Indian regional polls 2017: Anti-incumbency, Congress-SP and media management cause big win for BJP! (Part-4)

Indian regional polls 2017: Anti-incumbency, Congress-SP and media management cause big win for BJP!
-Dr. Abdul Ruff



Beyond the polls, Indian regime and political parties secretly and in concerted efforts work towards taking away the Babri Mosque from Muslim ownership and save the Hindu criminal gangs that demolished historic Babri Mosque. Hindutva leaders and regime want the judges to treat the anti-mosque Hindu criminals as patriots.

The issue of reconstruction of historic Babri Mosque is being decided by the Supreme Court for delivering the final judgment on the crucial issue while the government and major political parties, particularly the Hindutva ones, Hindutva media lords, apparently apply pressure on the judges not to punish the Hindu criminals who demolished the Mosque on the strength of their majority and not to hand over the mosque and property to Muslims who they consider being under Hindu control.

Anti-incumbency factor continues to dictate its terms to poll outcomes in India, allowing opposition parties to win polls very easily.  BJP and Congress outsmart each other on that basis only.  The regional polls this year saw people rejecting the ruling parties everywhere and opting for other parties as a transit solution. People seek a genuine party to rule the country of Mahatma Gandhi.

Of course, BJP is the winner of the regional trophy this time as Indians have not yet found a genuine and credible alternative to both corrupt Congress and hate BJP alliances.  BJP-Congress secret nexus especially targeting Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosque is explicitly known to the public.

Major parties like Congress and BJP and SP wanted to cut their common foes to size and: AAP in Delhi, Goa and Punjab, Sharmila in Manipur, demolish Muslim vote bank in UP, making it irrelevant for the poll outcomes, etc. They have fairly achieved their objectives. However, Delhi remains the fort of AAP.  Delhiites represent the AAP more than Kejriwal. Punjabis have imbibed the Delhi’s new values by voting it to get large number of seats. .

This is a personal victory for Modi who has thrown himself hard in to the UP’s poll battle scene, especially in the last leg of the campaign and tells an observer that people have ignored the demonetization pain. The big takeaway from the assembly poll outcome in Uttar Pradesh is that, according BJP, Modi has cleared his big political test on demonetisation—one of the key factors in this round of polls—in grand style. If demonetization is ‘no problem’ for Modi in UP, a state where informal sector plays a dominant role, demonetization is not likely to cause troubles for the party elsewhere in future.
Narendra Modi- Man of (fixed) match


The regional polls look like a usual IPL  tournament  played by the o players purchases in India with guidelines as to who are need to be promoted and which team  needs to be promoted as the  winner of the edition, Indian players need special promotion as Indian  corporate lords and billionaires with  money stolen from the public and  government. Indian media promotes IPL as the only sports that deserve international recognition for the amount of money being used and laundered officially year after year. After all, BCI is larger than government itself.

Undoubtedly, PM Narendra Modi, like the  BCCI favorite Mumbai team in IPL,  has managed the poll show, and emerged from the polls the tallest politician of India, notwithstanding the political gimmicks e employed to outsmart the Congress party, as he misused his position as PM, to get wide publicity for his campaign. In UP, former Defence minister Mulayam Singh and his lovely son CM Yadav apparently played mischief by a fake fight to divide the SP votes and to let BJP shine. Congress also joined the party to deny Muslims their place and help BJP get UP state so that Supreme Court would grant “relief” to the winning fanatics and Hindutva criminal leaders who conspired to destroy the Babri Mosque.

PM Narendra Modi single handedly could claim all credits for the party’s achievements in a sustained and systematic manner. If Congress over night became the only national party upon Indian independence, BJP has done so by employing hatred as the chief political tool. Indian state extends its support and appreciation keeping in view Indian anti-Islamic goals.

Modi’s BJP having learned the trade tricks of Congress and cricket to win elections, has replaced the Congress party as the most important and largest political outfit of the nation. BJP and its Hindutva allies have comfortably spread its communal tentacles across the country from North to South to from West to East and almost everywhere it defeated the Congress party.

By using the Congress and other parties that are sympathetic to Hindutva ideology, the RSS-BJP duo planned to capture power at centre and states. In 2014, the BJP projected then Gujarat CM Modi who became extreme favorite of Hindutva minded people and parties as parliamentary poll was approaching. BJP and India core media called Modi the “developmental guru” to steer India to greater economic and financial heights, thereby making India a super power to take on both USA and Russia, leave alone a pathetic looking Pakistan or jobless Bangladesh – both had come out of Indian Union to develop strong Muslim nations to outsmart big brother Hindu India.  Modi with vigorous rhetoric could not only easily challenge a mild spoken Congress PM Manmohan Singh who tolerated corruption in the party and government  but also removed the Congress party domination in national politics in two as it was reeling under the impact of anti-corruption movement led by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal

It appears shrewd Narendra Modi has only gained on his political capital after the 8 November televised announcement to scrap Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes. He said his move will make black money disappear and guilty in jails. As the trends seen in various surveys and certain civic poll results suggested, the PM continued to enjoy ground support of people in the immediate months post the note ban despite heavy criticism from many economists and political rivals on the move.
More importantly, the tally would silent his rivals, who have been projecting the ‘disastrous effects’ of demonetisation on all walks of life and larger economy. This will give a psychological upper hand for the government in Parliament to face the opposition on crucial reform process. But all the confusion and lack of correlation in numbers and statistics have obviously did not have any impact on people’s sentiment on the ground, so is the absence of tangible results on the stated goals of the exercise so far.

If one looks at the economy as a whole, the impact of demonetisation has played out much more in the informal sector, not in India’s organised formal sector. This is because informal economy is where cash is the king. About 40-45 per cent of Indian economy is estimated to be in the informal sector, which also contributes almost 80 percent of the total employment.  UP poll outcome is even more surprising given that this one state that is heavily dependent on informal sector and has had adverse impacts of demonetisation in the form of job losses especially in regions like Varanasi. But, all these negatives failed to stand between Modi and his victory in the state, for whatever reason.

According to certain estimates, 78 percent of transactions in the economy are conducted in cash. But since segment is poorly captured in official data, the impact here never showed up in the GDP numbers. This is the reason why the 7 per cent October-December quarter GDP figure was seen with suspicion. The flaws in the way noteban was implemented, prompted even former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, to use phrases such as ‘mammoth tragedy’ and ‘organised loot, legalized plunder’ to describe Modi’s drastic move. Almost all of his political rivals used demonetisation as a tool to attack Modi since the day the drive was launched.

The voters who are fed up corruption in all walks of life have judged demonetisation as a positive political step on those in the society having possession of ill-gotten wealth, a long pending political step. Interestingly, the economics of the move never really mattered as Modi is seen as media hero and the “energetic “ leader who finally made the political change happen, precisely how he sold the idea of note ban to 125 crore Indians. In this fight of economics Vs politics, politics have clearly won.

Though the outcomes of local body polls and surveys suggested continuation of Modi wave post demonetisation, the UP polls, arguably, was the first major test for him and he has won the test. Not only that, the outcome would have surprised even the most optimistic supporter of the BJP. The evidence of big victory over black money and fake currencies is yet to emerge and the shift to digital payments—another objective of demonetisation—still hasn’t taken a firm hold. But, none of these factors seem to have worked against Modi, giving rise to suspicion about voting.


Plight of Muslim vote bank: Time to float a national party for Muslims!

Muslims, who depend on Hindu parties and leaders for their existence and sustenance, are being betrayed by the pseudo-secular parties led by Congress party that they support and vote for, while the RSS and BJP etc threaten Muslims directly, threaten to destroy Muslim mosques.  That is the game plan of Congress-BJP duo. .

Apparently, not only RSS and BJP and other communal outfits but also the so-called secular parties like Congress jointly oppose reconstruction of historic Babri Mosque, dismantled by Hindu criminals in 1992. Though then Congress PM Narasimha Rao, a former RSS operative, had, after allowing the fall of independent Babri Mosque, pledged to the nation that the Babri Mosque would be rebuilt at the vey sight where it stood for centuries, the BJP led conspiratorial Hindu criminal elements obviously backed by the state happily destroyed it in broad day light as the mosque fell as a hapless national monument.

Indian TV media, ill-focused on Islam and Muslims in India and abroad, engaged fully in anti-Muslim anti-Islamic themes to insult Islam and injure Muslims by parading all anti-Islamic elements on TV debates to inform the world that Hindus are great people and Muslim are a problem for India and world at large. Now the anti-Islamic elements gather young Muslims to defame Islami and Indian Muslim community to talks and sing songs ill of Islam. The Congress party with its own hidden agenda against Muslims and Islam but claims to be secular and pro-Muslims to defend Muslim against Hindutva mischief, just keep their dirty mouths shut on the issue. Of course, Congress is dying party as a punishment for betraying Muslims. But other parties also are doing the same anti-Muslim gimmicks.
The BJP projects Muslims as a monolith to consolidate the Hindu votes by targeting Muslims. That was so for years until recently when Muslims voted enmasse for the Congress party thinking the Hindu Congress men are genuine secular people. But now contrary to general perception, Muslims do not vote en masse for any party.

Advice of Supreme Court to Muslims and Hindus to find amicable solution to the issue of reconstruction of Babri Mosque as pledged by the government of India could be a big joke as the majority Hindus/Hindutva and BJP government can only impose their “united” will on helpless Muslim minority in the country who are already badly crushed by Sept-11 and similar hoaxes in India, cannot be expected to be a genuine party to have talks with the confused Muslim leaders. The issue of reconstruction of Babri Mosque is in the Indian apex court precisely because Hindu parties want not only to save the criminals who pulled down the historic monument on fake pretext as part of their anti-Muslim conspiracy but  also confiscate the Mosque property because they are in majority and want the courts to parrot what the RSS tells them.

It appears, the poll outcomes in UP where the Hindutva forces have a clear upper hand as Congress and SP played foul politics in favor of BJP in order to target Muslims and Babri Mosque,  has been manipulated to let the RSS-BJP duo get everything they want from Indian judiciary.

Shame on Indian democracy and secularism!

One looks forward to genuine justice for the Mosque.

Muslims are being exploited and terrorized by the government-state and Hindu parties for their votes and they are also insulted and bullied the so-called secular parties while Hindutva communal parties threaten Muslims and their mosques.  The Congress-BJP-SP manipulations have resulted in dwindling of Muslim MLAs in the s new assembly. This time there are only about 30% of the outgoing MLAs in the UP assembly.
Clearly, Muslims in India are trapped by most national and many regional parties and get their votes and also project them as a problem. BJP targets them, insult and injure their thoughts in order to gain Hindu votes. Not only Congress but even many other parties like SP have taken the Muslims for granted for votes and use BJP and other Hindutva communal parties to bully Muslims for their votes. .

How come BJP has made a landslide in UP when the opinion polls did not find that way? Apparently, so-called secular Congress and SP betrayed the faith of Muslims by joint operations with BJP to reduce the Muslim MLAs from 89 in the last assembly to meager 24 MLAs now. Muslim leaders on their part also betrayed the Muslim community.

Generally, the voting patterns of Muslims, the largest minority in India influence, impact on the politics and poll outcomes. Since Independence, Muslims have voted for the Congress party on their own or under pressure from Muslim leaders, who work as paid private poll agents for major national and regional parties. Rise of BJP forced Muslims to support Congress and other so-called secular parties who are in fact pro-Hindu people.

Over years of disappointments and feeling of betrayal by Congress and other so-called secular parties, seeing  the nexus between Congress and BJP, Muslims have shifted their allegiance to other parties, like SP, AAP, BSP, DMK, etc resulting in the defeat of Congress and allies. However, though that strategy worked against Congress party’s poll fortunes, Muslims have not benefited anything from that. All parties work together to squeeze Muslim rights.

Muslims continue to be attacked, insulted because basically every political outfits work agonist the interest of Muslims and they have secret deals to work against Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosques. Number of MPs and MLAs representing Muslim community has dwindled over time and this poll have further reduced their number in assemblies.

Even states where Muslims are in large numbers, Congress used them to gain votes but no more. Muslims no more vote for the Congress party anywhere in India, resulting in the crash of Congress party.  In Kerala where most Muslims vote for Muslim League but the party is interested only in the supply votes for the Congress party and it becomes a part of Congress UDF government for the party leaders to mint money and wealth. It uses criminal-fraudulent elements to get money for the party leaders. Similarly, MIM in Hyderabad, a party mainly of Muslims also promotes Congress and keeps the Muslims cheats and robbers. Every Muslim League leader is now rich by using Muslims as vote bank stuff.  It seems corruption is part of their understating of Islamic faith.

A number of Muslim leaders conceded that a few seats did fall into the BJP lap because of the division of Muslim votes. But given the scale of victory the BJP got, it would not have mattered much had Muslims rallied behind any single party. Kamal Farooqui, a former member of Samajwadi Party, said the “division of the Muslim votes per se” is somewhat an abstract concept. Last time Muslims voted for SP n UP. “It is simply not possible that all the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh vote for any one party. Muslim votes do matter… but they seldom go to a single candidate en masse in any constituency.” Syed Qasim Rasool Ilyas, National President of Welfare Party of India, said the BJP’s strategy had “successfully rendered the Muslim factor in elections ineffective”. Ilyas said the BJP as per the RSS pan to get every Hindu vote in the country, “succeeded in getting votes of Hindu backward castes minus Yadavs and Scheduled Castes minus Jatavs.

Apparently, the BJP’s success in consolidating Hindu votes of various castes has rendered any division of Muslim votes redundant and helped Modi lead it to an unprecedented landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh, according to some Muslim leaders. This new type of social engineering is being seen after the emergence of Narendra Modi and (BJP President) Amit Shah on the scene. Modi and Shah were selling the promise of Hindu-rashtra where other religions  would treated like slaves under the garb of ‘achhe din’ which actually helps the BJP turn Hindu votes into a single more effective whole.

India is moving towards a Hindu majoritarian democracy where nationalism is blended with Hindutva. Although the Modi government does not have any visible achievement in its last three years, still people seemed to have voted for Modi- is it not an illusion created by the central government agencies? In Modi, do people see the hope of Hindu-rashtra which he is propagating as the ‘achche din’?

In UP, Congress and SP have joined the BJP to cut Muslim representation to size so that their voice won’t be heard over the rebuilding of historic Babri Mosque issue. UP, where Muslims are a strong population share of about 30%, is the right state where such a national party for Muslims to take birth. Position of Muslims in the country has been weakening year after year. In UP alone the number MLAs from Muslim community has come down to meager 24 from 89 in 2012. This is because of secret deal among political parties led by BJP but ably supported by Congress, SP and other national and regional parties. Muslim leaders want money from politics as they betray the community.

While Hindu votes got consolidated in favor of BJP, Muslim votes are badly divided and cast for different parties as per the instructions from their local leaders who, having got no committed and sincere leaders to promote the interests of poor Muslims, operate as agents of parties controlled by Hindus.

Hindu parties and leaders want Muslim also to be corrupt so that they could be bullied to get their votes. Although ML has helped Kerala Muslims to have e some prestige in the society, they are corrupt too as part of Indian system and as part of Congress polity. .

Muslims should change their mindset and think only about pathetic existence in India. .

Why Muslims need a national political party to advance their genuine interests?

If Muslims continue to think that Congress or Sp or any other national or regional party would take care of their interests, they are mistaken. Pas experience would tell them that only selfless Muslim party at national level alone can save and serve them honesty.

So much of over-dependence on Hindu parties like Congress and SP etc has  made the Muslim community suffer badly.  Even Muslims parties like Muslim league and MIM are helping the Congress party to come back to power to   so that BJP is out. That is exactly what the Congress, which has lost the Hindu votes as well as the trust of Muslims, expects from Muslims after poll crash. Congress and allies would force Muslims to support Congress to save the Muslims- the usual gimmick. .

It is time Muslims float their own national party with regional branches allover India, while every Muslims party and organization is brought under that national party to serve the cause of Muslims, Mosques and Islam in India. All regional and local parties  of Muslims should be made a part of the national party.
In order for that objective to be achieved, Muslim community should have honest, intelligent and sensible leaders- visionaries- not those who use politics as business or Muslims as vote bank to make money to mint money and increase wealth by illegal and immoral means. These leaders should sincerely work for the community and not for their own families. They should not promote dynasties to take over the leadership after the demise of one or more leaders.
Observations: Pure gimmicks  won’t work for ever!

Notwithstanding  rampant corruption, black money  and fanaticism,  PM Modi and BJP still win polls mainly due to the presence of a corrupt Congress party without any real performance or visible positive outcomes for the people of India. May be BJP-RSS would consider the phenomenon as weakness of the voters and would believe the trend to go on forever.

Today is indeed a setback for honest and innovative politics, but to write an obit of AAP will be reading the results the wrong way. I must admit that AAP’s performance is a huge disappointment for our supporters and well-wishers, especially in Punjab, where the party was expected to form the government with an absolute majority. But we are far from that, while the Congress has crossed the magic figure of 58 seats and is all set to take charge of the state. AAP has emerged as the main opposition party in the assembly.

Indian politics, like cricket, is also a profitable business and is indeed highly profitable gamble, though the politicians are not given national awards like the cricketers manage through corporate lords, shielded by ruling politicians. Politicians like cricketers enjoy the financial privileges m as their prerogative, birth right without any worry about legal problems.

Modi and many BJP and Congress leaders have participated in concluding sessions of matches to give away medals. Many of these party members work as mafia members as well. Modi gave a cricketer who made bogus records by mutual understanding between teams, a prestigious national award this year, showing that his government, like Congress one, cannot but promote fake sports like cricket.

Indian system, infested with corrupt politicians and really anti-people parties to help the leaders make illegal wealth endlessly cannot be honest enough.  Hindutva BJP and allies have made steadily inroads into all Congress forts by a meticulous plan as RSS agenda through strenuous efforts and clearly they mean business.

Basically Congress as well as BJP is two-sides of same coin, a cricket party, promoting and making it the most important “thing” in Indian politics. The corporate lords who sponsor cricket matches also fund the elections each time there is a poll. As Gujarat CM Modi promoted cricket and even

It seems the BJP cannot give up its hatred politics because without that it simply cannot survive as it cannot package and sell its home made poison as vitamin. It has to talk about dangers India is facing all the time. For each state BJP has its own method of expanding vote banks but by and large hatred for “perceived enemies” liked Muslims, remains the backbone.

The continued presence of corrupt Congress party would only make the BJP more bold, aggressive, stronger. No party, possibly except AAP, can take on a monstrously grown up BJP. But Congress and BJP have same agenda against rising AAP.

The complaints by AAP and BSP about voting machine tempering to benefit BJP especially in UP and Manipur are of serious nature. Apparently, the results of two states, UP and Manipur have been tempered, manipulated and pre-conceived by Congress, BJP and other anti-Muslim and arrogance policy dealers. If a re-poll is held in these states, truth about the poll would come out.

These elections must be evaluated as people have voted heavily for BJP despite the absence of any emotional issue. Sharmila’s defeat opens a Pandora box without any clarity to comprehend the real reason for a joint conspiracy by Indian regime, Congress and BJP, military establishment, etc to see she does not win and loses the worst manner so that none would ever support her or fight against state laws, especially the draconian military lows. Had Sharmila won, that would have been a slap on these elements. That would become unbearable for all of them.

UP poll clearly reveal the hidden agenda of all big political outfits working against Muslims, Islam and Babri Mosque. Like Indian state, political regime and intelligence-military apparatus, corporate media, every national party with military links target Muslims and Islam. Now they want to somehow force the Supreme Court to deny Muslims the right to worship inside their historic Babri Mosque when it is rebuilt by the state.
It is indeed disappointing that demonetization has not affected the poll results, though the common people suffered a lot. Whether or not that is truly valid, many people think something could have gone wrong with voting machines. India should ramp up spending on rural areas, infrastructure and fighting poverty, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley says as he unveils his annual budget, adding the impact on growth from the government’s cash crackdown would wear off soon.
In the absence of honest political parties in India where politicians do business in politics to make wealth by immoral and illegal means including illegal mining, forced bribery, etc, to serve the people with dedication, Indians are being repeatedly forced to drink Hindutva poison as medicine. BJP leaders are becoming increasingly fate by cheating the public with false gimmicks. While it wants Muslims to vote for Hindus, the BJP-RSS duo does not want Hindus to vote for Muslims candidates and hence decided not to field any Muslim candidates so that there not many Muslim MLAs to support the Babri Mosque issue.
The secret nexus between Congress and BJP in their targeting Muslim populations in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, is well known. Congress is responsible for the arrival and thriving of communally inflammable RSS and its umbrella parties like BJP. Congress party, fallen so badly in the eyes of public, has just one program: not about people of India but to make Rahul Gandhi acceptable to the people of India. That has not at all worked .Strenuous efforts by the Congress party to get Rahul Gandhi accepted by Indians as their top leader have failed because people no longer trust the party and its leaders who are corrupt.
Many Congress leaders and CMs, like bowlers congratulate the batboys whom they offered 100s and 200s, etc, have congratulated PM Modi on his personal charismatic success in UP, possibly expressing indirectly their desire to cross the floor to the known saffron flag. After all, there is hardly any difference between the town Hindu parties.

Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi have sufficiently weakened the Congress party and blocked its efforts to come back to power and the anti-corruption movement has struck with people’s imagination to know how tall frauds are Congress leaders. . In order to keep the Congress out of power, people opt for BJP though they are pro-Hindutva.

Perhaps the regional polls 2017 is just a quarter finals and with proper match fixings, next round of polls w at semifinal would signal the possible scene of next parliamentary poll.

India is at a crossroads as it is passing through a period o uncertainty.  What is the hidden agenda of RSS/BJP particularly in Babri UP remains to be seen!

Fingers crossed!!!

Meanwhile, the Modi government has no options other than performing to the full satisfaction of the people who have suffered enough under the weight of demonetization.




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