Palestine tackles new problems from US-Israeli fascist twins!

Palestine tackles new problems from US-Israeli fascist twins!

– Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



One truth has come to light recently about the real sources of troubles for Palestine and Arab-Iranian world.

Obviously, more than Israel that brutally occupies Palestine lands, among other Arab lands, it is the USA which has been the real problem for Palestinians, the Arab nations and Iran. USA uses Israel to create problems for Arab world and Iran. Now even Turkey is under threat from Israel-USA duo.

Relations between the PA and the US government have rapidly deteriorated since Trump’s blind announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last December. US threats to cut funds to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees have further exacerbated tensions between the Trump administration and the PA. “We are hoping that Russia and the EU will step in to fill the void,” the PA official said. “We believe that these countries should and can play a larger role in any peace process in the wake of the Trump administration’s hostile policies toward the Palestinians and bias in favor of Israel.”

PLO/PA President Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Black Sea summer beach resort of Sochi on February 12. After declaring that the US was no longer qualified to act as an “honest broker” in any peace process with Israel, the Palestinian Authority is trying to persuade Russia to play a role in efforts to solve the conflict.

When they meet, President Abbas will likely tell President Putin that the Palestinians do not believe the Trump government is capable of playing any “constructive” or “positive” role in efforts to achieve peace with Israel, or securing a a soverign Palestine  to exist side by side as part of two state solution, said a PA official in Ramallah. The PA president has also been seeking greater European involvement in the peace process.

Israel and USA remain the chief foe of Arab nations and Iran. But in recent times a funny development has taken place. Saudi Arabia and Israel share a common mindset and work against their new foe Iran, and a common friend, the Trump administration in Washington.

Zionist double speak has indeed complicated the peace process in the region as USA has used the new alliance between real foes as the signal to accept Israel as their new leader and Trump quickly declared Jerusalem as Israeli capital.  Israel has fuelled the humanity and betrayed Arab world and Palestine.

Despite mounting evidence of informal cooperation, any open rapprochement—a goal of the Trump White House—between these two American allies remains elusive. That is largely because both have too little to gain, and too much to lose, from any such a breakthrough.


Loud trumpets of Trump

Roguish announcement by erratic US president Trump about the new status of Jerusalem as being the central part of fascist Israel as its new capital, has upset the move by the US secretary of state for a resuming peace talk between the besieged Palestinians hose lands anti-Islamic USA-Israeli twins continue to occupy and arrogant Israel, negated the chances for a new peace talks on the Palestine state establishment.

Apparently Trump has derailed the peace movement and killed the US mediatory effort once for all. None now trusts US president for what he does or does not.

Since taking office, Trump has distanced himself somewhat from the two-state solution favored by his predecessors for the past two decades saying he would support Palestinian independence only if Israel agrees. His secret plan was to hand over Jerusalem to Jews.

It follows Donald Trump’s announcement in December declaring Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital which has created reverberations through the region and countered decades of US foreign policy and international consensus that Jerusalem’s status should be decided in negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Palestinians are also angry at the Trump team’s announcement last month that it is withholding $65 million of a planned $125 million funding installment for UNRWA, the UN agency that helps an estimated 5 million Palestinian refugees. The administration also made clear that additional US donations will be contingent on major changes by UNRWA, which has been heavily criticized by Israel.

In the mean time, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is reaching the UN Security Council later this month to respond to the Trump’s unilateral and arrogant declaration of Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel and Israel’s expansion of settlements — a rare appearance reflecting escalating tensions over peace prospects. Kuwait’s U.N. Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, the council president for February, told a news conference Thursday that his government invited the Palestinian leader to address its monthly Mideast meeting on Feb. 20 and believes it will be “important” and “beneficial” for members.

President Abbas usually attends the annual gathering of world leaders at the General Assembly in September, but his decision to speak to the UN’s most powerful body at a regular monthly meeting attended by ambassadors is an indication of the deepening rift between Israel and the United States on one hand and the Palestinians and their Arab and European supporters on the other.

Kuwait is the Arab representative on the Security Council and as president it decides its program of work for the month. Ambassador Al-Otaibi said there were no objections among members — including the USA — to the proposed agenda. He also announced that the council will hold an informal meeting Feb. 22 on the Palestinians where former US president Jimmy Carter, former UN humanitarian chief Jan Egeland and former UNRWA chief Karen AbuZayd. Such meetings are held outside the councils and members are not required to attend. Carter bridged wide gaps between the rigid Egyptian and Israeli leaders, Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin, leading to the Camp David accords in September 1978.

Carter has followed the Palestinian question for a long time, his position against Israeli settlement expansion is well-known, and some Arabs believe that he does a role to play, he can give his opinion, and that’s why “we decided to invite him.” He said it’s still unclear whether Carter will attend, or whether Abbas will stay to participate.

Arab foreign ministers met last month, and “there is an Arab movement to push forward the peace process” and “to oppose the Israeli violations, especially those pertaining to Jerusalem and the illegal Jewish settlements.”

PLO and Russia

Russia has been neutral on Mideast issue. In the past Russia  had expressed its willingness to mediate for a successful Mideast peace deal that would secure  interests not only of  Palestine but also of Israel but USA applied spanners to  stop  the Kremlin from  “entering” into the  a “traditional” US domain.  Americans consider West Asia their space to maneuver and other big nations “do not enjoy” that special privilege. So Russia always backed off from mediating between Palestine and Israel which has big contingents of former Jewish Russian citizens.

Last week Abbas met in his Ramallah office with two senior Russian officials, Nikolai Patrushev, secretary of the Security Council, and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, PLO Secretary-General Saeb Erekat and PA General Intelligence Chief Majed Faraj attended the meeting with the Russian emissaries. Abbas told them that the PA was interested in developing and strengthening its relations with Russia. He also expressed appreciation for Russia’s support for the Palestinians in various areas, according to the Palestinian official news agency Wafa.

Abbas emphasized the importance of Russia’s political stance, due to its “great weight in the international arena and as part of the Quartet, which should continue to play a fair and just role,” Wafa reported.

In addition to Russia, the Quartet on the Middle East, which was established in Madrid in 2002, comprises Russia, the UN, USA and EU. Amid his efforts to rally the international community against the US, Abbas will also deliver a rare address to the UN Security Council on February 20, the council’s president said. Wafa quoted the Russian officials as saying that Putin was looking forward to his meeting with the PA president. The envoys also affirmed Russia’s continued support for the Palestinians and efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East, it said.

Before heading the Ramallah, the Russian officials as per instructions from Israeli  government, met hawkish fascist  Netanyahu in Jerusalem for talks that focused on security cooperation and Iran’s efforts to entrench itself in Lebanon. Netanyahu had met with Putin in Moscow. The Russian delegation’s visit to Israel was part of “the framework of the dialogue between the Israeli and Russian national security teams following the first round of talks held in Moscow approximately three months ago,” a spokesperson for Netanyahu said.

Talks have focused on Israel’s concerns over Iranian efforts to establish a presence in Syria and “its attempt to turn Lebanon into a base for missiles against Israel,” as well as security cooperation with Moscow, the spokesperson said. Members of the Russian delegation visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust museum Thursday, and were set to visit the City of David and Western Wall Tunnels in Jerusalem, Netanyahu’s spokesperson said.

Israel and Trump have repeatedly asked the PLO chief to just obey the Israeli dictates and if Israel agrees to let the Palestinians live.  The message is Palestine cannot exist without Israeli support. Interestingly, US leaders also say Israel faces “existential threat” from Palestine. The US Israeli leaders who appear in latest suits and with fluent American English can also use the same language to express opposite and contradictory ideas.

Meanwhile, Israel has been busy meeting Russian leaders, including President Putin over Syrian crisis seeking not to end war in Syria because that would work in favor of Iran. They don’t really bother about Jerusalem.

Seeking to fish in troubled waters in Mideast, Israel has been coordinating its activities in Syria — including, reportedly, dozens of airstrikes against weapons shipments bound for the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah — with Russia, whose military has been shoring up the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Danny Dannon, said that Abbas’s address to the council would further damage prospects for direct peace talks with Israel. As if Israel really seeks peace or genuine talks with Palestine!

Zionist terror attack

Palestinians are highly disappointed with Trump’s ultra fanaticism and arrogance.  Meanwhile, as before, Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked on 2 February 2018 a Hamas position in the northern Gaza Strip early Friday morning in response to a rocket attack several hours earlier. “The IDF sees the Hamas terror group as the sole party responsible for what takes place in the Gaza Strip and for what emanates from it,” an Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said.   There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage in the strike.

Sirens sounded near the Gaza border, but no rocket impact site was found, and the IDF said it was possible the sirens had been a false alarm. The last several weeks have been relatively calm along the Gaza border, with no rockets fired out of the Palestinian enclave.

It wasn’t clear whether the rocket fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israel Thursday night had landed in Israeli territory, the army said earlier. No rocket sirens were triggered, indicating the projectile was not headed for a populated area in Israel. No impact site was immediately identified, and the Israeli military said it was investigating.

Seeking to fish in troubled waters in Mideast, Israel has been coordinating its activities in Syria — including, reportedly, dozens of airstrikes against weapons shipments bound for the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah — with Russia, whose military has been shoring up the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Like USA does globally, Israel also attacks weak nations to showcase its military prowess and get   military orders for terror gods from third world.


USA controls the peace talks between Palestine and Israel and Israel always create problems and cancel the meeting. The Palestinians have pre-emptively rejected any peace proposal floated by the Trump team amid concerns it would fall far below their hopes for an independent state in the West Bank, east Jerusalem which they want as their capital and Gaza, lands captured by Israel in the 1967 war. Their demand for a two-state solution is supported by the UN and almost all of its 193 member-states.

Notwithstanding all nasty efforts by USA and Israel to block Palestine from becoming a UN member, Palestine has now become a defacto UN member and soon it will assume the full membership , enjoying all rights and privileges.

Apart from providing the NATO shied, USA has also converted the UNSC a protection squad for Israeli criminal regime by misusing its veto always to defend Zionist crimes against humanity.

After tactfully and deliberately squandering all chances for peace Americans and Israelis now engage themselves in blame games. Last week, US Ambassador Nikki Haley accused Abbas of not having the “courage” of Sadat or the late King Hussein of Jordan who made peace with Israel. “If President Abbas demonstrates he can be that type of leader, we would welcome it. His recent actions demonstrate the total opposite,” she said. “To get historic results, we need courageous leaders. History has provided such leaders in the past. For the sake of the Palestinian and Israeli people, we pray it does so again.”

Why do the American leaders talk nonsense and double speaks like this?

Israel foolishly keeps talking about the so-called anti-Semitic messages so that its fascist dispensation is not criticized. Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon responded to the announcement of Abbas’ appearance saying: “After disseminating anti-Semitic messages in recent speeches, Mahmoud Abbas is now seeking to put an end to any possibility of negotiations with Israel.

After fooling the world and betraying the Palestinians and Arab nations, Israel wants to justify all arrogance displayed in the unilateral declarations. It says by continuing to act against the USA and seeking unilateral action against Israel, Abbas is completely misreading today’s reality and harming the prospects for a better future for his people.


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