US led NATO seeks military superiority, not global peace!



US led NATO seeks military superiority, not global peace!

-Dr. Abdul Ruff



For years, especially following the  dismantling of Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact of  Russo-East European alliance, specialists as well as political leaders have been debating the relevance of NATO but USA refuses to admit a “safe world’ without NATO.

At the outset, it needs to be underlined that the NATO would never allow a peaceful globe to come into existence,  chiefly because a non-conflictual world would affect its global military trade and imperialist-capitalist agenda.

Of course there is no need for explanations if one responds to this positively. It is self explanatory. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is meant for attacks and not for any real peace anywhere in the world.  Had peace been the objective of the NATO, it would not have launched the terror war in Afghanistan essentially on Islam following the Sept-11 hoax, would have long ago ended, for instance,  the cruel Zionist occupation of Palestine or brutal Indian occupation of Kashmir valley turned into a zone of secret grave yards and all occupational crimes against humanity.  Not at all!

Over 100,000 innocent Muslims in Kashmir have been sliced by Indian occupation forces, while thousands of Palestinians, besieged by Israeli and Egyptian terror blockades have lsot their valuable lives protesting Israeli occupation and genocides in their nation. d

It is because the NATO’s military objective is anything but peace and Western showcasing of joint military prowess has only further complicated the chances for peace.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization in fact behaves like North Atlantic Terror Organization (NATO) but its stated task has been to provide security to all member countries from enemies and shield their individual as well as collective crimes.  In the post Cold War era NATO unofficially shields even US allies like Israel (which is increasingly becoming a fascist terror state shielded by USA and Europe) from any punitive measures.

Following the collapse of the formidable Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact military organization of Socialist nations in East Europe, the NATO became the most formidable military club. When Russia insisted with the end of cold war and Warsaw pact military alliance,  that NATO also should be dismantled,  USA said though the super power rivalry was over and Warsaw pact dismantled as prime enemy, there could still be “new threats” to western powers, capitalism and imperialism, and hence  the NATO would stay. Western leaders refused to dismantle the NATO military block to remain intact.

Since the dissolution of mighty Soviet Union and official end of Cold War,  NATO has increasingly become a deadly threat not just a capitalizing Russia or the remaining Socialist  nations but to entire humanity. The NATO harms world peace and has imitated sustained steps to contain Islam by engineering the hoax known as Sept 11.

NATO is now a very serious existential threat to Islam, Muslim nations and their resources, and has forced global Muslims, now termed as “terrorists” to be on the run.  Like the dangerous global warming, the NATO terror wars escalate environmental disorders, making life on earth dangerous.

With the fall of the Berlin Wall and Soviet Union and socialist system in Europe, American leaders quickly declared Russia as a new friend and “ally” even though they also declared the Russians do not share western “values”. Russia’s efforts to promote domestic neo-capitalists or crony capitalists did not impress Washington in any manner as many Neocons believe Russia in its capitalist march is only trying some trick with western world and basically Russia cannot change in approach. This is a vague reason why the USA refuses to dismantle the terror spitting NATO structure. It is because USA wants to use NATO as the formidable terror organization to bully the world.

In principle the NATO ceased being relevant the day the Soviet Union dissolved itself.  It does now, however, have three new tasks. 1. To provide political cover for American aggression.2. To scan every word said by every Russia official at any level to find an implied threat to any NATO country. 3. To hold a daily news conference in which it claims, falsely, that Russia has threatened nuclear war, again, and will roll tanks into Berlin by Christmas unless NATO is vigilant. 4. To maintain and increase cold war tension so that NATO continues to be funded and the US has excuses purchasing expensive new hardware.

The North Atlantic alliance had a clear raison d’être when it was formed in ’49, but did not need one in order to persist in the post-Cold War era and it’s interesting that NATO not only continued to exist through the 90s, but also managed to expand not only its overall mission (the Bosnia & Kosovo ops, among other items), but its membership as well, and all of this was done precisely when no great threat to Euro security existed. Why should a military alliance persist and then expand in many ways, when it has no discernible enemy? Why would so many nations line up to join an alliance when they have no discernible enemy?

In fact,  the strategic specialists have been writing NATO’s obituary since about two years after it was formed in 1949 to fight communism and equally powerful Soviet Union that challenged the superpower’s militarism policies for maintaining global hegemony USA secured from WW-I.

After the Soviet Union imploded due mainly to NATO‘s hidden operations to collapse the Union and  the equality system Russia was aiming at,  NATO’s core task of defending against a Warsaw Pact attack disappeared.


The problem with the West and its forces including NATO is that they don`t believe and don’t want that others exist as fully sovereign nations.  The most powerful West (NATO) believes they have every domineering power and therefore neglect and scorn others with disregard and make no room to learn from others. USA wants others to fear its super power status and pentagon. They get taken by surprise and embarrassed any time they see something like a challenge from others.

Upon the disastrous misadventures in Afghanistan and Arab world, the western military powers are getting a serious lesson now and should take correction otherwise it would have been a disaster to them had the lesson been given to them through serious combat.

While the fear complex the West, controlled by the governments of capitalists and imperialist war mongers, is supposedly suffering is a mere mischief intended to contain Russia all the time.

While the Kremlin used to try to influence European nations to embrace communist ideology and values, after the collapse of Soviet Union, it has totally abandoned that along with the Warsaw pact that fought the NATO. However, Russia’s fear about NATO expansionism and US militarism is real as they can do anything to protect their territories from any NATO attacks. Russians do not believe that Americans would ever change their anti-Russia mindset. Russia is no more a communist or socialist nation. But there is, of course, no actual chance that Russia will attack any NATO nation. They have never threatened any NATO nation and have absolutely no reason to do so, but if NATO can keep the hysteria at a high enough level, they keep getting their paychecks.’

In modern times, no Muslim nation nation attacked a non-Muslim nation even when the enemies of Islam targets Islamic world. But enemies of Islam consider Islam and faithful as their main enemy. The ironic truth was that in 2001 Afghanistan didn’t attack USA, nor did Iraq attack Washington in 2003 but these Muslim nations have been invaded and destabilized by US-led NATO. In order to facilitate the NATO invasion of an Islamizing Afghanistan, Western capitalist media spread Islamophobia, saying Islam is a dangerous and terror religion.

On Sept. 12, 2001, the day after New York’s Twin Towers came crashing down, NATO, under  Secretary General George Robertson, invoked Article 5 of the Washington Treaty declaring “an attack against one was an attack against all.” Russia did not attack USA directly.  And the NATO fought its first land war not against Soviet forces or ally Saudi Arabia but in far away Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan, a close ally of Saudi Arabia, ostensibly searching for one Osama laden.  From Afghanistan the US/NATO forces moved on to Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, etc, destabilizing the region, and killing millions of innocent Muslims – the prime objective of Sept-11 hoax.


Interestingly, in 9/11 hoax the USA hid the truth and openly claimed the attacked was “done” by people from Saudi Arabia and got Saudi rulers on NATO board along with petro finances. USA should’ve attacked Saudi Arabia for the Sept-11 hoax but it did not NATO used Pakistani military to invade and attack neighboring Afghanistan.  Only insane rulers could misbehave like this but how could Americans attack Afghanistan which did no harm to USA, except that it  was bringing up an Islamic society step by step!

USA was quick to parade almost entire world, including Russia and China to support the Neocons inspired terror wars in order to control world powers, their militaries and intelligences.  Remember what then president G. Bush said: “No country harboring terrorists would go unpunished. And you are either with us or against us. There is no neutrality” But Bush also said Saudi Arabia – Royal family is our “dear friend” So, US terror forces entered Afghanistan to launch what now has become a permanent war on Islam.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq even Iran are paying for the “sins” of Saudi Arabia. Obviously, then, USA along with Israel engineered the Sept-11 hoax for which Saudi Arabia lent its support in all respects, including finances.

Obviously, Americans and Israeli share terror values.

Russia has not yet come out of shame feelings that it had lost the WW-II to USA and then lost the Cold War also to USA again. Possibly, therefore, many Americans believe Russia has taught a valuable lesson to them and they think Russia had engineered the Sept-11 hoax as part of winning the ideological and military rivalry with USA. The attacks well inside the USA would have given Russia the much needed victory and over all moral advantage.  Although there  were reports of terror attacks inside Russia a few years after the Sept-11 hoax, those are of less important as they could not make Sept-11  meaningless. Even the blasts in India, an emerging strategic partner of USA, could not outwit the Sept-11 hoax.

True, the NATO is one of the world’s most potent fighting forces and anyone who thinks we don’t need after watching Putin is in denial, ignorant of history or just plain clueless. They have kept the peace all these years between Russia and its members.

Western powers refuse to admit that the NATO is a dinosaur of the cold war era and after its mandate was pretty much gone in 1991, it was used solely for US aggression against any state that didn’t accept American bullying. Sad but true. Is the world so dim-witted as to have forgotten WWI, WWII, Bosnia, and current threats?

As long as East and West oppose each other, the alliance will remain. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is very relevant.

There is, of course, no actual chance that Russia will attack any NATO nation, including Turkey with which it is fighting a virtual war in Syria. In fact, Russians have never threatened any NATO nation and have absolutely no reason to do so, but if NATO can keep the hysteria at a high enough level, they keep getting their paychecks. Most of former allies of Russia are now with the USA and NATO.

General James Jones, former Supreme Allied Commander said on Oct. 19, 2015 “I think it’s possibly the beginning of the end of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Almost since its inception in Washington in April 1949, the NATO has been at one crossroads or another in which its demise was imminent. But, despite crises such as Suez and Eastern Europe in 1956; the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962; Leonid Brezhnev‘s ruthless end to the Prague Spring in 1968; the October 1973 Arab-Israeli War in which America and Russia almost collided; the Euro Missile crisis of the early 1980’s; and the end of the Cold War, NATO endured. Now there is no serious threat to its terror existence and hence it won’t shut the shop because Russia asks for that.

However, NATO’s persistence after the Cold War has no meaning except that it wants to terrorize the world, particularly Islamic nation with plenty of energy resources and oil route capacity, essential for USA to ensure its energy security.

NATO has lost its cold war preeminence with Russia continues to oppose its military actions. While conditions are unlikely to bring NATO back in full force, Russia’s strong man Vladimir Putin has returned the alliance’s focus to Europe through annexation of Crimea in early 2014 and a military campaign supporting Russian-speaking separatists in Ukraine’s east in a fight against Kiev. Then came Russian part of war in Syria.USA or NATO cannot do anything literally about it.

NATO’s reaction to the Syrian crisis has been entirely rhetorical. And Washington typically preferred to use words and not ideas or actions to deal with Moscow’s military engagement in Syria.

Neither NATO nor Washington seems to understand Putin’s strategy; what he seeks to achieve; what he is prepared to negotiate and what are the strengths and weaknesses of his situation. Nor has anyone in the west tried to leverage possible differences between Iran and Russia over the existential nature of the IS threat to help the US position.  NATO appears foundering in dealing with fellow NATO member Turkey, let alone other powers in the region. The result is that NATO lacks an effective and visible strategy vis a vis Russia and what to do about Syria, Iran, IS and the region.

Recently NATO has receded from Afghanistan, though USA still maintains blood thirsty, hungry forces.  Even though NATO, like Soviet Russia, has also failed in Afghanistan, Russia does not ask the USA to quit Afghanistan.

Putin seems to be turning NATO into a relic whose time has passed. General Jones warns the NATO needs to make up its mind and do so now!

Thus, is NATO still relevant? But Putin seems not impressed by the explanations of USA to retain NATO.

How seriously Moscow views the NATO’s strategic steps to contain and corner Russia is an open question. Is Russia playing fiddle now for the USA?



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