Fake sports in India Bogus bowlers, bogus records in IPL

Fake sports in India

Bogus bowlers, bogus records in IPL

Both  Pathans are useless, over spent. Today  Irfan made a mess of everything by offering SIX in the first ball of last over when Mumbai wanted 11 runs out of 6 balls. Foolish Ifran gave 6 first then tried to control the runs. Why he wanted wickets?  He has necessitated a super power. .

Clearly, Mumbai should win today and it won other team  Gujrat helped it  go up in the bogus point scale. After all, Mumbai is the BCCB’s own team followed by Kohlis.

Though Kolhi’s Bangalore team is out of IPL now.  Bangalore team is owned by an international fraud and BJP MP  vijay Mallya. But India government of Modi won’t take any action to remove that team or its ownership.  Congress and AAP also did not  worry about fake cricketism in India meant for  stealing national awards and money.

That is Indian politics.