India’s anti-Muslim policy!

India’s anti-Muslim policy!

– Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



India’s anti-Muslim policy is well known and welcomed by nay anti-Islamic nations around the globe. In fact, this Indian anti-Islamic policy has gathered a few allies not only in the West and Israel but even in third world countries.

The key causes of perpetual Indo-Pakistani tensions and cross border firings include maintaining illegal occupation of and crimes in Kashmir, keeping Muslims in India under strains and tensions- and murders, force Muslims in India to renounce their legitimate claims of over their Babri Mosque, create coerced circumstances for Arab rulers to let Indian have Hindu gods and structures fixed in Arab nations one by one in Mideast for Arabs also to worship them for favors.

Arab should know if they refuse to worship Hindu gods upon building Hindu structures over there they could be liable for lynching and murder.  Saudi king would also be summoned to worship Hindu gods in Abu Dhabi

Any way that is the problem of those hypocrites in Arab robs!

Any friendship with Pakistan would make Muslims in India feel mentally tension free and relatively secured and for that reason India never wants that to happen. The prime objective of Indian regime is to keep majority Hindus in good humors and somewhat happy even by targeting, insulting, lynching and killing Muslims. India media -both core and non detailed – promote Islamophobia as part of anti-Islamic tirade by USA-Israeli twins.

Unfortunately, historically committed to promote interests of Muslims, Pakistan has failed in its prime objective and now promotes only anti-Islamic goals of Americans, Europeans, Israelis and Indians.  Pakistan as a major ally of NATO is also a part of anti-Islamic coalition led by NATO as well. Americans throw some terror goods to Pakistan military depots as service charges for killing Muslims and helping global state terror (GST) operations to make Islam appear to be a terrorist religion.

In order to  target Muslims in the country and promote  exclusive Hindu interests, India also targets Pakistan, calling its  terror manufacturer- a job that USA and Israel do much better than even India – and isolates Pakistan for  supporting the cause of besieged Kashmiris.

India always snubs Pakistan and Bangladesh whenever an occasion comes. While Pakistan leaders come running to New Delhi on the invitation of Indian new PM Modi, India just snubbed Pakistan by ignoring the 19th SAARC summit at Islamabad in November 2016 which had to be cancelled –as per its rule every member country must attend it to enable to begin meetings – due to India refusing to attend it. Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan also follow the Hindutva footsteps in boycotting the summit.

Interestingly, the South Asia regional interests are squandered by India’s anti-Pakistan action in getting the SAARC meeting cancelled which also denied Pakistan to have its nominee Amjad Hussian B Sial as the New Secretary General by rotations. By this anti- SAARC mischief, India has reiterated its power as the super power of the region.

Americans and Jews appreciated India as “Well done” because Pakistan has refused to target Muslims just for terror coins from USA. India went ahead with its new anti-Pakistan venture called the ‘Bay of Bengal Initiative’ for promoting Multi Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation targeting Pakistan and China. India hosted a meeting on March 21, 2017 by inviting Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. Obviously, Pakistan is worried not just because it left out of this meeting but mainly they target indirectly Pakistan.

India seems to be eager to replace SAARC with the new ‘Bay of Bengal’ alliance so that Bangladesh continues to be under Indian control and targt its foe Pakistan with Indian support. Another meeting was held in October 2017 where Indian foreign secretary Jaishankar referred to SAARC as a “jammed vehicle.” In an implicit reference to Pakistan, he also said that “as one country” is not, and since the other seven-nation regional grouping ‘Bay of Bengal’ or BIMSTEC has members that are “broadly aligned” and “articulate similar aspirations”, and are connected to the other members of the South Asian regional bloc on the key issue of ‘terrorism’, it is unlikely that the SAARC could be revived. Indi has also denied Pakistan in sharing scientific databases and remote access to advanced research facilities through NKN. NKN will outspread global research and education networks to six SAARC member states — Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The connection from Afghanistan, Maldives and Sri Lanka to India would be through a submarine cable for international connectivity.

Pakistan is the only SAARC nation that has been left out of this venture.

Pakistan is helpless as USA also targets it.

By isolating Pakistan India has clearly permanently lost its claim to become a veto guy on the UNSC to control the world. India’s disinterest in the summit was manifest. This added to the relegation of the strong regional organization.

The plank of ‘terrorism” has so far stood Indian in good stead. India has used terrorism as a basis for suspension of official talks with Pakistan due to alleged terrorist attacks launched by groups from across the border. The strain in relations has spread out to other sectors such as research and scientific development as well – something, which adversely affects the entire region.

It is obvious that it is not Pakistan that is creating hurdles in the way of successful implementation of SAARC’s agenda, but in fact it is India which is trying to isolate Pakistan by using underhand tactics. India does not want SAARC to serve for greater regional cooperation and economic integration that includes Pakistan.

While new Delhi accuse so Pakistan of terror promotion shames and recognizes US pushing Pakistani military for  every actions it undertakes against India, Pakistanis say India has been funding the strategic destabilization of Pakistan, radicalization of South Asia – especially in Pakistan. The Indian spy and terrorist Kulbhushan Jadhav is a fine example for this. India media says Yadav is now a Pakistani agent.

India would not realize that it is not the only country in the region or continent or SAARC that can dominate all the time. But if the region is thrown into negativity, India will also suffer along with the others as well. This is something Delhi needs to keep in mind. India has one worry now- China funded CPEC to which all of the South Asian nations would gravitate for profits in due course.

Indo-Pakistan rivalry and conflicts harem the regional interests, threatens the life of Kashmirs, peace and prosperity a distance cry.  Indian military godowns are now full terror good from literally every region, now more of American and Israeli. .

India’s anti-Muslim policy is rooted in its anti-Pakistan attitude.

India goes all out to embrace bloodstained figure of Zionist criminal leader Netanyahu both in Israel and New Delhi.   .

India’s anti-Muslim policy is very strong now under the Hindutva regime which is being supported by every Hindu dominated party in the nation.

India views Muslims in the country, in neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh as being one nation that needs to be targeted and hence Indian media lords strategically promotes Hindutva parties and their anti-Islamic attacks and lynchings.

How could Americans explain Indian logic of victimization of minority community by  forcing Muslim employees/teachers to quit jobs and denying  pension, promotions and other retirements benefits to Muslims?

And they do all this in the name of Hinduism. Can a religion if they have got the sanction of the Almighty flourish or survive long if leaders in its name continue to target Muslims and their belongings?