step Israeli supremacy in the region.
Among the main charges against Iran is its collaboration with Russia in propping up Syrian President Assad and more broadly in the Middle East. General Votel specifically referred to Iran’s growing relationship with Russia as posing concern. Russia and Iran worked together closely and with the Syrian armed forces to inflict a humiliating defeat on US proxy forces in the city of Aleppo. In an unprecedented move last year, Tehran gave Russian war planes access to one of its air bases to carry out operations inside Syria. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif announced that Russia would be able to use the country’s military bases on a “case by case basis” in carrying out the air war inside Syria. Among the other deals concluded was an agreement for Russia to build two new nuclear power plants in the city of Bushehr, the site of its first power reactor.
The growing ties between Moscow and Tehran are undoubtedly provoking deep resentment and hostility in Washington where it will further fuel the bitter infighting in the American ruling elite over foreign policy. US claims that Iran is destabilising the Middle East are matched by the denunciations of Putin and Russia for destabilising Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the world.

Washington has long regarded Iran as the chief regional obstacle to its dominance in the Middle East and Israel keeps fueling that anti-Iran and anti-Islam hatred in Washington. The reckless and provocative call by General Votel et al or the USA to use “military means” to “disrupt” Iran threatens to provoke a conflict that would not be confined to the Middle East but would draw in other nuclear-armed powers like Russia and engulf the world.
The USA and its allies have provided billions of dollars in arms to its surrogates in Syria, and elsewhere, to foment a civil war to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Knowing fully well that Israel remains the boss of the region, Votel still accuses Iran of wanting to be “the hegemon” in the region and being involved in “lethal aid facilitation.”

Israel and Pentagon seek tougher sanctions n Iran, diplomatic provocations, covert operations and military strikes. In the US Congress, hawkish senator Bob Corker hailed the bipartisan support last week for tough new sanctions against Iran in introducing the Countering Iran’s Destabilising Activities Bill that would effectively sink the 2015 nuclear deal known formally as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). The subversive mind is vividly visible as the legislation would brand Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corp as a terrorist organisation and allow the re-imposition of sanctions on Iranian entities lifted under the JCPOA—a move that Tehran would undoubtedly regard as an open breach.

There is madness among the imperialist leaders, including the military leaders, of the USA. When military generals whose forces have presided over the illegal invasion and destruction of whole middle eastern societies, and produced the deaths and refugee status of millions, talk about Iran ‘destabilizing’ the middle east, under the presumption that they represent a ‘stabilizing’ force, we are dealing with sociopaths or worse.. I don’t say any of this lightly. That such people control 20,000 nuclear weapons in the U.S. represents an existential threat to every worker, and every human being, on the planet. They, and their backers in the political establishment, the corporate media, and finance capital, have created too many flash points – the Middle East is just one, others include the Balkans and the placement of massed Nato troops at Russia borders, the coup-installed Ukrainian government with U.S. military backing, the South China sea with the ‘air-sea battle plan’ of the U.s. military preparing for war with China, et al.

Israel works on Trump’s earlier approach, hoping somehow to push him also into war. President Trump in the course of last year’s election campaign denounced the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran as “catastrophic for America, for Israel, and for the whole Middle East” and pledged to “dismantle the disastrous deal.” In a meeting last week with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Trump again openly questioned the deal and declared that “nobody has been able to figure out” why President Obama signed it.

With Putin and Xi’s firm backing Iran and its proxies have savaged US proxies in Syria and completely destabilized Yemen. Next on the Iranian menu may be Bahrain and Saudi Qatif province (both Shia Muslim majority) where almost all the ME oil lies. Added to this Rouhani and Putin recently discussed getting involved in the Afghan end game and throwing out the USA from the region for good.

Russia and China have been keenly observing Iran over the years and know they are betting on a winning horse.
Israel says Trump will also blink, just like Obama did, realizing the gravity of losing the Middle East to Iran and he would will make a futile sales pitch soon to the Iranians. All these pentagon back door, on again/ off again few hundred or thousand ‘advisors’ deployments are a desperate bid to stay the course in a strategic debacle which is a slow realization of the beginning of the end of the American empire. The Pentagon knows the fight is over and it has been defeated. $5 trillion spent on ME wars and counting hasn’t swayed a defiant Iran. Sounds like Trump (in keeping up with his campaign rhetoric) might be the one to finally announce the defeat, cut the losses and pull out for good.
For American imperialism today Iran represents a real menace to their regional geopolitical interests most notably in Syria and elsewhere. However, in more recent years Saudi Arabia and Israel have played far more pernicious role in the region, and yet the American policymakers have always given their tacit approval on all their violations.

A very significant oil discovery has been made in the Southern part of the Golan Heights – which by rights should have been returned to Syria quite some time ago — Israel, is desperately trying to get the US to recognize Israeli sovereignty.

Israel thinks as the Jewish state occupying the Palestine lands and killing the Palestinians, promoting capitalist imperialism of USA and its western allies, it is the cleverest nation on earth. Most Americans pretend to buy that Jewish argument without any counter argument. When Trump with his lovely son in law form Israel, would also fall into that trap of Zionists, remains to be seen.
US Mideast policy is also in the interests of the US oil corporations (well, if it succeeded it would), and Israel is a piece of that strategy, a very important one (at least in the past) and so it was given some free-reins but Israel is not the dominant partner in that alliance.
Why should the top American commander in the Middle East, General Joseph Votel, branded Iran as the “greatest long-term threat to stability” in the region and called for steps, including military action, to disrupt and undermine Iranian influence and activities.’
Strangely, Israel finds it amazing that Iran under the cunning Ayatollahs despite being under sanctions for the last 38 years has managed to totally defeat the Zionists at their own game. Iraq is now firmly in the Iranian grip. The same is with Lebanon as well

Israelis bent upon attacking Iran. In any case, if military action is carried out by either Israel or US warmongers under current conditions against Iran then this would not weaken but will strengthen Iran. Part of the reason is that Iranian people would view this as an outright assault against their country, and thus would provide further legitimacy to the existing regime.

War with Iran, like the War on Terror, primarily serves the interests of Israeli imperialism, not exactly American imperialism. Apartheid Israel wants to partition the Muslim states into fragmented statelets, preferably fighting each other, so Israel can divide and ruin. The Israel Lobby largely controls US Mideast policy, the Neocons being largely a Zionist pressure group.

Fighting wars for Israel is not in the interests of humanity or America, but a war on Israel is. Unless the American people understand how US foreign policy is allowed to be controlled form Israel that the capitalist plutocracy contains a fraction of Zionists who support Israeli imperialism, the US people and leaders cannot oppose it as they are not capable of that.
Any opposition Zionist criminal regime is attacked simply as anti-Semitic by the Israeli Lobby and their US supporters. This is madness and bullshit, and should be denounced as such.
Opposition to apartheid Israel is a class issue, and should be stated explicitly when relevant.
Genocides, racism, apartheid are serious crimes the Zionist regime perpetrates as its key policy.
How far would President Trump be able to reign in Israel and how much would he help Palestine get its full statehood o form UN and how far would he able to help build a strong nation would delineate the parameters of Trump policy for Wet Asia.


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